Here are some highlights from today’s 14-12 loss at the hands of the White Sox. If you want to see the box score, here it is. Scott Schebler went 4-4 with a home run (see below) and he’s now hitting .579 this spring. Dilson Herrera was 3-4, so that’s good.

Enjoy the highlights, but this post is here mostly so you can hear Homer Bailey’s comments about his start today. The start didn’t go very well, but Homer seems upbeat.

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  1. big5ed

    I’ve noticed that the Reds pitchers had some odd stat lines this spring, so I toyed with the numbers. The Reds pitchers have given up 148 this spring, the most of any team. (The top 5 hit-giver-uppers are all Cactus League teams.) But they are 3rd in strikeouts, and only mid-pack in the Cactus League in homers yielded. (9 of the top 11 homer-yielders are Cactus League teams.)

    I couldn’t find spring training BABIP, but my rough calculations are that the Reds are giving up a .350 average on balls in play, but hitting only .278 themselves.

    For those who haven’t been to Arizona spring training, the extremely low humidity (and wind on some days) is definitely a factor in the game. Some ST games out there just go haywire, which yesterday’s game did. The upside to spring training in Arizona is consistent weather, but it does come at the expense of some question marks about how to evaluate what is happening. It is said, for example, that the lower humidity makes breaking pitches break a bit less, so . . .