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  1. Gonzo Reds

    So the Reds go from being the only team to host opening day each year to being the only one to not play on opening day this year…

    • jmussa2015

      The old gag-line bout the Washington Senators was: Washington–first in war, first in peace, and last in the American League.

      That said, I’m pretty sure that for as long as the original Senators (not the Mark II proto-Rangers) were in D.C., they hosted the first scheduled American League game of the season. In many of those years, the sitting President (or designated sub) through out the first ball from the field-side boxes.

      If the weather is bad again on Friday, maybe anti-traditionalist Manfred the Wonder Dog will wait for a brief window and start the game in the 10th inning with a runner already on second…

  2. Jim Walker

    I saw Price quoted somewhere this AM that Finnegan was on the DL to start the season, so there should be no drama over Garrett being the “5th starter”. The question becomes do they stick to the same order or use Garrett sooner in the run through.

  3. Jim Walker

    Once upon a time when I was actually a grade schooler, I worked my mom, a teacher herself, into staying home sick to watch opening day only to have it rained out.

    And yes, she told me early on to not even think about trying my sick act again the next day.

    Kids today should be thankful they get 24 hour notice to put their show ailments on hold.

      • Jim Walker

        Well to the degree my memory remains, my mother stayed home with me that day instead of shipping me to grandma’s house just a quarter mile or so away. However I think that may have had more with her wanting a Monday as I recall off instead of watching the game.

      • Bill

        Friend of mine went to Ohio High School State basketball tournament when he look at the man sitting beside him it was his boss. Boss looked at him and said “you sick too” and laughed.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Jim, I also missed portions of school days on Opening Days. 🙂 And also, playoff games in the 70s — one in particular, game three of the 76 NLCS against the Phillies when Foster and Bench homered in the ninth to tie, and then a few moments later, Concepcion scored on a Griffey squibber down the first base line, and it was on to the Series against the Yankees.

  4. cfd3000

    Better to know now than to be disappointed tomorrow. I think this is a good call, and yes, that means Garrett and Mahle will both start in the first five days of the season. But both are healthy and ready so what’s the problem? Think of who the 5th starter was this time last year. The rotation is headed in a younger, better direction. Opening Day is almost here and I for one am excited for Reds baseball again!

  5. Joel

    I’m looking for statistics that lead only to superstition-based conclusions. How many times have the Reds postponed opening day and what was their record each year? Anyone have the time to figure it out?

    • Gonzo Reds

      Yes, but I believe that unless you play opening day you have no chance to go wire to wire as they did in ’90. Well, unless the other 5 teams in the NL Central manage to lose day 1…

  6. Scott Benhase

    Not given to omens myself, but who really wants to begin their season on Good Friday? Let’s just hope Pontius Pilate is not pitching for the Nationals. Then again, we have more luck with him than with Scherzer.

    • big5ed

      Pontius Pilate is in his decline phase; sub-par PECOTAs this year.

      • Jeff Reed

        I thought Pontius Pilate was the new manager of the Nats.

  7. bouwills

    So Nicolino clearded waivers & was outrighted to Louisville. That makes it 38. Reds add Gosselin.to active roster. That makes it 39. Reds add Quackenbush. So it’s back to 40.. They still have to find a spot for Pennington. Hopefully they open up another spot for a waiver claim.

  8. nicolecushing

    Hubbie and I are heading up there on Sunday. Supposed to be dry but chilly. Will be my first cold weather MLB game since I saw my hometown Orioles play in the ’83 World Series.

  9. Indy Red Man

    No….its not an omen, but I’ll tell you something that isn’t a good sign! I flip it over to WLW for Reds news and a commercial says Reds season tickets are on sale for less then face value. Thats.Not.Good:(

    • Indy Red Man

      Correction………Reds Opening day tickets were on sale for less then face value. Not season tickets

  10. jmussa2015

    …and another spring day on March 29th at that.

  11. JR

    Garrett should be the 5th starter, not Finnegan. If the Reds put him on the DL, so be it.