The Short Version: Homer Bailey delivered his strongest start of the season — seven shutout innings — and five different Reds drove in runs, powered by home runs from Joey Votto and Tucker Barnhart.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (67-91) 6 10 0
Milwaukee Brewers (83-75) 0 4 1
W: Bailey (6-9) L: Woodruff (2-3)
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The Good
–Homer Bailey delivered his best outing of the season in his final outing of 2017: seven shutout innings, four hits allowed against a club that was technically still in the playoff hunt as the night began. It’s the first time Homer has gone seven innings since 2014.

–After Joey Votto homered in the first inning — his 36th of the season — the Reds took a 1-0 lead into the top of the third inning. That was a fun inning.

Tucker Barnhart led off with a long home run into the second deck in right field, his seventh longball of the season. Bailey followed with a double, and he advanced to third on a Billy Hamilton groundout. Then the Reds collected four straight singles — by Votto, Scooter Gennett, Eugenio Suarez, and Scott Schebler — making it a 5-0 lead. An Adam Duvall sac fly made it 6-0, then Barnhart grounded out to end the frame.

–Votto had two hits and a walk, two runs scored and two runs batted in. Scooter had a hit, a walk, a run scored, and an RBI.

–If you can believe it, Jesse Winker got an at-bat! He pinch-hit for Michael Lorenzen in the top of the ninth. He doubled, of course.

–Lorenzen pitched a perfect — and dominant — eighth inning. Kevin Shackelford pitched a scoreless ninth.

The Bad
–Cozart left the game in the bottom of the third with right quad tightness. Have we seen the last of Zack in a Reds uniform?

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–For everyone who thought the Reds might not win another game the rest of the year, you can rest easy. Heck, the Reds may not lose another game the rest of 2017.

–Fingers crossed that Homer Bailey is back. A healthy and effective Homer could be very important for the Reds rotation next year.

–Votto’s solo homer in the initial frame was Cincinnati’s 110th first-inning run of the season. That’s tied with Milwaukee for the second best mark in the National League. (Miami has scored 120.)

–Four games remaining…

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16 Responses

  1. Aaron Bradley

    It will be Stanton, but we know Votto is an unsung hero. A guy like Votto benefits from winning, Stanton is about the gaudy power numbers. I’ll tell you a sleeper, how about a guy that split time between both leagues, J.D. Gonzalez.. I suppose he has no chance but he really powered AZ down the stretch. Bellinger for the Dodgers carried them early but he missed the first month of the season and then tailed off badly. The Reds still can’t figure out that it would be in everyone’s interest to put high OBP guys ahead of him, its a real head scratcher. He is too gentle, if he was more like Pujols he would just tell management what to do. Maybe that’s the angle we need to take next year, make Votto a player manager to compensate for Price.

    • Aaron Bradley

      LOL I meant JD Martinez… how embarrassing. Well you know what I meant, and he IS new to this league. I like him, I wish we had him. I still don’t understand what happened to Duvall, but I assume losing takes a toll on these guys.

      • David

        Gonzalez, Martinez, Ramirez. All those Hispanic surnames run together. 🙂

        That was funny, don’t worry.

  2. james garrett

    I have to feel with a good off season,Homer will be ready to go come spring.Say what we will about his contract and the injuries he comes to compete every time out.He had some stinkers along the way but as with the youngsters you just have to let them pitch.Looked like he has all of his pitches working and his command has got better.He will tell you the 3 walks he didn’t like at all.Biggest pitch was the first inning double play ball to Braun.After that he was really good.He threw 117 pitches in his last outing of the year and it was a great way to finish.

  3. wizeman

    Was very happy to watch Homer continue to reinvent himself and continue his road back.
    Never can doubt his effort or determination. Hoping for a strong start for Stephenson as he continues to become part of the equation.
    Bailey, Castillo, Romano, Mahle, Stephenson have inside track in my eyes.
    Anything from Desclafini will be a plus. Finnegan and Garrett next level. Lorenzen a total unknown.

    • David

      Homer has worked hard to get back into pitching shape. Don’t discount just how little he had pitched in the last two years, and just how much a guy needs to have a feel for the ball and the actual act of pitching.
      I think Homer can be healthy next year and solid, but likely nothing spectacular. If the Reds can have roughly the same offense next year, and their starting pitching is significantly better (which it very well could be), they could be contenders in the division.

  4. davy13

    Agree, except that we need two more “decent” starters. Starting pitching was atrocious this season (Castillo excluded). We need at least two B-B+ season-long starters however we get them. I would be very satisfied if the team signs one FA that fits that grade for immediate stability. Homer could be the second starter if he brings back what he has shown the last 7 starts. I’m buying Castillo to be a third “decent” starter. Surely, finding two more starters shouldn’t be that complex. Now the outlook isn’t so bad for 2018.

    My biggest issue with Price is the lineup card. He must move the OBP guys to the top of the lineup to give them more ABs and give Votto, et al greater RBI opportunities. With all the offense that was shown this season, it is incredible to think that it could have been more productive and more consistent with smarter lineup.

    The Twins are inspiring. No reason not to dream that the Reds can turn it around with a few good choice FA signings, a few more good young players contributing consistently (e.g. Winkler), and a couple of more good starters.

  5. sultanofswaff

    Agreed. Homer himself said that the injuries prevented him from being in the kind of shape he knows he can be in, which he attributes to his lack of command. I get it and think he’s going to have a season in 2018 we haven’t seen in a long time. I know management has to plan as though he won’t be, but he’ll probably be that stabilizing force the rotation has been lacking. I think BobSteve can be that guy too.

    As for Price, I think Votto and Bailey could easily grow to like/love a manager who possesses those same soft skills but who also maximizes the team’s chances of winning.

    • Reaganspad

      Agreed Jim

      Robert has turned the corner and Castillo rounded it when he flew North this spring.

      But if (and when) disco is healthy, he is still the best on this staff. He has already had the Castillo North turn

      Come on guys, get/stay healthy

      We are all countin on you. And last we checked in on Finnegan, he had also turned said corner

  6. cfd3000

    A great game after a tough stretch. Bailey, Votto, Barnhart, Lorenzen all professional baseball players, all with solid (or in Bailey’s case excellent) games. This team does have promise next year but as always it comes down to starting pitching. I’m going to enjoy these last four games, root like mad for the Twins, and then April 2018 can’t come soon enough.

  7. IndyRedMan

    I have to give Homer some props! It looked like they were going to put up a crooked number in the 1st, but he got it together! Its hard to say how effective he’ll be next year, but he’s not going anywhere. I think low 4s era would be ok…4th starter type on a decent team!
    I think they have way too much sorting out ahead of them to be a playoff team next year, but hopefully these sad sack seasons are over?

  8. Ethan L

    I think it’s a shame they use average to determine this. Just look at wRC+

    1. Votto 165
    2. Turner 151
    3. Blackmon 140

    This would be a no contest if this were the metric.

  9. Broseph

    Given the history of MVP selections going to winning teams, I think Goldschmidt or Arenado are strong choices but Stanton might get the nod due to his HRs even without being on a winning team due to the media attention he’s gotten.

    Something no one is considering is Votto’s production at his age. His performance could be considered better than the others and he’s doing it at an age that is a huge outlier compared to the others.

    Votto won’t get MVP but what about his first Silver Slugger? If he goes home empty handed on his performance this year it will be truly criminal

  10. TR

    Homer Bailey has been through a lot these last few years so it’s great to see him have seven solid innings to finish the season. If he’s in good shape in 2018 it’ll be a positive for the Reds rotation.

  11. james garrett

    Price is a player’s manager and I believe they like him.Losing is accepted right now in Cincy so what’s not to like.No expectations of him or the players for what 3 years now.Pressure to win will change all of that.Might see some of that next year.