Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (53-72) 1 8 0
Atlanta Braves (55-67) 8 12 0
W: Newcomb (2-7) L: Castillo (2-6)
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The Good

The Bad

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Luis Castillo was fine, allowing just two runs in four innings, striking out eight. Unfortunately, though he only walked two batters, he threw 90 pitches in those four innings and was removed in favor of Drew Storen in the fifth.

–Storen allowed four runs with his first four pitches — single, double, intentional walk, grand slam home run — and a 2-0 game became a laugher almost immediately. By the time Storen exited stage left, the Reds were down 8-0. Storen pitched two-thirds of an inning, allowing six runs on six hits and two walks.

–As part of a double-switch, Eugenio Suarez moved over to shortstop for the first time this season. A preview of 2018, perhaps?

–Reds finish the road trip with a 5-5 record. They return home to face the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday night.

–Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Reds fans. The Reds just won a series on the road!

25 Responses

  1. Jim Walker

    A .500 road trip on which 40% of the games were versus the Cubs at Wrigley is a quantum leap forward from last season despite the disappointing game and outcome today.

  2. Vicferrari

    Was there any reason to take out Castillo at 90 pitches in a 2-0 game? Why not sit Hamilton and Tucker in favor of Ervin and Turner? I know some of this was brought up earlier but why insist on the 2 worst hitters at the top of the lineup?

    • Vicferrari

      Tucker is on pace for a career starts, it was a day game after a night game and he is awful against lefties- seemed like a good time to sit him, also not giving Ervin any chances while Hamilton usually breakdown this time of year from overuse. Just my opnion

  3. james garrett

    Price just over managed by moving Peraza and Suarez.He could have put Kivlehan at second.

    • Vicferrari

      and didn’t Adleman actually bat for himself any way?

      • james garrett

        It was an 8-0 game and all of us realize why double switches occur.He wanted to get a couple of innings from Aldeman so he goes in Scooter’s spot who made the last out and then moved Suarez and Peraza and put Kivlehan at third.He could of just put him at second and moved on or just removed Storen..Aldeman pitched the 6th and 7th and batted for himself with one out in the eighth so this was not a strategic move.He could have accomplished the same thing by just replacing players and if Aldeman’s spot comes up with guys on base you pinch hit for him otherwise as it turned out you let him bat Suarez ended up at short by Price doing a bunch of stuff he didn’t have to do.If you want him to play short then just start him there and move on.Finally I agree with Chuck in that managers make little or no difference in the wins or losses of their teams.My problem with Price is he doesn’t use data when filling out his lineup,he over manages sometimes and he lets his best relievers watch while others lose the game.Other managers may do the same I just am tired of all of this and another year of the same thing will be hard to deal with

      • Jack

        If managers don’t make a difference in win or losses then why fire him? Why would you pay for Maddon or Bochy or other high priced managers if they dont make a difference in wins or losses? Why does it matter if they use data because it doesn’t matter with wins and losses? You see how stupid that is about managers? Managers do affect wins and losses. Not as much as the players ,but who they put out there and the strategy they use during the game does.

      • james garrett

        Using data puts the players in the best position to be successful but it doesn’t insure they will nor does it insure the team wins.It just creates the best possible situation and Price doesn’t do that on a consistent basis.Comparing Price to Maddon or Bochy isn’t fair to any of them but all lost before they won and all have been or will be fired.How many more games the Reds would win if they had Maddon I don’t know nor do I know how many more the Cubs would have lost with Price.Its minimal at best but I will take Maddon.

    • hof13

      I think Price was assuming it was pretty much a lost cause, hence a good time to put Suarez at short. He has been taking grounders there recently in practice with the thought of possibly moving him back there next year. He’s said he’s generally a better defender now (after playing at 3rd) than he used to be so I actually want him to play short some now to see if it makes a difference.

    • Vicferrari

      Double switching 101 is not taking a player out of the game needlessly when the pitcher still bats – they could have left personnel in the game and accomplished the same thing. In my mind Price does this occasionally and gets a thin roster even more limited, I know today did not matter- but he has done some really dumb double switches in the past

  4. Vicferrari

    This game could have been competitive, Votto smacks a line drive with the baes loaded the 2b climbs the latter for and pitcher makes an unbelievable play on Duvall’s grounder. Castillo also gets out of the third around 50 pitches if he could have made a play on BP’s grounder or made some kind of attempt to get out of Peraza’s way, don’t have much faith Peraza makes the play but most SS do- then gives up back to back 2 strike hits, Scooter should have nailed Freeman at home as well.
    With Hamilton on 1st in top of fifth why was he not running 3-2 count that went for DP?

  5. TR

    At this point, Adleman taking Wood’s role in the bullpen makes sense.

    • Vicferrari

      Wood has just had a few bad appearances, his stats are far superior in almost every aspect despite this or am I missing something

      • Da bear

        Wood is terrible when it counts. He isn’t bad when nothing is at stake.

  6. Ryan

    The Reds need a controllable starter and have some position player depth to trade from. What about going after Michael Fulmer from the Tigers? Could offer up Adam Duvall, Dilson Herrera, Jose Siri, and either Cody Reed or Amir Garrett? This gives the Tigers an opportunity to retool with a productive and cost controlled outfielder, MLB ready 2B, a power/speed plus CF, and a wild card of an arm. Deal or no deal? Could also swap out Herrera for Shed Long.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Herrera hasn’t shown that he is MLB ready. He can’t even stay on the field. I hate the idea of trading Duvall.

  7. Mike

    His 4 innings were fine. Stupid pitch counts.

  8. Vicferrari

    was any reason given for taking him out?

  9. Vicferrari

    feel like the reds could get some use out of the off day, send Winker down so he can play every day, obviously not going to currently. Let Ervin platoon with Hamilton or get some spot starts.
    They can wait to seek fifth starter until Saturday, start thinking about cutting some to make room on 40

  10. jazzmanbbfan

    I don’t think it is clear yet whether the Reds favor Schebler, Winker, or neither. Schebler got on base 4 times on Saturday, his first game off the DL. He hits lefties fairly well so Price put him out there again. I’m not seeing where that means in the big picture they favor Schebler.

    • Big56dog

      Schebler is better overall player right now and unless they manage WInker’s service time, they will only have 1 more of team control. I under stand Winker is not a great fielder and judging if Kivelhan replaces him late in games he must be because Kivelhan is not very good. Schebler has more power despite that Winker probably has superior OBP skills- so I do not think this is an issue about the battle between these 2. It is about other positions and if they can get WInker on the field.

  11. james garrett

    The Reds need to find out if Schebler can handle center the rest of the year.Billy is what he is after 4 years and will get around 6 million next year so to me he is the odd man out.

    • Big56dog

      anybody know comparable players to Billy- Ben Revere and Jarrod Dyson come to mind, he is not a good of hitter but probably better at D and faster, they are not making nearly that much but other teams are not letting them rake up the AB’s

  12. james garrett

    I would suggest for the balance of the games remaining you go with a platoon of Irvin,Winker Schebler and Duvall.Irvin plays center and when he sets Schebler plays center.We already know about Billy and he can pinch run and come in late for defense.Gives us a look at Winker and Irvin and does showcase all of them.We know about Billy and what he brings to the table.