Reds pitching has been a cure for whatever ails an opponent’s struggling offense. Before this series, the Brewers had gone 14 games without scoring more than 4 runs. They managed 23 in this 3-game series. The Brewers have already hit 33 home runs against the Reds this year. That’s an all-time record for Milwaukee against any opponent. Six games remain between the two clubs in 2017.

The Reds head to Chicago for a four-game series with the stupid, first-place Cubs.

Cincinnati Reds 4 • Milwaukee Brewers 7 || Box || Play Log || Statcast

Sal Romano pitched five innings, one too many. He gave up seven runs on nine hits. He struck out six and only walked one. If Romano ends up in the Reds rotation long term, these starts will prove to be valuable experience for him.

Tim Adleman pitched a clean 6th inning with a strikeout.

Robert Stephenson, who was activated from the DL today, pitched the 7th. He navigated the heart of the Brewers lineup giving up only a walk. Stephenson hit a batter in the 8th but was otherwise dominant. Really good slider and fastball. If the Reds had decided to use Stephenson this way (long relief instead of starting) for his first appearance, you have to wonder why they weren’t willing to replace Romano after four.

Adam Duvall hit his 27th home run of the season, knocking in Joey Votto who had … wait for it … walked. It wasn’t a typical Duvall homer. Not only was it to right field, but it was down the line, just clearing the fence. Duvall is on pace to surpass his breakout 2016 season when he hit 33 homers with an isolated power (ISO) of .257. His ISO this year is .267 right now.

Speaking of Joey Votto, he had two walks. Yes, he failed to add to his hitting streak which had reached 17 games. But Votto did extend his Reds modern-day record of games getting on base at least twice.

Tucker Barnhart twice missed extra-base hits down the right field line by inches. Both times two runners were on base. Barnhart did have two singles.

Jesse Winker‘s first inning error snapped the Reds streak of nine error-free games.

Amir Garrett pitched for the Louisville Bats this afternoon. He pitched 5.1 innings giving up two runs. Garrett walked four and struck out five.

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  1. james garrett

    Hopefully when the rosters expand we get to see all of our young guys in various roles.By that I mean start some and use the others to come in after 4 or 5 innings as you suggested could have happened today.Lets be creative and see as much of these young guys as possible


      The Reds will be facing some teams fighting for playoff spots down the stretch. Teams will expect the Reds to field a competitive lineup to provide some fairness to all. Forgetting that, How about sitting Votto, Cozart Suarez, Duvall, Iglesias as we know what they can do. We can play every prospect in their place. The fans will learn something.

      • Still a Red

        I know Meso is well liked on this page and I understand given the point of this post, people would like to give Turner more playing time…but why sideline Barnhart. No he doesn’t have a lot of power, but he does have a nice swing and can drive the ball, his defense is said to be good (I’ve not checked his stats), and he supposedly works well with the pitchers and gets kudos for calling a game. If people are looking to trade him, let him increase his value by continuing to play. Barnhart is longer term, if Meso can’t regain his breakout year.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        I agree Jim and I would be shocked if much of the roster wasn’t sent through waivers. Also wouldn’t be surprised if none were claimed.

  2. Sliotar


    I think you are dead on regarding the Reds current dilemma.

    The rebuild of the starting pitching is no where close to polished, no youngster can seize and hold a spot (other than Castillo) and the Asher Wojciechowski/Tim Adleman’s, and their 2 HRs allowed per 9 are no fit in Great American Ball Park.


    All of the above are starters, 30 and older, free agents this off-season and on course for 2.0 WAR or more (Estrada already at 2.1). Feldman, Lynn and others are at 1.0 or higher currently.

    I am firmly in the “sort until your homegrown talent is ready, even that isn’t until 2020” camp, but between the FS Ohio deal, the BAM MLB media money and these names, the Reds could spend $15M a year (at least) per guy and quick fix the SP for a year or two.

    The opportunity is there. How do the Castellinis, Dick Williams and (ugh) Walt Jocketty see it? The multi-million dollar question.

    • Sliotar

      Not that they would spend on 4 or 5 guys.


      DeSclafani/Finnegan (whoever is healthy) (???)

      Feldman/Kids as 6th/7th starters/injury replacements.

      You only need to squint slightly to see 81 or more wins with a stabilized rotation.

      • Sliotar

        And, of course, I forgot Lorenzen.

        My point is, though, that all the injuries/youngsters/Lorenzen conversion make it a crapshoot that the starting rotation comes together significantly infernally in 2018.

        Signing a veteran stabilizer would be tempting to Castellini, IMO, if he thinks they can compete for a wild card spot next season. They are out there and will be available.

  3. TR

    With a month and a half to go, the starting rotation should be Bailey, Castillo, Stephenson, Romano and either Garrett or Reed. Come ST we’ll see if DeSclafani and Finnegan are physically able to pitch. Winning at this point is not important but finding out the starting rotation for 2018 and beyond is important.

  4. Derek Bryant

    Bailey, Stephenson, Romano, Garrett and Reed have shown that they cannot pitch. Reds need to move on from each one. The rebuild will take longer. No way Cashner leaves the Rangers to go to the Reds. Rangers want him back.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Stephenson: age 24; Romano 23 going on 24; Garrett 25 but late start due to basketball; Reed 24. Not ready to give up on them yet. Maybe I’m crazy but I still think Bailey will be serviceable and the Reds are saddled with the contract so they need to continue to work with him to improve.

  5. IndyRedMan

    They’re stuck w/Bailey for 2 more years. He may get it together somewhat? He def won’t be top of the rotation but maybe Feldman like? I’d be happy w/4.50 ish era from him. The free agents are pretty sketchy imo! We desperately need Lance Lynn but he probably gets a huge offer from someone. He’ll be 31 next year and has always been overweight. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was a scrub or out of the game by 2020. Alex Cobb? Nobody they could afford comes without a lot of risk!

    If you look at his stuff then making Peralta a starter might make more sense then Lorenzen. Or both of them? Peralta throws hard and has a great changeup and adequate curve. Why not? They need a lefty badly and Reed/Garrett haven’t stepped up.

    • IndyRedMan

      Its not just coming back from years on rehab but changing his whole approach as a pitcher. Previously he was throwing 95 when the average fb was 91 and now he’s throwing at the same speed as almost everyone else, so he’s not exactly a power pitcher any longer. Stephenson was up to 96 yesterday but I only saw 92-93 in his starts. They have to hit corners more and change speeds. Stephenson was really on point yesterday. Slider sweeping away but on the corner often enough and fastball on the inside corner and jamming them. Romano throws harder but has much farther to go. I think Mahle will factor in somewhere? He has better control then Stephenson and has about the same velocity.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      I would love to see both Lorenzen and Peralta get an opportunity to start but if I were a betting man I would guess only Lorenzen gets a shot at it. Hope I’m wrong though. I was unimpressed with Peralta when they brought him up last year and was mildly surprised he was on the team this year. He’s made a believer out of me though.

  6. jazzmanbbfan

    Given his success in the field at 3B, I would also likely prefer to stay there if it was me. Also, I still remember how awful he was at SS, not that he couldn’t get better. I would rather the devil I know (he can definitely play 3B) vs. the devil I don’t (can he become a good SS?).

  7. IndyRedMan

    Suarez is a professional and he obviously put in a ton of work to become a good 3B. He could do the same in a return to SS. That’s my preference because Scooter can hit righties! You add Senzel to 3B and that would give the Reds one of the best offensive infields in mlb! They could use Cozart’s $ to get a starter! The offense will be dangerous but they can’t be forced to score 6-7 runs every night to win!

  8. james garrett

    Billy and Peraza can’t continue to be regulars if the Reds are to improve their offense.We need guys that get on base or have power or both and they have neither.Winker can join Adam and Scott in the outfield and Senzel joins Suarez,Scooter and Joey in the infield.Gives us 8 guys with Tucker that can get on base at or above league average and 7 of them will hit between 15 to 30 homers.Everybody else can battle to take a spot from these guys.

  9. james garrett

    One other thing.My line up does hurt us defensively of course.However while we improve our starting pitching we will have to outscore people.We play 81 games at home and we must not let anybody come in here and beat us up by out homering us.

  10. wizeman

    Has anybody ever suggested that Senzel could be a centerfielder. If so… I must have missed it. Doesn’t he score as average to below average in foot speed.
    Just wondering and certainly might be incorrect.

  11. james garrett

    My gut tells me if they sign Billy and it was posted on here that it would be around 6 million then he remains a starter and not in a utility role.In my world because I don’t pay the Reds bills he would be great at it.