Baseball is dumb.

Just when you think the 2018 Cincinnati Reds season couldn’t start off any worse, this happens:

One day after tying his career-high with five RBI and blasting a game-winning three-run home run at PNC Park, Cincinnati Reds third baseman Eugenio Suárez took a pitch off his right hand in the fourth inning Sunday and suffered a fracture to his right thumb.

This just weeks after Suarez signed a 7-year, $66 million contract. It’s just awful.

Plenty of speculation about whether this means Nick Senzel is due to arrive in Cincinnati. If Suarez is out for an extended period, the answer will be: “Yes, but not right now.” The Reds are going to wait until they’ve secured that extra year of Senzel’s services. If Suarez is still hurt at that point, the Reds almost have to bring him up.

For now, it’s going to be Alex Blandino, who has been playing third base for Louisville.

Blandino will be in Philadelphia tomorrow, but I expect Phil Gosselin to get most of the starts at third base until Senzel gets here.


8 Responses

  1. Keith

    Why would Gosselin start? We learn nothing about the future of the franchise and one of our young players by starting Gosselin. Start Blandino every day for the next month. See what he can do.

  2. Gonzo Reds

    Absolutely agree. If we were a playoff contender then maybe start Gosselin but obviously not sniffing the playoffs this year… this is an audition year, audition Blandino! And have Suarez on my fantasy team too, drat!

  3. mountaineer redleg

    that makes no sense Gosselin is a non roster invitee that barely caught on the team. They have to put Blandino in there and let him play

    • Chad Dotson

      I didn’t say it makes sense. I said that’s what I expect Bryan Price to do.

  4. KDJ

    Pirates pitcher hits batter who had great game yesterday.
    Reds player signs long contract and goes on DL.
    Yep, those have been repeat headlines the last few years.

  5. nicolecushing

    Please tell me our pitcher retaliated.

  6. mountaineer redleg

    The retaliation was we never got another hit and snuck out of town. They will never go after our guys again!!

  7. DHud

    Nobody “went after” anybody. It was a high fastball that ran in too far.

    The notion that anybody needs retaliation and that is has anything to do with price is bush league