This week’s respondents are Chad Dotson, Wes Jenkins, Jason Linden and Steve Mancuso. Plus, making a return to the pages of Redleg Nation is our guest, Nick Doran, who wrote a terrific weekly column during the 2015 season.

Our Daily Reds Obsession: What was your favorite Reds moment in 2017?

Nick: Scooter’s four-homer game. One of the rarest feats in baseball from one of the least likely players to accomplish it. He went 5-for-5 with 10 RBI that day against the hated Cardinals. Prior to that game Gennett hadn’t hit a home run in two months. In fact he only had 38 longballs in 1754 career plate appearances. What are the odds a player who had homered once every 46.15 chances would homer four times in a row? 4.54 million to 1! Now that is a moment to remember.

Chad: Scooter’s four-homer game was actually my favorite moment of the season. I love the history of this club, and that was a legendary night. (So much so that Chris and I quickly added a Scooter chapter to our upcoming book about the top moments in the history of the Cincinnati Reds – go pre-order it now!) But since I expect others to name Scooter’s big night as their favorite moment, I’m going to go with another one here. Let’s go back to May 24, with the Reds down 2-1 to the Indians in the top of the ninth. With one out, Billy Hamilton grounded into a double play that ended the game. But wait! Replay showed that Hamilton was safe, so the inning continued. Zack Cozart singled to left field, scoring the tying run … and Hamilton streaked around the bases, scoring the go-ahead run from first base. Reds win! Check it out:

Wes: Anytime Joey Votto did something silly definitely ranks toward the top of my list, as do a couple of Billy Hamilton’s absolutely nuts diving catches. But the highlight for me has to be Scooter Gennett’s folk hero night. Four home runs from a light-hitting second baseman named after a children’s toy? Give me Lifetime’s phone number because boy do I have a script for them.

Jason: Joey Votto walking five times. Why not Scooter and the homers? Because, let’s be real, that was a fluke. Votto walking five times was pure, perfect, baseball skill.

Steve: Joey Votto and SuperBubz. Second place, Reds trade Dan Straily for “three prospects.”

14 Responses

  1. TR

    I can’t recall if the Reds had a complete game from a pitcher this past season. If they did, that would be a favorite moment for me.

    • Keith

      Bonilla did throw all 8 innings of a 3-1 loss in SF in May. If an 8-inning win counts as a complete game, does an 8-inning loss count the same?

  2. Scott Carter

    There were a lot of great moments especially for a team as bad as the Reds were and I was tempted to go with Scooter’s 4 homers game but I agree with Steve, Joey with the Home run and giving the bat and jersey to the young man, that was truly Ruthian.

  3. Ethan L

    I was in town in August from Utah. They were playing the Padres. It was my daughter’s first time in Cincinnati and at a Reds’ game. We made a sign saying we had come all the way from Utah to see Joey Votto hit a homerun. Well, in his last at bat, he did just that. My daughter was asleep, but I certainly celebrated. Fun times!

  4. Gonzo Reds

    My favorite moment was Votto giving Cozart the donkey. It would have been when they fired Price but that never happened! :<

    • Reaganspad

      And related, Joey in the Donkey suit was my favorite moment.

      I loved the whole donkey thing

      He might need to buy an oxen for Peraza or a water buffalo. Rhino? Yak?

      Whatever would turn Jose into an all star

  5. Sliotar

    Sept. 4-6 …. Reds sweep Brewers at GABP.

    Series started with a treat on Labor Day; Billy Hamilton hit a walk-off home run off a LHP (!!!!). Plus, it shocked the Brewers, especially their good, young reliever Josh Hader.

    Brewers finished 1 game back of the Rockies for a spot in the Wild Card game.

    The sweep put a real kink into a division rival’s playoff hopes, and made me long for meaningful September baseball for the Redlegs.

  6. cupofcoffee1955

    It has to be Scooter’s 4 HR night. Also, enjoyed the story of Votto giving the donkey to Cozart.

    Thanks for sharing the info on Mikolas. It would be nice if we could land him.

  7. Reaganspad

    Now I am not sure if I am more excited for the rotation help or the season ticket campaign.

    Great move by the Reds WV, exactly the right kind of free agent for this team


  8. cfd3000

    Plenty of Votto moments. Five walks (and six in a row), SuperBubz, and the Cozart donkey suit interview, plus his body of work on both sides of the ball. But I was sitting down the first base line when Hamilton scored from first on a failed pickle against the Red Sox so that’s number one this year for me.

  9. Gayle

    Devin hitting his first home run after his major injuries.

  10. kmartin

    I am with Jason. The game against the Pirates where Votto walked five times. I believe the Pirate pitchers threw him 43 pitches. I think over 30 were by the starter who got knocked out around the fifth inning if I remember correctly. Votto destroyed the starting pitcher.

  11. Abdul

    My favorite memory of 2017 was there 5 game winning streak. Thanks Bob