You know, when I was growing up, I felt lucky to watch any Cincinnati Reds game I could find. I’m not that old — really, I’m not! — but it wasn’t that long ago when we couldn’t watch many Reds games at all. The last few years, Fox Sports Ohio has broadcast 145 games, and I always thought that was an impossibly large number of games available to me, compared to what I had grown up with.

For the first time, in 2018, every single Reds game will be broadcast on television:

FOX Sports Ohio is excited to announce it will broadcast all 162 Cincinnati Reds games for the 2018 season. A complete schedule can be found at

Play-by-play announcers Thom Brennaman, Jim Day, and George Grande, and color analysts Chris Welsh and Jeff Brantley will be in the booth this season to call all the action. Day, Jeff Piecoro, Brian Giesenschlag, Dan Hoard and Sam LeCure will all play a role in the network’s pregame and postgame coverage as well as in-game reporting.

The network will kick off the regular season with special coverage of Opening Day beginning at 12 noon on Thursday, March 29th. Programming details for Opening Day are forthcoming.

In addition to covering all live games, FOX Sports Ohio will have comprehensive coverage of the Reds with the return of Reds Live. The pregame edition, presented by Ray St. Clair Roofing, will provide fans with commentary, features, and in-depth pregame coverage of the Reds 30 minutes prior to every game telecast. Immediately following the final out of each game, the post-game edition, presented by Performance Kings Honda, will feature highlights, player interviews and analysis.

Life is good. And presumably, all of the Reds’ 2018 post-season games (World Series, here we come!) will be broadcast on television, as well.

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  1. davemoorewvu

    I’m so happy about this. And I really like that they’re using LeCure. He was always one of my favorites.

  2. Jeff Reed

    I always remember Sam LeCure’s performance in game one of the 2012 Div. Series after Cueto went down after one pitch. I hope it works out for him on the Red’s broadcasting team.

  3. Reaganspad

    Yup, joe garigiola and tony kuebec doing the game of the week

    And Mel Allen with his twib notes

    How about that…

    • Jeff Reed

      The man from Alabama with the golden voice: Mel Allen.

    • kmartin

      And it seemed like every Saturday “game of the week” featured the Yankees and Boston.

    • TomN

      Dizzy Dean and ? Curt Gowdy? Peewee Reese? Seriously, who was he paired with?

  4. TomN

    But because everyone knows the same stats as we do, who would trade for him? What would we get in return? Since data is so widespread anymore, the only hope to improving the Reds situation is either: Finding a better ballplayer and sending Scheb to the minors where he could work on his hitting, dumping him altogether for a bag of rocks. I suppose he has value (assuming all this is true and doesn’t change) as a threat to hit a long ball or xbase hit as a PH.

    Personally, the negative stats really surprise me. I know Schebler went into a mid-summer slump but I thought that was due to the injury he tried to ignore, but perhaps it was more than that. When he is clicking, I’m not sure who hits the ball harder. Maybe this is a case of selective bias on my part. I’d like to see Larkin or someone work with him. He’s got power and seems like he can hit to the opposite field.

    • Gonzo Reds

      The day the DH is implemented in the NL is the day I stop watching baseball.

  5. TomN

    Looking at his stats, in 2016 (granted, just a bit more than half the ABs than 2017), he was a much better hitter at GABP than on the road. .890/.636. Whereas in 2017, the split is .686/.855. So weird to flip like that, makes me think some other variable is at play.

  6. Jeff Reed

    It could be but I’m sure it will always be tough for ESPN or Fox Sports to pass up games headlined by the Yankees, Red Sox, Nats, Cubs, both LA teams and Giants. More money from advertising than from the smaller markets.

  7. Chad Dotson

    I signed up for last week. They had a deal that included for an extra $25 or something like that. I did it, figuring I could just watch Nick Senzel at Louisville and pretend he’s wearing a Reds uniform.

  8. gusnwally

    Big Swish Bob Thurman and Pete Whisenant looked great in the ol’ grainy black and white.Made better by George Bryson on the mike.