The book is now available!

You may remember when I first announced here at Redleg Nation that longtime RN editor Chris Garber and I had written a book about the Reds:

Over the last few months, we’ve pored over old newspapers, delved into every musty Reds book we could get our hands on, and worked very hard to get each chapter just right. Our goal from day one was to make The Big 50 different from every other Reds book out there. We wanted it to be a collection of stories presented in a way you’ve never read before.

We really can’t wait for you to read it and let us know if we achieved that goal.

I really hope we hit the mark, and I look forward to talking to all of you about it once you’ve had a chance to read it. After all, if it weren’t for Redleg Nation — if it weren’t for you! — we never would have gotten this opportunity. And thanks to everyone who has already purchased it; you can’t imagine how much that means to both of us.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll have excerpts from the book, and we’re going to start a running series here at RN featuring all the great stories that were left on the cutting room floor. You’ll be surprised; there are some really good anecdotes and surprising stories about your Reds that you may not know, and The Big 50 is packed so full of them that we have a bunch we couldn’t squeeze in. So we decided to publish those here at the Nation.

Go buy the book! Please? It’s available at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. It’s also available, as you can see, in actual bookstores all over the Cincinnati area!

If you read the book and you like it, it would mean an awful lot to both of us if you would go leave a review at Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble, along with a 5-star rating if you think we’ve earned it.

Finally, we’re working with Triumph Books, our publisher, to schedule book signings this spring and summer. We’d love to meet each and every one of you, so we’ll be keeping you up to date on our schedule, both here and over on our Facebook page (give us a like!).

Thanks again to all of you out there in the Nation. I really hope you enjoy The Big 50!

8 Responses

  1. Sliotar


    Kudos to you and Chris.

    Just received my copy and am flipping through it during lunch.

    A couple of things stand out immediately for those on the fence about purchasing it:

    -The glossiness and weight of the paper makes the book feel weighty, which is a very good thing in this era of shrinkflation (less product for same or more money). Some classic pictures that really pop on the page.

    -The larger print is definitely a plus. Because of it, I will purchase a copy for my retired mother, who passed along her love of the Redlegs.

    If you guys find yourselves in Columbus, perhaps we will meet.

  2. Bill Lack

    Received my copy last week and am about half way through it…a fun read. You can read a bit of it and put it down, come back to it later. I’ve been a Reds fan since the late ’60’s and I’ve learned some things, which is always good.

  3. Joseph

    I told my family that I would like to get that book for my birthday! Sounds like a great book!

  4. Chad Dotson

    Thanks, guys. Really hope to catch up with you sometime this spring/summer.

    And the joint book event with Jason Linden is a great idea.

  5. kmartin

    Just placed my order with Amazon. Can’t wait to see how many of the “Moments” I remember or witnessed.

  6. Chad Dotson

    Please let us know what you think.