The Reds acquired second baseman Dilson Herrera in a trade for popular former outfielder Jay Bruce back in August of 2016. Herrera has a really nice bat and has been a well-regarded prospect throughout his professional career — and debuted in the major leagues as a 20-year-old back in 2014 — but he’s out of options, so now is the time for him to stick with the big league club. Otherwise, he’ll have to be exposed to other teams who might be interested in his services.

So I’ve been pretty interested in seeing what Herrera can provide this spring, and whether he can win a spot on the roster. Certainly, the Reds were going to give him every opportunity. Well, today we heard this about Herrera, who will turn 24 years old on Saturday:

Second baseman Dilson Herrera is dealing with inflammation in his surgically repaired right shoulder and hasn’t played in a game since Wednesday.

“He’ll be back in there most likely on [March 4],” Price said. “We don’t see it as a major setback. It’s just part of the recovery of the surgery he had on the back of his shoulder.”

I’m a big fan of Dilson Herrera. The kid is talented, and I really believe that he could be a starter at second base for the Redlegs if he’s healthy.

But forgive me if I’m skeptical. It’s never “a major setback” with him. Yet, Herrera has had shoulder issues consistently, every single year, for each of the last four seasons. Finally, late last season, Herrera underwent surgery on that shoulder.

Hey, maybe this isn’t a major setback. Maybe the shoulder is recovered from last August’s surgery, and he’ll be fine after he works through the soreness or inflammation or whatever it is. I’m perfectly willing to believe that this is nothing to be worried about.

But I’ll believe that Herrera is healthy when I see it. Because he’s had shoulder problems since way before the Reds ever traded for him. And it’s starting to look like those shoulder problems still haven’t gone away.

Which is a shame. Dilson Herrera can help the Cincinnati Reds in 2018. But not if he isn’t healthy. Fingers crossed.

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  1. cfd3000

    Not only has Herrera not been healthy enough to see what he can do this spring, or in Cincinnati at any time, he hasn’t been healthy enough in the minors to see what he might be capable of. I’m with you Chad – I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s a shame since he is Reds property, at least for now. Too bad we’ll probably never know what he might have done if healthy.

  2. Sandman

    Suddenly I want Jay Bruce back. It’s looking like the Mets got the better end of that trade. I know what some of y’all are probably going to say…he’s still young…give him some time…or something else in defense of the trade (it was time to move on, he made too much money…perhaps). Whatever, I never really did care for Herrera. I guess this is what is to be expected when you trade for a plyr with a known injury history. I wouldn’t consider it no great loss if we lost him, traded him. I wish the Reds would wash their hands of him but they won’t bcuz they need to make the trade look like it was a good one. So they’ll stick with him and work with him until he finally produces. But they almost have to downplay his inflammation so fans don’t get in an uproar (I don’t think that they would anyway but better safe than sorry as far as the reds are probably concerned). If he never produces I suppose they will have to give up on him at some point (probably several years into the future…I don’t know). The politics of baseball makes my head hurt. Can you guys tell I’m tired of injuries hitting this club.

  3. David

    Minor league players are like investing in the stock market. If you’re smart, most of your investments will achieve a return. But even if you’re smart and careful, some investments will go down, be less in value.
    Shed Long is not that far away now. Playing in AA this year, might make the grade to AAA later in 2018. Maybe this opens the door for Blandino. Scooter is still around, although not popular with a lot of the commenters here. I don’t think he will repeat 2017, but he seems to have made an adjustment in his swing that yielded more power, so maybe he’s a 0.280/ +20 hr guy for the Reds, which ain’t bad. Not a gazelle at 2nd base, but ok.
    You have a lot of prospects, and some of them bomb. It happens.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Yea if we are going to complain about spilled milk, how about Justin Turner.. he used to be Reds property and can play 2B. He was traded by both the Reds and the Mets and is now a beast for the Dodgers. Would have loved for him to play alongside Votto…

      • Keith

        Can’t really fault the Reds for giving up on Turner. The Orioles released him after the Reds traded him, and the Mets non-tendered him. his college coach said he was “a below average runner, below average this, below average that.” Something clicked with the Dodgers, but it was hardly obvious that the light would ever come on for him, not only to the Reds but also to the Orioles and Mets.

  4. sezwhom

    I’ll probably see more of Jay Bruce visiting GABP than Dilson Herrera playing.

  5. Craig Z

    Wasn’t Zack Wheeler also discussed? He’s been injured as well.