The Reds had a chance to win two series in St. Louis for the first time in 27 years. The Reds won one in April, I promise. They still have a chance to take the season series against the Cardinals by winning one of the three games next week at GABP. It would be the first time the team’s done that since 2011.

Cincinnati Reds 2 • St. Louis Cardinals 5 || Box || Play Log || Statcast

Amir Garrett (25) returned to the scene of his major league debut when he threw six shutout innings allowing two hits on April 7 (Nick Kirby’s recap). And for a while today, it looked like he might repeat it, or even his performance two games later against Baltimore when he struck out 12 Orioles in 7 innings.

While Garrett showed potential, he’s still a ways away from being a reliable major league starter. He made it through four innings plus three batters. Garrett did strike out 7 Cardinals, but he walked 5. A pair of 2-out walks and a double steal hurt him in the 3rd.

Jackson Stephens (23) came in for Garrett and pitched three shutout innings. Asher Wojceichowski (28) came on in the 8th and gave up a run.

Billy Hatcher sentenced another runner to obvious doom at home plate. Adam Duvall had doubled with two outs in the 7th and Joey Votto appeared to be slowing down going into third base. Hatcher waved on a surprised Votto who was out easily at home. Is there accountability for Hatcher’s performance?

The Reds managed six hits (a double and triple by Scott Schebler) and a walk (Votto, of course). Schebler is having a sneaky good season at the plate, bracketing off the time his shoulder was hurt. More detail on that in a post Monday.

Jesse Winker and Adam Duvall each made nice plays in the outfield, catching flies far in front of them. Eugenio Suarez also had a defensive gem in at 3B, charging a dribbler and firing to 1B. Every outstanding play by Suarez at third reinforces my reluctance to see him move to SS or 2B.

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  1. Broseph

    A lot of analysts seem to think Votto’s speed is a hinderance. While true, he seems to have a good idea of the situation, sand him slowing up at third and running hard for that double. He’s losing value on the paths thanks to Hatcher.

    I’m in the category of people that agrees to keep Suarez at third, why mess with all that work and gold glove potential. Is Senzel able to play any other spots?

    • Broseph

      auto fill fail. “hence” not sand

    • bouwills

      Hatcher should have known Joey was going to coast into 3rd. What was he thinking?

      • Big56dog

        I think I am along the same train of thought as you, without seeing the game is there no accountability on Votto for not running hard?
        He is a terrible base runner based on how many things I have seen in limited viewing.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        I agree with Cossack. This was not on Votto, it was on Hatcher.

      • Big56dog

        this just sounds like a lot of excuses blaming Hatcher for Votto not running hard, I know he is a great hitter and has improved his D this year and again I did not see the game, but just on circumstances why is Votto not running hard until Hatcher stops him?

    • james garrett

      I agree because they can see what Suarez has done just like everybody else.The only thing the Reds did this year with any conviction was to give Peraza over 400 at bats before benching him for Scooter.That may have been just more about Scooter then anything else but the Reds haven’t done much to gives us a hint about their future plans at any position.Kind of makes you wonder.

    • Da bear

      If you manage by not hurting the players or their agents feelings you are a terrible manager. Maddon, Girardi, etc. have no issues with pulling their starters after 4 2/3 innings, changing closer roles, resting players, playing players in multiple positions – the team comes above the individuals.

  2. citizen54

    Suarez is a top 6 3B in the league right now with 4.6 fWAR. Suarez’s range might not be good enough for short and his arm would be wasted at second. If it were up to me I keep Suarez at 3B and find a new position for Senzel. There’s no guarantee that Senzel is even going to be worth 2 WAR at 3B.

    • IndyRedMan

      Do you want Scooter at SS? Suarez has atleast played SS before. Cozart has no mobility at all, so Suarez has to be better then that, IF he can the routine plays. I haven’t seen Senzel….maybe they can make him a big SS like Tulowitski or Ripken back in the day? All I know is that you could blindfold Scooter, Suarez, and Senzel and they could all still easily outhit Peraza.

      • citizen54

        Ideally, I would extend Cozart for two years but no way he takes that deal. I guess for now ya maybe see if Scooter or Senzel can handle SS. If not, we have a glut at 2B if you include Herrera so we are probably going to have to move one of those three. Peraza stays as a utility guy until he learns how to get on base.

      • james garrett

        Right on Indy but he is fast and that plays all day every day in Cincy because speed causes chaos.I am going to miss it during the off season.

      • Da bear

        Peraza could be a .300 hitter and .400 OBP if he would take more pitches, stop hacking at the inside high ones. He can learn this just as Suarez improved over the past two years.

  3. ncboiler

    If Suarez is just an average fielding SS wouldn’t he be more valuable there just based on, what would then be, his elite level SS bat? Then put Senzel at 3rd. If it doesn’t work out it doesn’t work out. Reds aren’t competing next year anyway. There just aren’t many options in the middle infield right now.

    Is it possible to calculate theoretical WAR based on someone’s given offense and projected defense? For example, keep Suarez’ offense numbers for this year, use average defensive numbers (in this case for NL shortstops) and come up with a new “theoretical” WAR.

    • citizen54

      You could make the same argument with Senzel, Bryant or anyone else. The problem is not everyone can play SS. And why would you move a guy who is young and already has all star numbers at 3B for someone who is projected to be a little bit better than league average? Senzel is projected to be a 2.5 – 3.5 WAR guy, he’s not projected to be the second coming of Bryant.

  4. Big56dog

    hasn’t Suarez got 4 more years – would an extension now be wise?

    • Big56dog

      I did not realize he played that much for Detroit n 2014- I would think that they could have planned that out a little better but I guess he would have qualified for Super 2 if they waited 2 months in 2015

  5. Andy

    I don’t understand the hesitation moving Suarez to short, it is a promotion for his excellent season! I trust him there more than Senzel. I don’t think Peraza, Blandino, or Vincej should get at-bats over Senzel/Suarez/Gennett. The offensive drop-off is too great for any defensive metrics to overtake. If they have enough money for Cozart, they should probably spend it on starting pitching. One possible wrinkle: Boston used top prospect to get Chris Sale last year, if a similar deal is out there I’d think about moving Senzel and take a Cozart extension more seriously. A trade is the only way Reds end up with a pitcher that caliber, and Senzel would have to be included if it were to happen.

  6. Bill

    Talk about Suarez maybe not having the range to play shortstop, does anyone remember Dick Groat? He was a shortstop who didn’t have the range many others but played position by pitch & hitter. He had a great career in Pittsburgh & St. Louis.


      Derek Jeter had no range either.

  7. Indy Red Man

    To me the SS situation seems fairly cut-n-dried. Suarez has to move back to SS! Cozart can barely move and he’s an old 32 with all his injuries. Senzel is blasting the ball and needs to play. He should be ready to play for the Reds next April. Even if they considered this year to be a mirage w/Scooter, and they anticipated that he would drop off heavily with the bat, then who plays SS? Peraza isn’t particularly good with the glove or the bat. He’s prob better then Scooter at 2B, but he hasn’t looked that good at SS?

    They could trade Duvall for pitching (or a SS?) and platoon Scooter in LF. That a massive drop off defensively though? It would free up 2nd base for Senzel and allow Suarez to stay at 3rd. If they resign Zack then that blocks either Scooter or Senzel. Personally, I doubt Scooter has an .937 ops vs righties next year, but .850+ is very achievable! GABP is a good fit for him and he’s at home in Cincy. He’s in his prime! Thats pretty deadly for 2B!

  8. cfd3000

    Just saw the replay highlights. Great to see Jay Bruce playing well and having fun. And Cleveland is on an incredible run that’s been cool to witness.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      I watched it. Very happy for Jay.

  9. Tom Mitsoff

    Complicating the infield equation for next year is the fact that Senzel almost certainly will start the year in Louisville, if for no other reason than they will want to avoid him having a full year of service time in his first season. So if you move Suarez to short, which I endorse, then who do you play at third until Senzel arrives? Barring trades, the season will probably start with Suarez at third, Peraza at short and Gennett and a platoon partner (Herrera?) at second. But that does nothing to verify whether or not Suarez can move back to shortstop effectively. One of many, many interesting questions for the front office to resolve this off-season.

    I agree that Suarez needs to be extended. He’s the obvious first choice to me. Maybe Barnhart after him,