Because it’s the off-season, and there’s only so much outrage I can continue to gin up over Joey Votto’s failure to win any awards, and because we’re trying to keep you guys informed, I present you with this:

Mason Williams has played 25 games for the New York Yankees over the last three years, hitting .281/.313/.391 while seeing time at all three outfield positions. Drafted by the Yankees in the fourth round of the 2010 draft, Williams is 26 years old, and hit .263/.309/.318 in Triple-A last year. He did not compose Classical Gas.

Rosell Herrera is 25 years old, and he spent last year playing for Colorado’s Triple-A affiliate, where he hit .278/.351/.394. Over eight minor league seasons, Herrera has posted a line of .276/.347/.383. As recently as 2014, he was a top-100 prospect in all of baseball. Early in his professional career, he was a shortstop and third baseman; in 2017, Herrera played LF, RF, 2B, 3B…and he even pitched one inning (he allowed two hits, one of which was a solo home run).

That’s all I know about these two players, but it’s something, right? When you’re wondering who those guys are in the spring training lineup next March, just use the handy dandy search box up there at the top of the site and search for these guys. This post will magically appear. Just another service we provide you devoted readers of redleg nation dot com.

Now I really need to go to bed…

4 Responses

  1. Daytonian

    Wow. A Classical Gas reference. Classic. And impressive.

  2. Still a Red

    Billy should be looking over his shoulder.

  3. David

    These are signings to give depth to the organization, when a lot of “A” and “B” games are played in the Spring. Unless one of them really sets the world afire, this is just a footnote to what the future roster.

  4. Still a Red

    With Werth going (probably) and Harper maybe signing with the Yanks after next year, and Eaton coming off an ACL, the Nats are not going to trade away Robles. However, they may be willing to part with Michael Taylor and,Difo. Taylor would compare pretty favorable with Hamilton defensively and adds alot more and OBP.