Welcome to the 21st century, at least for a day.

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    • KDJ

      Wow, indeed!. Is this for real? I still don’t think the lineup can afford both Peraza and Hamilton at the same time, but I would be glad to be proven wrong.

  1. Nate

    This can only mean one thing…Brian Price has been following Redleg Nation and has taken some of the collective advice.

  2. JB WV

    Shocked that Duvall isn’t starting on opening day. Has to hurt a little.

  3. davy13

    Uh…what happened to Duvall? Would prefer Duvall, Schleber, Winker in the outfield, insert Duvall in the 5 hole, and move everyone down a spot. But, hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Scherzer being a K guy, maybe its a match up thing, maybe there is some history he is going by.

  4. Streamer88

    Oh my word. I’m a couple of best reliever/highest leverage bullpen calls away from passing out.

    *Fanning self*

  5. BigRedMike

    For the first time, I actually have some hope that the Reds somewhat get how baseball is being played.
    Winker should play every game and lead off. Duvall is a good bench player and pinch hitter.
    Now, if the Reds would get rid of Gennett and play Senzel every day, then this could be termed a rebuild.

    • JoshG

      I’d be good with duvall/shebler platooning in right, winker in left full time.. and Billy in CF (except against big time lefties.. insert Irvin then)

      not sure about getting rid of Scooter though…. will he be as good as last year, no… will he provide more than Peraza as a Starter… that’s the question .. and if Senzel can handle SS

      • BigRedMike

        I am all for Senzel at short. It is likely that Gennett will not be on the Reds after this season, why waste time with him? Play those that will be the future.

      • MannyT

        Duvall/Schebler RF platoon is perfect for now.

      • Eric

        I’ve read more than one comment on this site from people who are resigned to Scooter Gennett not projecting to be as good this year as he was last year. Why? Did one of you swipe Biff Tannen’s sports book? Was Scooter going to be a journeyman scrub last year before he started clubbing home runs off his head? What evidence is there that there is going to be some tremendous decline in Scooter Gennett’s output?

        I don’t get it, Big Dan!

  6. BigRedMike

    True, Votto should bat 2nd, but, this lineup is a pleasant shift in the organizational mindset.

  7. Redgoggles

    I love it! Give Price credit, this is not something that Dusty would have done……not on opening day.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      I’m still in shock that Price would do it. As Steve said above, maybe he’s responding to something from his boss, the GM.

    • Wobaisnotyoda

      Not going to happen. Worst yet, if the Reds have a good season they will say “according to my projections I knew it all along”. LOL.

  8. scottya

    Lefty lineup, maybe we can put some runs up on scherzer.

  9. Pablo

    I’m so happy to see this that I just sent Redleg Nation a Paypal donation!

  10. kmartin

    Wow, I am stunned by this lineup. Winker first and Hamilton last. I love it.

  11. Ghettotrout1

    I think DW must have stolen the lineup card and filled it out before Price realized it LOLOLOL.

  12. citizen54

    I remember Votto hitting 2nd for a stint back in 2015 or 2016 and the results were pretty good. Not sure why the never considered keeping him there.

  13. MannyT

    I hope Duvall’s time comes at Schebler’s expense and not Winker!

  14. Chad Dotson

    Tough righty, so yeah, that’s why Duvall isn’t in there today. But I feel pretty confident that Schebler is going to be a significantly better hitter than Duvall this season.

    Anyway, great lineup. Can’t wait for the games to begin!

  15. Craig Z

    This is very encouraging. If the Reds list, I hope Price doesn’t scrap it and go back to his old ways.

  16. Phil

    Sure would liked to have seen Revere bat for Billy in the 9th. Oh i forgot he was cut.
    Hard to believe Earvin is considered a better bench alternative than Revere.