Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (61-81) 1 9 1
New York Mets (62-79) 5 8 0
W: Lugo (6-4) L: Garrett (3-7) S: Ramos (27)
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The Good

Well, I guess Joey Votto had a couple of hits and a walk. Scooter Gennett and Tucker Barnhart had a couple of singles each.

Ariel Hernandez and Luke Farrell pitched shutout innings of relief after the game was over.

But that’s it.

The Bad
–Amir Garrett was working on a pretty good little outing into the fifth inning. He recorded the first two outs quickly, then grabbed his calf after a pitch. The trainer came out to the mound, manager Bryan Price came out, and all of the Nation held its collective breath. After a couple of minutes, Garrett threw a few warmup pitches and stayed in the game…

..then proceeded to allow a single to Mets pitcher Seth Lugo. And then he surrendered Jose Reyes second home run of the night. What had been thisclose to a five inning, two-run outing for Garrett became a 4-0 Reds deficit.

–Cody Reed didn’t look great in his one inning of work, though he could have escaped without any damage if he hadn’t been victimized by a Scooter Gennett error. He did give up a couple of hits and a walk, and one unearned run.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–That’s two losses in a row, but at least the Reds are hanging out in New York City. That’s probably fun. Hope the guys get to go to a show — Waitress gets pretty good reviews — or maybe they can grab a nice dinner at Craft or somewhere. Maybe some frozen hot chocolate. I dunno, lots of fun stuff to do in NYC after the game. You know, it’s the city that never sleeps.

9 Responses

  1. Jeff Morris

    Reds this year, on some games, seem to have “quiet bats”. Don’t know what happens. The opposing pitchers look like Bob Gibson or Tom Seaver against them.

  2. sandman

    You know, I look forward to the day when we’ll have something to actually talk about in reds wins or losses other than the nice places to hang out in a city after a ballgame. I think I worded that right. See, since we’re rebuilding, there’s no pressure to win. So the mounting losses are no big deal and shouldn’t stress us out too much. And this has been the message all Redlegnation writers have been trying to get across to those of us who do have the tendency to stress out and those who hate rebuilds. So, talking about the nice places the players can hang out in a city after a game is a continuation of the practice of basically telling us all to chill out and relax. Ultimately, you’re right, there’s nothing we can do about it. So, I get the point. Maybe y’all are doing it to look out for our (and maybe even your) mental well being. I didn’t know you cared so much. Thank you! But, the losing is starting to weigh on me making it feel like we’re dragging our knuckles through the thick mud. I really, really, really can’t wait for this rebuild to be done and we can get back to winning/playoff baseball.

  3. Sliotar


    For what’s its worth, I took Chad’s recap with a smile.

    It was a clunker of a game, between 2 teams playing out the string. Garrett, Reed, Ervin, Peraza all saw action, so at least there was some “learning curve” time booked.

    Right now, Reds pitching isn’t close to a team of “Mike Leakes”, let alone Dodgers/Nats/Cubs staffs (or Brewers/DBacks)

    Starters for 2018….
    -Bailey (over 30, much repaired arm)
    -Castillo (under 100 MLB IP in his career)
    -Everyone else is either currently hurt, unproven (#FreeLorenzen) or just gives up too many HRs and BBs per 9 right now.

    We may have to suffer through another year of sorting (of pitching), and it could be completely the right thing to do.

    Everyone, writers, readers, lurkers and below the line commentators, are just trying to grin and bear it, IMO. I don’t think we are a “chill out and relax” group about the Reds. At all.

    • sandman

      Sliotar, I’d say you’re right about us reds fans not being a “chill out and relax” kind of group. That’s why some Redlegnation writers and the reds brass through Price (Price kinda being their spokesperson) have told us from the very beginning to basically relax and “bear with us/them”. Saying such things like, “every team goes through cycles of winning and losing”. But there are a lot of reds fans that I’ve seen on social media that wanted this rebuild to happen some even saying that it needed to happen (whatever). And therefore a lot of reds fans do seem to be chill about all the losing. I’m just kinda worried that if the reds make a playoff push next year with Price leading the way that the reds brass will “reward” him with a longer contract. Of course, a lot of people believe that the mgr has little to no sway over how many wins or losses a team has and they can point out all the Sabermetrics numbers you want to “support” this hypothesis, I don’t care. I just don’t believe it but that’s just me.

  4. Steven Ross

    Losing will be beneficial? Our last winning season was 2013. We haven’t even won 70 games in two years and this year will probably be three. I know where you’re going with that comment but how much longer do you want to keep losing?

  5. Scott Carter

    I don’t think the Reds are in danger of dropping out of the top ten after the Mets ww play the Cardinals who are hot, the Brewers (Don’t expect to sweep them again) the Pirates and the Red Sox, Also our best pitcher of 2017 has been shut down.

    • Scott Carter

      However the best plan to keep on losing is to continue to play regulars and start the washed up or never wills rather than the young guys.

    • james garrett

      I think all of us agree we should be seeing as many young guys as possible but it won’t happen.Price will manage just like he always has and his lineups will be basically the same.Next year will be a carbon copy.

  6. TR

    I understand the points you’re making about the possibility of acquiring outstanding prospects as a result of losing, but I think that should be secondary. The focal point of a game should always be to win.