Redleg Nation‘s Jason Linden was at Slugger Field in Louisville for an eventful day with the Reds’ Triple-A affiliate. Nick Senzel met with the assembled media, and you can view the entire press conference below, including a good question from Jason.

In addition, Reds pitchers Brandon Finnegan and Cody Reed threw simulated games today. In Finnegan’s case, he’s recovering from the strained biceps that landed him on the disabled list. Reed, presumably, just needed some work since his scheduled start for the big league club yesterday was rained out.

Here’s Jason’s impressions of the events, and he may drop in to give us a more in-depth reaction:

Update from Jason: Some general observations from the simulated game yesterday that I didn’t have a chance to tweet – It was played mostly straight, but it wasn’t super-serious. Catchers were calling balls and strikes. Various hitters hit multiple times during innings just to get practice. Reed said after the game that he thought he had good stuff and that he was told it would be either him or Finnegan on Monday. Finnegan said he was told it would be him if he pitched well in the simulated game. Make of that what you will. Finnegan did note that his velocity wasn’t where it normally is but also said he didn’t care because it was so cold, he wasn’t worried about it. He didn’t get more specific than that and I didn’t have access to pitch speeds.

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  1. Rut

    Yikes… less than 5 ip, less than big league hitters… guess a May game vs cubs was the better bet!

  2. Scott Benhase

    Senzel was real clear when Jason asked him about where he was going to play at Louisville. He said “at 2nd base.” He didn’t say he was going to move around. I’m disappointed and don’t understand that. The only thing that makes sense is that the FO has decided he can’t (and won’t ever be able to) handle SS at the MLB level otherwise he’d be working there almost exclusively at Louisville. From what I have seen, he is athletic enough to handle SS. Maybe he’d never be a gold glover, but he’s a hard worker, so I’d think he could be average in the field and we know his potential to be way above average at the plate. Oh well. The FO must know something we can’t see.

    • scottya

      Senzel also said per a tweet by Mark Sheldon: ”

      “Senzel also said he’s going to Louisville and will be primarily at 2B.” Mark Sheldon tweet

      I don’t think a final decision has been made either way at this point and hopefully Senzel has been still working at 2b and SS back in Arizona with Benevides and Larkin. I don’t know either way, but I can’t imagine a final decision has been made based on numerous circumstances. Peraza clear lack of plate discipline, seems to not have changed based on lack of walks in ST and very early PA’s this season, Gennett is clearly good against RHP, Senzel looked really good I thought in ST at SS, Price said Benevides was impressed “Talking with [infield coach] Freddie Benavides, he was really excited about the developments he made at short.” (Brian Price Quote)

      I’m holding out hope that Senzel will be our SS after the super 2 cutoff and play 2b against LHP, giving peraza a little more time to prove who he is as a MLB SS.

      • scottya

        I should have watched the video first, lol. He did say he has still been getting work at 3b, SS and 2B. But he clearly said at 2b at AAA to Jason’s question.

  3. Chad Dotson

    I just love the fact that at least two of you recognized Jason’s voice. Must be his ridiculous accent that gave it away.

    • Scott Benhase

      Chad, Jason does hopelessly talk like a Yankee (not the team, the region), bless his heart.