It’s said that baseball is a game of famous statistics. The mention of 56 is one of those iconic numbers any baseball fan can assign meaning without further explanation. That’s the number of consecutive games in 1941 that Joe DiMaggio got a base hit. Of the thousands of individuals who have played major league baseball, DiMaggio’s streak stands as the longest.

Ted Williams is the sole owner of the record for consecutive games reaching base twice, having done so 20 times in 1948. Tonight, Joey Votto had a chance to tie Williams, but only reached base once in four plate appearances. He was on deck when the Reds recorded their final out of the 9th inning. Votto had singled his first PA.

Votto will just have to start another streak.

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Homer Bailey got off to a bad start. He gave up opposite field poke singles to the first two hitters, then he walked Kris Bryant before Anthony Rizzo’s grand slam. It’s hard to believe given that fact pattern, but Bailey actually had good stuff. His fastball was 95-96 from the start and he had good command. Bailey’s pitch to Rizzo was at the bottom of the strike zone. In 5.2 innings of work (season-high 109 pitches) Bailey struck out ten and gave up two more runs and four more hits. In the fifth inning, after walking Kyle Schwarber, Bailey struck out Bryant, Rizzo and Alex Avila.

Kevin Shackelford (28) relieved Bailey and retired the four batters he faced in the 6th and 7th. Two of the outs were Ks of Schwarber and Bryant. Wandy Peralta pitched a clean 8th inning.

With Michael Lorenzen and Raisel Iglesias unavailable, the Reds bullpen was a little short. Bryan Price left Peralta in to pitch the 9th. Peralta gave up a hit and a walk. After an out advanced the runners to second and third, Price summoned Blake Wood. After a huge strikeout, Wood bounced his first pitch to Kris Bryant. The ball got away from Tucker Barnhart and the winning run scored.

Phillip Ervin, who entered the game for Jesse Winker on the Bailey-Shackleford double-switch, drilled his first home run for the Reds to left field. It was also Ervin’s first major league hit. Juan Francisco was the last Reds player to homer for his first hit. That was in 2009.

Zack Cozart followed Ervin’s home run with a blast of his own, to deep left field. Cozart’s 17th homer of the year. 17 long ones is a career best for the reds shortstop, one more than last year. Cozart’s home run drove in Billy Hamilton.

Adam Duvall tied the game in the 8th inning with a dramatic, two-out pinch hit home run to left center field. It was his 28th of the season. Duvall drove in Eugenio Suarez, who doubled to lead off the inning. Suarez should be batting first in the lineup.

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  1. Broseph

    Did the Cubs deploy the four-man outfield again? Didn’t see the game, but gameday has Votto having several hard liners that were caught tonight.

    • Broseph

      Shame, especially with Votto due up first in the 10th, and to have it go out on a wild pitch.

      Would’ve been possibly the top highlight of the season for Votto to match or surpass his hero.

  2. Geoff

    Blake Wood should never pitch in a tight game period

  3. joshtrum

    When Blake Wood came into the game, I just about lost it. Don’t get me wrong. I think Wood is a good go to when you’ve got padding, or need a long man who can get beat, but in a high leverage situation, when a win is on the line, your best pitcher should come in right? I’ve read articles that laud Price for his “bullpen revolution”. While it’s refreshing to see multi-inning saves, or good relievers coming in early, fact of the matter is, back to the wall, Price is a traditional/old school guy. I’ve said enough, let’s hope we get a win tomorrow.


      I didn’t lose it but I knew he’d probably lose it.

  4. GreatRedLegsFan

    Price’s management of bullpen has been one of the worst I’ve ever seen – I miss Dusty!

    • Da bear

      Dusty could be bad, but he NEVER wasted an Iglesias or Lorenzen on stupid one out, low leverage situations like Price does. He’s wasted Rasiel SEVERAL times when Reds have been losing by SEVERAL runs to get him work…which happened because of a lack of ‘save’ situations. ANY ONE RUN or TIED ballgame is a high leverage situation that warrants using your best pitcher, more so than any THREE RUN game – save or no save. He is used Lorenzen to get one friggin’ out when Reds were getting shelled….he did the same with Iglesias last week. Stupid is as stupid manages.

  5. GreatRedLegsFan

    Last night’s HR by Cozart travelled 430 ft. He battled a 7-pitches AB until he got the pitch he was looking for. He made it look so easy. I’m really gonna miss this guy if finally leaves.

  6. Redsfan48

    I would hit Cozart first and Suárez second, but similar concept.

    • Scotly50

      I like Votto leading off, or second. But the down side to that is Cozart would see far fewer strikes, as he does following Votto.

  7. tralfaz

    Price’s logic in this case is as strong as that employs with his thinking that a fast guy must hit lead off (even if he doesn’t get on base much) and the catcher must hit eighth.

    • james garrett

      Get use to it because Price will be back and Billy will lead off and Tucker will bat 8th.

      • TR

        I’m afraid your prediction will come true.

  8. big5ed

    Homer threw first-pitch strikes to 21 of the 27 hitters he faced, but walked 5 in 5 2/3 innings, and threw under 58% of his total pitches (63 of 109) for strikes. After the first pitch, then, he threw only 42 strikes from 82 pitches. That is awful.

    I don’t see any difference between HB and the hordes of younger pitchers–Davis, Stephens, Romano, Stephenson, Reed, Garrett–who can’t control the ball or command the strike zone. The big difference is that Homer is about 7 years older than them, so it is fair to wonder if he is LESS likely to establish command than the others.

    Yeah, yeah, he’s been injured and away from the game. But the TJ surgery was almost 27 months ago. Start pitching like a major leaguer already. They have to keep rolling him out there for the rest of the season, but unless he makes drastic improvement, he’s going to pitch his way into the bullpen. Maybe he could succeed in Lorenzen’s role.

    The good news is that he is clearly frustrated, and clearly wants to do better. It is just not clear to me that he can pull it off.

    • james garrett

      Homer’s walks are the difference right now as it is with anybody that gives up a bunch of free passes.They extend innings,cause more pitches to be throw and turn the lineup over and gets him out of the game earlier.Walks are good only if our hitters are doing it.I fell as long as he keeps his velocity then he will be fine going forward provided he gets his command back.He competes and he cares but almost two years removed from surgery and other stuff halting his comeback have set him back some.

  9. IndyRedMan

    The Reds are 8-32 since April in games involving Blake Wood. He’s gotta go!! He should’ve been gone already? I’m sure they could find someone from Lville (Hernandez?) that can put up a 1.50 whip and throw the ball everywhere but over the plate.

    On a positive note…agree w/James G on Homer. I didn’t watch much between their grand slam and Duvall tying the game, but he did have his velocity and 10Ks is encouraging.

  10. james garrett

    I agree Steve and letting your best pitchers watch while the game is lost is another example of not putting your team in the best position to win.Madden used his best in the ninth and you can bet he didn’t want the game to go into extra innings so why not Iggy in the bottom.The team had battled back against some tough odds,in fact I didn’t even think they would score after the first,and had tied it up so lets go for it and roll the dice with Iggy and then maybe Lorenzen for a couple innings if needed.Good grief man you had em on the run and tried to extend Peralta then bring in Wood.Insane just insane.

  11. big5ed

    Kudos to Phillip Ervin for his first hit and homer. I am not sure if he will ever get the correct ball back, but it was good to see him smoke one.

    Billy just can’t hit lefties, so I don’t see any down side to letting Ervin have some starts in centerfield against lefties. And I wonder whether they will send Ervin or Kivlehan down when Schebler is ready.

    • sultanofswaff

      Good question. Ervin is the better defender, and I suspect the better hitter as well. I’m sure someone like Winker or Suarez can fill in for Joey in a pinch.

  12. sultanofswaff

    It’s nice to see Price at least have some double switch options late in the game that aren’t horrendous. Positional versatility is so imporant—Gennett, Peraza, Ervin. It’s why we need Suarez and Cozart to get reps at SS/2B/3B. Blandino would help in that respect as well……same with Schebler being able to spell Duvall vs. a tough rightie (pedestrian OPS of .700).

    Not to apologize for Homer, but he had Bryant struck out in the 1st—-the ump was really generous to the hitters. The two doink hits and that no-call really changed the complexion of the inning.

  13. Broseph

    That might be my second biggest beef with Dusty Baker and now Brian Price. First is the ridiculous overuse of the bunt. Madden just showed us really the only time a bunt is useful.

    Playing for the tie instead of playing for the win when it comes to relievers is stupid. You’re the away team, you don’t get another chance. But what if we take the lead? It’s so ridiculous.

    Here’s the question. Which would you prefer as an away team in extra inning situation?

    A) Your closer pitches in tie game against the top of the order to stay in it and go another inning?
    B) Your closer pitches when your team has a one run lead?

    Pretty easy. I trust my regular relievers with a 1-run cushion vs no cushion. But hey, math wasn’t my strong suit.

  14. Da bear

    Difference is O’s managers Schowalter has since acknowledged the error of his ways….

    • dayboy23

      Is it bad that I was less annoyed with “going for the win” than I was that they weren’t putting their best out there for the chance to get Votto another at bat. At this point in the season 1 win doesn’t do much. But Votto had a shot at history. That is why I yelled at the tv. Not because putting in Wood lowered our chances of winning, but it lowered the chance that Votto gets one more at bat.