If you didn’t catch today’s split-squad game against Cleveland, you missed a legendary moment, when Fox Sports Ohio’s Jim Day interviewed Joey Votto in the dugout. The entire interview is below, but the highlight, without question, Votto’s suggestion that FSO needs a new segment: Gym Day with Jim Day.


As always, we love every single thing about Joey Votto here at Redleg Nation.

9 Responses

  1. Brady

    Put him in the Reds HOF for that interview alone. That was fantastic all around.

  2. jazzmanbbfan

    It was so funny. I’ve become a Jim Day fan along with always being a Votto fan. They seem to have a really good rapport. And if they haven’t already, the Reds need to ask Votto about wearing the Captains C on his chest.

  3. Tom Mitsoff

    The first two or three years with the Reds, Votto was very quiet, if not reclusive. In recent years this has changed big-time, and he is a fabulous personality now along with a fabulous player.

  4. Ernest Howerton

    Classic,I don’t know how Day held it together after that but all I can say is funnnnny.

  5. cfd3000

    That interview was awesome. And proving Votto is the most cerebral man in baseball, when have you EVER heard a major leaguer recognize that hitting tips or any playing details are also relevant to young girls playing competitive softball? Votto rules!

  6. cfd3000

    Votto needs to be Captain of this team. Come on front office. It’s SO over due!

  7. Jeff

    Joey Votto is a national treasure. We don’t deserve him.