The Reds Hall of Fame announced today the “Modern Player Ballot” for induction into the Reds Hall of Fame Class of 2018. The six former Reds players on the ballot are:

Reggie Sanders
Adam Dunn
John Franco
Danny Graves
Scott Rolen
Aaron Boone

You need to vote for Reggie Sanders at least once a day, every day.

Many of you know me as a long-time, dedicated Adam Dunn fan. Dunn is a no-doubt Reds Hall of Famer, and I look forward to seeing him enshrined one day. It’ll be a deserved honor. But Sanders is, in my opinion, the most-deserving candidate for Reds Hall of Fame that has not yet been enshrined. It’s time to right this wrong. Vote for Sanders for Reds Hall of Fame.

Look at the rules for the voting:

Player Eligibility
Players who played in at least three years for the Reds, appeared in a Major League game within the last 13 years, and who are in at least their third year since appearing in their last Major League game were considered for inclusion on the Modern Player Ballot by the Hall’s Election Governance Committee.

Players whose careers ended more than 13 years ago along with managers and executives are considered by the Reds Hall of Fame’s Veterans Committee.

Fan Voting
Fans may vote for no more than one player per ballot submission and may only submit one ballot per email address per day throughout the voting period. The fans’ vote will be combined with votes from select members of the media and Reds alumni to determine the Modern Player Ballot winner. Any candidate elected by the Veterans Committee will join the Modern Player Ballot winner and will be inducted as part of the Reds Hall of Fame Class of 2018. The voting period is from August 21-September 30, 2017.

So…only one player from the ballot can be the “Modern Player Ballot” winner. In other words, only one of these guys is getting inducted this time around. I worry that Reggie is going to be lost among the more recent players, and he’ll have trouble getting in. I call on Redleg Nation to make sure that doesn’t happen.

I know, I know…you’re all still mad at Reggie because he struck out a lot in the 1995 National League Championship Series. Get over it. Sanders had a great career as a Red.

Sanders ranks 20th among all Reds hitters in the history of the franchise in WAR, with 21.5. Every eligible hitter ahead of Sanders on the Cincinnati franchise all-time list is already in the Reds Hall of Fame.

By comparison:

Adam Dunn — 16.4 WAR (30th all-time)
John Franco — 13.0 (28th among pitchers)
Aaron Boone — 11.7 (56th)
Scott Rolen — 7.6 (84th)
Danny Graves — 6.6 (65th among pitchers)

You can make a pretty good case for everyone on this list to be enshrined. Franco is another wrong that needs to be rectified ultimately. Graves, Boone, and Rolen (in that order) will have their supporters, and I wouldn’t be upset if any of them were in the Hall of Fame eventually.

But let’s get Sanders inducted first.

You may remember last year, when Nick Kirby made the case for Sanders here in the digital pages of Redleg Nation. Go read that piece (mostly so you know that I’m not the only one out here on this particular limb). But here’s my case for Reggie:

Sanders hit .271/.353/.476 during his seven full seasons in a Reds uniform. He was an All-Star and remains in the the top twenty in career home runs for the Reds (125), and top 30 in wRC+ (119) and RBI (431). His (Reds) career wOBA (.361) rates just behind the .362 posted by Johnny Bench and Pete Rose.

In that aforementioned 1995 season, Sanders was a legitimate MVP candidate, posting 6.6 WAR while hitting .306/.397/.579 with 28 homers, 99 RBI, and 36 stolen bases (155 OPS+). Now listen to this: only one right fielder in Reds history has ever put up a better season (by WAR) than Sanders’ 1995. That right fielder is Frank Robinson, who was, you know, pretty good. (Of course, Robinson had three better seasons than Sanders’ best, but still….)

For quite some time, I’ve been annoyed that Sanders has been passed over by a number of far less-deserving candidates (I won’t mention any names here, but you can probably figure out who I’m talking about). As time goes by, fans tend to forget how good Sanders was as a Red. He was really only great that one season, but he was a solid right fielder for the club for a number of years. And he’s certainly a Reds Hall of Famer.

Here’s the link to vote for Sanders every single day. Let’s do this, Nation.


7 Responses

  1. jazzmanbbfan

    It was either Sanders or Franco for me. You convinced me so I voted for Reggie.

  2. docmike

    I say Sanders and Dunn both should be in.

    Can we elect both of them if we take out Ron Oester?

    • Chad Dotson

      Sanders and Dunn should definitely both be in. I fear that this is Sanders’ last chance. Dunn will have other chances.

  3. cfd3000

    Full disclosure – I just voted for Dunn before I saw this post. I don’t think Sanders has a good chance but he’s certainly worthy and as a tip of the cap to you I’ll throw him some votes Chad.

  4. docmike

    When I went on to vote, out of curiosity I read some of the comments on the article about the voting. I was shocked at how many on there thought it should be Danny Graves to get elected. Meanwhile I’m wondering why Graves is even on the list for consideration.

    Yes, he racked up 182 saves over his 8+ years with the Reds. No, that does not make him a great pitcher (he was not).