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  1. Scott Carter

    AGREE with Joey 100%.. Need to start by getting a manager.

  2. Dan The Fan

    Get rid of Dick Williams!!! He does not know what he is doing!!! Rebuild is over!!! No free agents want to come to Cincy and he misuses the players he has now. Also if Price is such a good pitching coach , then why are his pitchers getting hurt or underperforming? Castillo has been traded 3 times and he did ok at the end of the season after Cincy was no where in contention and most teams were giving their starting players rest when they played the Reds and the same goes for Romano and Mahale and Bailey. Now it’s the beginning of the season and everyone is playing hard let’s see how everyone pitches. Mahale had a great game and could of pitched 6 no hit innings if not for Winker being a slow right fielder and Romano pitched a quality game not a good game so let’s see what happens today and Rob Steve should be in the bigs instead of Reed and Garrett should be given a shot or trade him and get some talent for him before it’s to late.So once again if Price is such a good pitching coach why can’t he figure out how to keep his pitchers healthy and competitive ? Maybe Mack Brown needs to go??? There is a solution out there and it’s not players playing in front of less then 10 thousand fans at home.

    • Jeff Reed

      Price needs to return to the art and science of coaching pitchers and let the manager he’s working for make the decision on how and when to utilize the pitcher.

  3. Mike Adams

    Couple weeks ago my son in Raleigh, NC, texted me and said he has four days off in July so why don’t we go watch a couple Reds games.
    I JOKINGLY said it would be cheaper to sit around and watch newsreels of the Hindenberg disaster.
    Little did I know that it would be a fitting description for the start of the season.
    We will still be there for the Cardinal series because I get to spend time with my son.
    I don’t blame Joey Votto for getting so tired of losing but he needs to set a better example than his TOOTBLAN yesterday.

  4. David

    “Joey is obviously a trouble maker. He should be traded to the Toronto Blue Jays, for a couple of minor league relief pitchers, and the Reds pick up half his remaining contract salary just to make this deal work. This is part of the rebuilding process.

    That seems about right.” – Dick Williams, with Bob Castellini whispering in his ear

    Reds: Last place again this year. Maybe 65 wins. All that talk about the Pirates rebuilding? They are a lot better than they were last year, without McCutcheon, and are going to beat the Reds like a red-headed step child. I can’t wait to watch the Reds get the tar beat out of them by the Cardinals and Brewers. Or maybe I can wait.

    I watched about 30 seconds of the game last night, just long enough to see that they were going to get beat again. Attendance is going to stink this year.
    Fine job, Bob. Fine job. Kudos.

  5. J

    What I find so discouraging about this organization is that they can’t even handle the *easiest* decisions. Passing on Gallardo should have been an easy decision. Not inserting him into close games with plenty of other options available should be an easy decision. Not having BH leading off (especially against lefties) should be an easy decision. Not double-switching for one of your best offensive players when you’re down by 4 runs should be an easy decision.
    Replacing a manager who doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing and isn’t getting any positive results should be an easy decision. If they can’t get these easy ones right — and all they’d have to do is read this blog for a few days to know what most of the right answers are — surely they can’t be trusted to get the difficult ones right. When they do manage to get something right (e.g. Scooter), I tend to think it’s more luck than skill, because I don’t trust their judgment at all.

    • David

      I think Gallardo was signed with the intent of him being an “innings eater” type of starter. I look for him to keep pitching until he is “in shape” to start. And then, that will be fun too.

      In the long run, why did they do that, sign Gallardo? Did they have no scouting on him, and signed on his history of being a pitcher? I would much rather see Bobby Herget or Zach Weiss up here, taking some lumps but learning about pitching in the ML. Something to build on. Gallardo, like the other “veteran presence” signings is just treading water. Not going forward, going backward.

  6. Jeff Reed

    Perhaps change will only come to the managers office and the FO if Joey Votto demands a trade to his hometown Blue Jays. Votto’s situation reminds me of other great hitters like George Sisler of the St. Louis Browns and Mickey Vernon of the Senators who were also stuck on losing teams.

  7. Wobaisnotyoda

    Is he tired of losing? Good. Now start playing like the star of team and lead the way when it counts. Hitting .400 after the all-star game with the team 20 out is as good as nothing. Well, except for his stats.

  8. Wobaisnotyoda

    For some reason I cannot reply to you, Bill. But no, I don´t think he¿s the only reason, just part of the problem.

  9. Wobaisnotyoda

    There you go. Failing when it counts.

    • Jake

      You can’t be mad at him for performing better in the second half. If they the team is 20 back by that point, it’s not his fault. And if they could get a team good enough around him to be in striking distance in the second half, you’ll be glad that he saved that .400 average for down the stretch