According to Mark Sheldon:

Quackenbush is about to turn 29. He was in the Padres organization last year and split time between the big league club and AAA. His xFIP in 26.1 innings for the Padres was 5.10. He had a similar performance (xFIP 5.05) in 60 appearances for the Padres in 2016.

Quackenbush is not “veteran help to the bullpen.” But this is a no-risk signing for the Reds, since it’s a minor league deal.

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  1. JB WV

    Boring signing except for the name. Reminds me of duck hunting.

  2. Andy

    A lot of my favorites already mentioned (Clinchmas, Frazier HR derby, Dunn GW grand slam), so I’ll bring in another moment I’m fond of. Game 1 of 2012 v Giants, Reds AND Bengals together riding a postseason winless drought since 1995, and the memory of Halladay’s (May he Rest In Peace) no-hitter still fresh. Cueto gets hurt immediately, but Lecure is solid and holds it together until Latos is ready. The bats are solid and the Reds give the ball to Chapman with a 4 run lead in the 9th, and he starts to melt down. Posey comes up with bases loaded as potential winning run, and a whole bunch of terrible Reds/Bengals memories convince me that Posey will somehow give us a loss that hurts more than the no-hitter did…. but Chapman strikes him out, and the Reds/City of Cincinnati has won a playoff game. I’ll always remember the joy/relief of that moment.

  3. TR

    Who knows,but not a spectacular way to begin the offseason.

  4. Abdul

    Wow, great move by the Red’s management. A couple more moves like this and we’re on our way to a wildcard game. There’s nothing like being a Red’s fan.

  5. Scotly50

    Mark Sheldon wrote,”The Reds made their first move to add veteran help to their bullpen”.

    If this is the type of personnel the Reds are going after for help, it is going to be rough for quite a few more years.

  6. Ethan L

    I had a college professor with the last name of Quackenbush….