I was joined this week by my most frequent co-host, Editor Emeritus of Redleg Nation Bill Lack. The discussion keeps returning to the likelihood of the Reds being a .500 club (or better!) in 2018. Bill also asks why there are so few open competitions for spots in the lineup this spring, especially given how bad the Cincinnati Reds have been the last three years.

Most importantly: is it time to PANIC over Joey Votto’s lack of production this spring?

Music for this episode provided by Freekbass, a big Reds fan and a friend of Redleg Nation.

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2 Responses

  1. big5ed

    Doug puts a lot of time into his site and does great work. I hope people will read and support him. This article is a good example.

    His general point is that drafting well is a big component of a re-build, but a team also has to make a few strategic trades and sign some free agents. Pure tanking doesn’t work, because the top guys in the draft (say, 1 through 5) turn out not to be predictably better first-rounders taken lower. Like Mike Trout.

  2. Satchmo

    “Votto appears to engage in a process of introspection and evaluation, focusing on what he did not do well rather than what he did do well the previous season. This provides him with a challenge for the next season.”

    Joey Votto, the Jordan Peterson of Baseball?