Jon Morosi of the MLB Network reports:

Hamilton is 27 years old and entering his second year of arbitration. He can become a free agent after the 2019 season. He made $2.625 million last year and estimated to earn about $5 million in arbitration this year.

San Francisco’s enormous outfield is obviously a good fit for Hamilton. That extra value to the Giants might make the return good enough for the Reds to consider this.

On the other hand, San Francisco has a lousy farm system. No obvious matches at first glance. Top prospect Christian Arroyo is blocked at SS (Brandon Crawford through 2021) and 2B (Joe Panik through 2020). But Arroyo just had hand surgery.

9 Responses

  1. Ernest Howerton

    He would be a great fit in that huge field,but I still hate to see him go,unless they could get a starting pitcher.I don’t see him bringing enough pitching,unless a big package deal

    • Dewey Roberts

      Billy Hamilton for Cueto plus their #1 prospect. LOL!

    • Ernie Howerton

      Love to c him back in Red,also I’m a sw Va.boy myself.I just retired from DOC Bland in July 17.Very knowledgeable Reds fan since 68.Send me a friend request if you so choose.Always love talking Reds baseball with another Reds fan.The STATS that Johnny put up in the little home park were amazing,truly one of the best during his run.

  2. Scott Gennett

    So long Billy, we barely knew ya’

  3. TR

    Hamilton in AT&T is a good fit and Cueto back to the Reds as the ace we need.

    • TR

      Don’t worry about me clouding the picture. Nothing I say on this blog is going to bring Cueto back. It’s just an opinion, that’s all.

      • TR

        Now now, Mr. Shchi, don’t be disillusioned and shattered by my little comment. No need to curl up in your blankey. Any of us would be remiss to feel your vast knowledge does not influence Reds management.

  4. big5ed

    As Doug Gray has pointed out, the Giants’ farm system is very thin. I would think the more likely trade partner would be a team with a deeper farm system, unless the Reds just want to give BH away to dump salary.