It’s been a slow offseason at the Major League level, and that’s also extended to the Minor League level, too. Free agent signings haven’t been as bad among Minor Leaguers, but it’s still a slow roll. With that said, the last 24 hours have been full of news for the Reds farm system. Teams began to roll out their coaching staffs for the upcoming 2018 season. Louisville, Daytona, Dayton and Billings all released who will make up their staffs. Pensacola has yet to released their entire coaching staff, though we do know of two of their coaches. The Arizona League Reds coaching staff mostly returns, but has a former Reds minor and Major Leaguer joining the staff in his first coaching role. You can see the entire staffs for each team, as they’ve been announced, here.

The biggest change is that Delino DeShields will be moving from a mangers role into a roving instructor role. He had been a manger in the organization since 2010, managing teams in Billings, Dayton, Pensacola and Louisville. Moving forward he will serve as a roving base running and bunting instructor with the organization.

MLB Pipeline has begun to jump into their prospect rankings. This week they have started their Top 10 rankings by position, and that will extended into next week before their Top 100 will be released on Saturday the 27th. So far the only two positions that they have released are for right handed pitchers and left handed pitchers. The Reds found themselves with the #8 right handed pitcher in Minor League Baseball with Hunter Greene. He was given the nod as the top fastball among the group (tied).

While you are here, I have a bit of a personal favor to ask, but it’s also related to baseball, this column and my other baseball work. From March through September, I travel around the country covering the Cincinnati Reds farm system. A lot of what I do during my travels is get videos and pictures, to help me create a lot of the content I publish here and at Youtube emailed me last night to inform me that they will be taking away my ability to monetize my videos (currently I get paid when an ad runs before/during the videos I post – those will still be there moving forward, but I may not get paid for them) unless I am able to get my subscriber count up to 1000 by February 19th. I don’t make much money from Youtube at all, but sometimes it’s enough to allow me to eat lunch a few times a month. If you have a spare 30 seconds today and would like to continue to see me eat lunch every so often, head here and subscribe to my Youtube channel, that is made up of about 95% Reds related videos (and all are baseball related videos, but sometimes they will be of another organizations prospects of note). Thanks guys.

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    I can live with DeShields as a roving baserunning and bunting instructor. That’s an improvement over managing the AAA team (or any other team in the Reds organization).

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