The Short Version: Tyler Mahle wasn’t as efficient as we’d like, but he pitched five shutout innings to pick up his first big league victory. He needs to thank Eugenio Suarez — who hit a grand slam — and great relief work from Kevin Shackelford, Michael Lorenzen, and Luke Farrell. Go Reds!

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (63-83) 6 8 0
St. Louis Cardinals (76-69) 0 5 1
W: Mahle (1-2) L: Flaherty (0-1)
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The Good
–Oh, this was all good.

–Interesting moment in the top of the 5th inning. With the Reds leading 1-0, Jose Peraza reached on an infield single and Tyler Mahle was hit by a pitch. Later in the inning, with two outs, Zack Cozart grounded to shortstop and the umpire called Mahle out at second to end the inning.

Except that Mahle had hustled to the bag and actually beat the throw. Manager Bryan Price challenged the call, and review confirmed that Mahle was safe. So the Reds had bases loaded with two outs and Joey Votto at the plate. Votto singled to left on the first pitch he saw, giving the Reds a 2-0 lead. Then Eugenio Suarez followed with a grand slam, his 25th home run of the season. Reds 6, Cardinals 0.

–Jesse Winker led off the game with his 5th home run of the season. (Reminder: Winker only hit two home runs for Triple-A Louisville this season). He also made a very nice diving catch to save a run in the first inning.

–In addition to the grand slam, Suarez had a walk, pushing that OBP up to .379. Votto had two hits and a walk (his OBP is .451, because he’s good). Peraza had a couple of hits (not gonna mention his OBP).

–Mahle wasn’t brilliant tonight — three walks, 100 pitches in five innings — but he did pitch scoreless baseball for those five innings and collected his first big league win. Congrats, Tyler Mahle!

–Kevin Shackelford pitched two really outstanding innings, allowing just one hit and no runs. Michael Lorenzen and Luke Farrell followed up with perfect innings of relief. Outstanding work by Reds pitching tonight.

The Bad
–I don’t have anything to say here.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Seventh shutout for Reds pitching this season. Reds will go for the series win tomorrow afternoon.

Even better: the Reds are no longer in danger of a 100-loss season!

–A September win against a Cardinals team that is trying to get into the playoffs is almost as good as being in a pennant race. Okay, no it isn’t. It’s not even close. But it’s still a little fun.

–Tyler Mahle didn’t walk many hitters in the minors. Once he settles down and gets some MLB experience, he has a chance to be a really nice pitcher for the Redlegs.

The fact of the matter, however, is that Mahle actually wasn’t awful in this game. He racked up a high pitch count in the first three innings, but it really seemed like he was getting squeezed by home plate umpire Sean Barber, as he stranded eight runners. In his final two innings, Mahle was sharp.

I like Tyler Mahle.

–Only 16 games left in the Reds season. Enjoy it while you can. Winter is coming.

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29 Responses

  1. Reaganspad

    Love the stupid cards reference much more than the Cubs. I have always kind of liked the Cubs as my 5th favorite team. You know, like the twins

    But the cardinals, that is like the guy who steals from your grandma or those hurricane looters. They naturally deserve our disdain

    Stupid cardinals (not the bird, the bird is cool) but those guys pretending to be a ml baseball team. Cheaters

    I am out of words to share. I wish BP were a Red today so he could tweet something really stupid about them

  2. Aaron Bradley

    Beaming our young pitcher in the back? I expect payback tomorrow of some sort. Can’t let that go without a response, sorry.

    • Vicferrari

      Might need to peg the umpires like the Tigers do when they get squeezed

    • jazzmanbbfan

      If there had been perceived intent, sure but seriously, hitting the opposing pitcher. Did you see the reaction of the Cards’ pitcher? No reason for any response.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Yea sorry I didn’t really know the circumstances, but in the back against a young pitcher is unacceptable. If that had happened to the Red Birds they would have stormed the mound, accident or not.

      • Aaron Bradley

        They shouldn’t be encouraged to pitch inside against an opposing pitcher if they lack control. That is playing with fire, and retaliation is the only way to prevent it in the future. But of course they would play/pretend to be victims so perhaps you are right and prudence is called for. Still, I think its disgusting.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        It would be disgusting if there was any hint of intent. There wasn’t. Pitchers will never learn to pitch inside if they don’t try to. If they don’t out of fear of a pitch “slipping” then everyone complains that pitchers aren’t like the “old days” of Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale. I think we all like to demonize the Cardinals (because it’s fun to) but I doubt they would have stormed the mound if the tables were turned.

    • docmike

      Uh, no. I hate the Cardinals as much as anybody, but the pitcher was CLEARLY not trying to hit his opposing number. Just take your base and make ’em pay on the scoreboard, which is exactly what the Reds did.

      It’s completely stupid to hit someone on the other team every time one of your guys gets hit. We’re not the Pirates (thank goodness).

  3. Brian

    I think if Schebler’s defense isn’t great in center, and his OBP is going to hover around .315, we are better off with Hamilton in CF (but not leading off) and Schebler coming off the bench. I just feel like Winker provides too much value at the top of the order to sit him (small sample size, obviously).

    • Vicferrari

      I am curious why any one thinks batting Hamilton 8th is better than 9th, I have given a ton of arguments in the past and no one countered my points- that I have seen. It makes 0 sense to bat Hamilton 8th in my opinion

    • PDunc

      If we believe Phil Ervin can be a viable 4th outfielder, I would consider moving Schebler. Go take a look at Hamilton’s splits, he should only be hitting against right-handed pitching. I don’t know where to find Winker’s minor-league splits (and he has too few major league at bats to make a fair judgment) but he is left-handed and likely to hit better against right-handers than left. Having your 4th outfielder hit right-handed, as Ervin does, might make more sense than hitting left-handed as Schebler does.
      Instead of keeping 5 true outfielders I’d keep Scooter or Peraza as a 5th outfielder and utility infielder.
      Votto-1B, Suarez, Senzel & Peraza in some combination 3B, SS and 2B, Winker, Duvall, Hamilton & Ervin primary 4 outfielders, Barnhardt & Mesoraco at C, Gennett and ? as utility.

    • james garrett

      Schebler may never be able to play centerfield but after 12 or 15 starts its not time to ditch him and defer back to Billy.Don’t see how we can set a guy that hits 25 to 30 bombs in his second year in the big leagues at age 26.Billy has 4 years worth of data that we don’t need to get in to because it is what it is.Now if we want to pay Billy 6 million to play elite defense and steal bases then so be it.Of course everytime Billy hits a weak grounder or fly ball with runners on somebody will say where is Scott or Winker.Of course it works the other way too because we will say Billy would have caught that.Offense/defense its up to the Reds.

      • Da bear

        Steve what are the splits when the lead is 1 run or 2 runs? If your RBI to HR ratio is 2 or lower it’s usually a sign you do not drive runs in efficiently. There are exceptions but very very few. I have to agree with VAredsfan from watching many games without hard data it does not appear as if Schebler hits well in the clutch.

  4. mariners77

    In total agreement, Chad, about win number 63.

    I recall a number of national pundits smugly predicting 100+ losses for the club this year – sorry, guys, wrong again. Whatever else has happened during this forgettable season, at least we avoid that ignominy!

  5. Vicferrari

    I know someone commented in the game thread that Cozart was better suited for the AL. I know his defense has taken a big drop off with the injury, but my impression is that he would be a top tier short stop if not for this. Can anyone in the know rate where he was this season or last prior to the injury- because like it was stated rest will heal his injury

  6. Vicferrari

    But I think it best to find out later and keep running the injured guy who can only field on 1 leg to play one of the most demanding positions in the game.

  7. Vicferrari

    So how many more starts for Tyler?, will they shut him down before seasons end, how about anyone else?

    • sultanofswaff

      You’re only talking 2-3 more starts. I’d run him out there, but keep him around 80 pitches or 5 IP, whichever comes first. With so many bullpen options, Price shouldn’t be concerned about starters going deep.

  8. Mike Adams

    Hey Chad, under your BAD heading might I make a suggestion? Instead of “I have nothing to say here” how about inserting “Cardinals”?
    And while you are at it, add another heading of UGLY and also put “Cardinals” there too!

  9. Chad Dotson

    I think we’re learning he can’t handle the position on a full-time basis. Perhaps as a backup.

  10. sultanofswaff

    Shackelford is quietly settling into his role and could make a compelling case for a bullpen spot next year if he finishes strong. His first taste of the bigs in August was pretty bad—-16 hits in 12 innings with 8 walks. September has been the complete opposite—-4 hits in 6.1 innings with 8 strikeouts and 0 walks. 30 K’s in 24 IP overall. There’s a lot of swing and miss stuff here that has me intrigued.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      If he keeps pitching like this I will gladly eat my words of a month ago about him not belonging in the major leagues.

    • Da bear

      He pitches like Jansen-lite, same vertical downward trajectory. Could be tough for batters to square up their lumber.

  11. Nick Carrington

    Shackleford has eight straight scoreless appearances (8 innings) and hasn’t walked anybody during that time. 9 strikeouts too. Impressive stretch. We still need a bigger sample, but he is giving himself a chance.

    I wish Iglesias would/could start. He’s probably their best pitcher. But, I see no indication that will happen, and it seems to be medical related, so it’s hard to blame the Reds for that.

    Lorenzen is quietly going through a strong stretch as well. Only two earned runs in his last 9 innings, which coincides with a change in mechanics. I think the Reds were sincere when they said they’d let him start in Spring Training. I also think it’s most likely they put him in the bullpen at the end of spring. But, if there are trades and/or injuries and he pitches well, he may get a shot.

  12. james garrett

    Bull pen guys are always up and down.They go good for awhile and then run into bad spells just as Lorenzen and Peralta and others have done.Shack has good stuff and I believe he was a closer in the minors.He pitched well the first inning so why not a second inning and sure he looks like a piece for next year’s pen.I have to disagree Red and I hail from WV that Price isn’t developing Shack He just let him pitch another inning because he looked good in the first inning.Its a 6 run game and Matheny is pulling his starters.

    • james garrett

      Wood had shut down stuff but 95+ goes a long way down the middle.My point was he just let Shack pitch another inning after he threw a good inning.I guess I view developing pitchers as letting them pitch regardless of the outcome and maybe giving them another inning even if the last one didn’t go so wel.Relievers rarely get another inning unless like Shack did last night.His pitch count was low and he got em out and threw the ball well.If he had been hit and gave up a run or two he doesn’t go back out there to work on anything.We are splitting hairs on our opinions here buddy but we can agree Shack looked good and he could land a spot next year.Your comment about a closer is true because the minors are just that the minors,I do think it takes a strong mental oulook and of course stuff to get those last 3 outs and that is a plus.As far as the pen next year they surely have to have another lefty to go with Peralta.