Go read this excellent piece by Mark Sheldon over at MLB.com, entitled “Votto’s influence seen among Reds, and beyond.”

There are some good quotes from guys like Cubs manager Joe Maddon and Kris Bryant, but the best stuff is when Joey Votto’s teammates start waxing eloquent about what they’ve learned from the sweet-hitting first baseman. For example, here’s what Zack Cozart said:

“Basically everything I’m doing this year, I’ve watched him,” Reds shortstop Zack Cozart said on Wednesday. “That’s what I’m trying to implement into what I do. I’ve said it a thousand times, he’s the best hitter in the game. You could poll people and when they talk about a guy who never gives away at-bats, he would be up at the top with almost everybody, I would think.”

Eugenio Suarez also gives Votto credit for helping him improve as a hitter:

“He helped me a lot. We talked a lot,” Suarez said of Votto. “He told me I have to learn what kind of hitter you are. That helped me a lot. I’ve done a really good job and I feel great.”

There are more quotes from those guys (and others) in Sheldon’s piece, so I encourage you to read the entire thing.

Is it a coincidence that the two Reds players who are having career years at the plate in 2017 both give Votto a measure of credit for their improvement?

7 Responses

  1. Dave Bell

    Something to bear in mind when people start arguing for trading Votto and his contract.

  2. James H.

    Cozart: “…you’re getting pretty good at that.”
    Votto’s: “You know how you get to Carnegie Hall, don’t ya? Practice.”

  3. Scott Carter

    So if more of the youngsters listen and learn from him, Joey’s value to the Reds team may even continue past the time of his contract.

  4. Scott Carter

    Bailey should have come back this year in the same way John Smoltz came back after surgery in a relief role. I would not mind seeing Bailey in that role this year although I think he is still a starter. The reason he didn’t, I believe, is because of the inflexibility of Reds management. May be Price, maybe the FO or maybe Bailey balked at that seeing what they have done with Chapman, Iglesias, and Lorenzen. IMO they looked and said well we have Iglesias and Lorenzen and Storen for the end of the game, we dot’s need Bailey there. Of course starting pitching has been the issue for the Reds but a forward thinking management could have said, “Let’s see what Lorenzen can do starting.” Which probably would have been better than the “A” team. (Arroyo and Adleman)

  5. Tom

    The Reds offense is good enough to win a lot of games, if they had moderately decent pitching. Joey is a huge factor, both as an individual contributor as well as a leader and mentor.

    In addition to leading MLB in OBP, OPS, and Walks, he also leads in most times reaching base and most games played. Those are counting stat that means something because it means he’s proficient and he plays everyday. He also leads or is near the top on a ton of Sabremetics.

  6. Da bear

    Let’s not get overly carried away….Cozart this year made a major switch to his approach, resting the bat on his shoulder to relax prior to the pitch – he copied a couple guys on the opposing team during spring training games, they might have been Indians or Blue Jays? References were made in earlier RLN postings….