Over the last several seasons, MLB Network goes around spring training and visits with each club in their series 30 Clubs in 30 Days. Recently, they headed to Goodyear, Arizona to visit the Cincinnati Reds in spring camp. It was interesting enough, as you’ll see below — Anthony DeSclafani talking about pitching and staying healthy, Scooter Gennett talking about the changes he’s made in his swing, Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall discussing outfield defense.

But the best part — and it’s not even close — is watching and listening to Joey Votto talk about hitting. Seriously, this is great stuff. If you have a kid in your home that plays baseball, let him watch this.

6 Responses

  1. David Eberly

    If he wanted to do it, Joey Votto could eventually become the best color commentator of all time.

    • David

      Color Commentator. While wearing a red Canadian Mounties uniform. And now, here’s Joey, providing the color.
      You hosers.

      • Scott Carter

        That would be fun and funny. But seriously, it would be a waste to have Joey in a broadcasters booth, not that he would not be great at it. I want to see him coaching for the Reds, I know of no-one that understands hitting like Joey. The best understanding of hitting since Ted Williams.

  2. cfd3000

    Joey Votto proving once again he is the most thoughtful and insightful star in baseball. And when have you EVER heard a major leaguer mention that this tip or that drill or this approach would be good for young women playing fast pitch softball? He doesn’t miss a thing. Great stuff!

  3. Brian Dunn (@surrfinTexas)

    I agree with Matt. Very articulate about his craft, enthusiastic and passionate. A++. Thoughtful too, listens and watches his peers. What a great clip!