Devin Mesoraco simply can’t catch a break. (No pun intended.)

Mesoraco took a pitch off his left foot in the second inning against the Chicago Cubs last night. The Reds revealed today that the foot is broken, and Mesoraco will miss three to six weeks:

Mesoraco, who returned to Cincinnati on Tuesday to meet with team doctors, will wear a protective boot and will be on crutches for “some time,” Price said. Then he will shed the crutches while keeping the boot for another stretch of time.

“I imagine he will be re-examined after a few weeks in the boot, and see how the healing is going before we can define if there is any possibility if he comes back and plays this year,” Price said. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”

If you don’t feel bad for Mesoraco, I don’t understand you. This guy has a breakout year in which he made an All-Star team and established himself as a cornerstone of the franchise. Since, he suffered injury after injury, has worked like crazy to get healthy each time…and then he has a setback every single time.

From a practical standpoint, Zach Buchanan notes a serious issue caused by Mesoraco’s untimely injury:

A more pressing concern for the Reds is catcher depth. Both Barnhart and rookie catcher Stuart Turner have wives expecting children at the end of the month. Turner’s son is due Aug. 30, and Barnhart and his wife plan to induce birth for their son a day later if he hasn’t yet arrived.

Both will take three-day paternity leave, and the Reds do not have another catcher on the 40-man roster.

This 2017 season just keeps getting better and better and better.


I know what some are saying: money, money, blah blah blah. Whatever. Mesoraco is a good guy, and this is terrible news.

Don’t be like the guy giving out hot takes below. We’re better than that at the Nation, right?

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    • mariners77

      Agreed, what a shame. Poor guy, seems almost like he’s jinxed. In some ways he’s the baseball analog of Tyler Eifert – great guy with the ability to contribute at a high level, but just takes one body blow after another.

      Here’s hoping he can heal quickly and get back on the field!

  1. sandman

    This is unbelievable how snake bitten this guy has been. The “hot take” from that guy is just as unbelievable. Making it sound as if Mes is getting injured on purpose. As if Mes is lazy. Mr. Kelly has really ticked me off with that ridiculous comment. He needs to be educated or something. If Kelly doesn’t believe that Mes is getting injured on purpose then he must believe that a guy/player should play the game with one leg and one arm. “Oh, they’re being paid a ton of money, so they should play regardless of the injury”. Life just ain’t cutting Devin any breaks (no pun intended either) right now.

  2. Sliotar

    I want to give credit where it’s due. I think Steve is the one who says, “let’s not assign intent, what’s in a player’s head.” Good rule of thumb. If a player dogs it on the field, he deserves every respectful criticism he gets. Otherwise, assume they are trying their best.

    This game is hard. Only 1,000 guys (including AAAA/AAA types) in a world of 7 billion are specialized enough to even be considered MLB-worthy and even then, look how injuries can derail a career like Mesoraco’s.

    (I like the sport of cricket, but there is no way any of them could play in MLB.)

    Sometime (Chad?) wrote a post a while back titled, “Mesoraco is key to rebuild.”

    We may never find out at this rate, one way or another.

  3. GreatRedLegsFan

    Not the first one and certainly not the last one to loose his career to injuries

  4. GreatRedLegsFan

    Genett can catch those few days

    • Eric

      1st reaction: *chuckle*

      2nd reaction: Um…wait, yeah…why not?

  5. jazzmanbbfan

    Who is John Kelly and who cares? Mesoraco has been a disappointment but not of his own doing. Injuries happen in sports. I feel badly for him.

    • sandman

      Jazzmanbbfan, ultimately, I agree with you about Kelly. I get what you’re saying about him. But what gets me is how (please forgive me) dumb some people can be. I hope Mr. Kelly isn’t a teen bcuz I would feel bad saying this stuff about a kid. But at least his statement would make a little more sense if it came from an underage person. I really hope that an adult would be more educated than this.

  6. Eric

    Somebody go get Corky Miller out of moth balls.

    Yes, I feel bad for Devin. He’s trying. Injuries happen. They just seem to keep happening to *him* and for some, that’s a sign from God that it’s time to do something different.

  7. Nate

    Feel bad for Mez and that is an interesting situation about the paternity leave. Will be interesting to see what they do there. Between his shoulder, hips, foot and whatever else, I wonder if any team like the A’s for example will look at Mez as an experiment at first base/DH in the future.