John Sickels is one of the best, most experienced analysts when it comes to prospects. Yesterday, he posted his list of Top 20 prospects in the Reds system. Go read the entire post. But read his grading scale carefully before you decide he’s got certain players too low. Sickels’ conclusion about the Reds’ system overall:

“The Reds have a very good farm system that deserves more attention than it receives.”

That’s good to hear.

Here is Sickels’ report on two potential relievers:

15) Jimmy Herget, RHP, Grade C+: Age 24, sixth round pick in 2015 from University of South Florida; posted 2.90 ERA in 62 innings between Double-A and Triple-A with 72/21 K/BB, 52 hits, 25 saves; velocity reports vary between 90 and 96, uses different arm slots to add confusion, mixing in a workable slider and a change-up that’s good enough for him to use more often; throws strikes, ready for middle relief trial. ETA 2018.

16) Tanner Rainey, RHP, Grade C+: Age 25, compensation round pick in 2015 from University of West Alabama; posted 3.19 ERA with 104/33 K/BB in 62 innings between High-A and Double-A, only 29 hits allowed, saved 13; legitimately clocked as high as 98-99 MPH and matches it with a nasty breaking ball; K/IP and H/IP are not lying about the quality of his stuff, but his control is mediocre on a good day; didn’t matter much in minor league competition but it might in the majors; Herget will have first crack at a bullpen role and has superior control but Rainey is not far behind and has more pure upside. ETA late 2018.

Sickels’ ETA to the big leagues for each player is interesting. Top-20 position players who he thinks will arrive in 2018: Jesse Winker and Alex Blandino. Top-20 pitchers due in 2018: Tyler Mahle, Jose Lopez, Jimmy Herget, Keury Mella and Ariel Hernandez. Sickels says Nick Senzel’s ETA is “late 2018.”

Also, with reports on Shed Long and Alex Blandino, maybe the Reds still have a logjam at second base?

Again, go read Sickels’ entire post.

6 Responses

  1. JB WV

    Thanks for the link, Steve. Good stuff. Interesting to see Travieso and Okey fall so far, especially Travieso. Once a top prospect is an afterthought now.

  2. JB WV

    He’s still really young and hasn’t filled out yet. Should gain more arm strength incrementally. Like to see him start in High A this year

  3. scotly50

    Sickles didn’t think much of Romano. Many on here, project him in their rotation.

  4. bouwills

    Gotta love that “Fish Stripes” piece (1/19/2018) on the 1 year anniversary of the Straily for Castillo, Brice, & White trade. Oh, if only Williams could rack up another sweet deal like that this offseason.

    • bouwills

      Williams doesn’t have to be Aaron Judge & hit a HR every AB. A couple doubles would be just fine!

  5. Jeff Reed

    The Reds will never know who to keep and who to trade among their wealth of prospects as long as they continue the acquisition of old guys that they have pursued the last few years which has derailed the rebuild.