You know, Billy Hamilton sure knows how to make the highlight reels. Check out this incredible catch, as Hamilton robbed Angels rookie Shohei Ohtani of a sure double.

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  1. bhrubin1

    Beautiful, but how mad would we be if he’d dislocated his shoulder and missed four months? I hate seeing stuff like this in spring training.

  2. Wobaisnotyoda

    Not even when he does something great the kid gets a break…meanwhile, Votto is perfect. A perfect 0 for 18.

    • Wobaisnotyoda

      Sure, he will. With 156 Hrs and 344 RBIs. Because he’s …….well…..perfect.

    • Wobaisnotyoda

      Another difference; $23 mm against $5, or that one is supposed to hit as a 1b and the other is a CF who Plays great D, steals bases and is offensively flawed. And yes (stand up and applaud) Votto is a great player .(feel better?)

      My point is though, this post is supossed to be about a GREAT play by Billy, one that was the talk in MLB media yesterday. One that talk positive things about the Reds (little to none nowadays). Yet, the only talk in here is about OPS or OBp. SMH.

  3. Chad Dotson

    Some changes with the software are causing hiccups with the commenting system. Let me know if you continue having problems. I don’t think there is anything you’re doing wrong (although your last comment was under the name “Eric the Rec”).

  4. JoshG

    I agree, that play was a lack of communication, Revere actually could have caught that ball without breaking stride.

  5. Ernest Howerton

    Personally I think he’s the best in the game,so fitting because last yr. against the Nats. I believe first pitch of game he races back on his horse and crash’s into the fence and makes a incredible catch to start the game off