“It’s like watching a pre-season football game.” – Chris Welsh, 6th inning

Reds win by an extra point.

Cincinnati Reds 11 • Milwaukee Brewers 10 || Box || Play Log || Statcast

Homer Bailey made his tenth start tonight and went 5 innings. He threw 102 pitches which matched his high mark of season. It’s the fourth time he’s given up 2 or fewer runs. Bailey didn’t pitch that well in the early innings, with the Brewers hitting the ball hard. But as the game wore on, Bailey mixed his pitches and located them with effect. He’s learning how to get batters out without his top velocity fastball. Bailey walked five and struck out five.

Blake Wood entered the game to pitch the 6th inning. He didn’t record an out and gave up five runs. In his defense, the first four hits off him were soft. The last one wasn’t. His ERA went from 3.69 to 4.53. Michael Lorenzen came in to relieve Wood and was anything but sharp. He gave up a couple more soft hits and a walk to load the bases. The Brewers then scored two runs on a wild pitch and ground ball out.

Wandy Peralta, pitching for the third game in a row the first time in his career, retired the Brewers in order in the 7th. Raisel Iglesias worked out of trouble in the 8th and gave up a solo homer in the 9th before closing the door.

When you score 10 runs, there are a lot of offensive heroes. Zack Cozart hit his 15th home run of the season. He had two other hits and a walk. Eugenio Suarez had three singles and two walks. Suarez’s on-base percentage is .368. He should be leading off.

Joey Votto had a single (16 game hitting streak) and three walks. He leads the majors in OBP and OPS. Tucker Barnhart blasted a homer to deep CF to give the Reds an insurance run in the top of the 7th. Jesse Winker had a double and a single. He’d make a good leadoff hitter, too. Billy Hamilton had two walks.

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  1. kmartin

    Votto seems to go through these extended periods of games where for most of the games he gets on base at least three times. The guy is amazing.

    • Jim Walker

      Duvall is scuffling a bit right now which makes teams even more likely to work around Votto. Maybe time to flip Suarez and Duvall for at least several games?

  2. kmartin

    Votto reminds me somewhat of Frank Thomas who played for the Chicago White Sox. Thomas was one of my favorite players in the nineties. Thomas hit more home runs, but they are very similar in OBP and SLG. Thomas for his career was .419 and .555 while Votto is .426 and .542. Very disciplined hitters who got lots of extra base hits.

    • VaRedsFan

      Big Hurt fan too. Not until this year (and 2010), has Votto looked more like Thomas.
      His HR power has taken back off again this year

  3. Jeff Morris

    Price should have brought in Wandy Peralta to face Thames, to get the Lefty vs Lefty matchup. Not sure the stats Thames has on LHP vs RHP, but he has been a Reds killer this year…and Wandy is great vs lefties. Not sure what Price was thinking???

    • bouwills

      Price might have been thinking, “I wonder why Williams gave away Cingrani & so limited me to a single lh option out of the bullpen ?”. Anyway, I know that’s what I’m thinking. Since the ASB, Peralta has more appearances than any of the Reds relievers.

      • VaRedsFan

        Getting rid of Tony did more good for this team than keeping him

      • bouwills

        You’re missing the point. It’s not about Cingrani. It’s about the Reds not having a replacement to do Cingrani’s job when they let him go. They didn’t promote Garrett, Reed, or even Guillon to give Price another LH option out of the bullpen. Nor did they acquire a prospect worthy of the Reds doing without an important piece of what has been a decently effective bullpen this season.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Garrett and Reed have been pretty awful in AAA so I can’t see how they would have been a viable option here. I agree with VAREDSFAN that Tony more than likely would have thrown more gas on the fire.

      • spaulson50@gmail.com

        Reed has actually pitched better in AAA but he still can’t “control” the amount of walks he gives up. I don’t miss Cin-granny for one second.

      • bouwills

        Hard for me to believe that you don’t get it. Peralta has pitched in 4 of the last 7 games. Price has almost no options in facing left-handed hitters in the next couple games. This is not lost on the Brewers & is an added advantage for them. By the way Dodgers have a highly ranked bullpen & added Cingrani to it. Too bad they can’t analyze relievers as well as some on this site.

      • james garrett

        I agree we need two lefties and at one point we had three but Price has said he doesn’t look so much at the lefty righty thing.However as that inning got uglier and uglier and with Thames spot coming up one would wonder why he didn’t have him ready to come in.


        Price is not an idiot. Cingrani stinks. Peralta has done a nice job this year. The Reds have bigger pitching issues than another left handed pitcher in the bullpen.

  4. GreatRedLegsFan

    I hope Price nor Wood will be around next season

  5. VaRedsFan

    3 straight days pitched for a reliever is now newsworthy. How soft are pitchers today…our is it just “our” pitchers.

  6. Derek B.

    A team that is nearly 20 games under 500 doesn’t miss a pitcher like Cingrani or an extra left handed. Season is over.

  7. Tom

    What would this team do without Tucker Barnhart? I know, I know … We are in last place anyway. But honestly, he’s turned into a hell of a catcher and a good hitter.

    • cfd3000

      Agreed. There have actually been some really solid players on this team (though Votto has been, like, three of them) – Cozart, Suarez, Duvall and Barnhart at least. And Hamilton in center and Gennett against righties are all stars as well. With Mesoraco down and possibly out Tucker has been HUGE. I hope he’s behind the Reds dish for a while.

      • james garrett

        Tucker has to play because we have no one better but when you add in Peraza,Billy and the pitcher’s spot every night then we have 4 guys with no power at all.That’s a concern in our park going forward.

  8. james garrett

    Just lip service on his part otherwise Billy would not be leading off.


    The Reds are a last place team. The everyday lineup means nothing except to determine which players are keepers. It is OK to have Hamilton batting leadoff through the end of the season to determine if his combination of defense, speed and below average hitting are worth keeping long term. Having a CF player bat 8 th is the waste of a position that should provide more offense. Unless something changes the Reds may choose to trade Hamilton in the off season and move on to another option in CF. Given the situation I would continue to bat Hamilton leadoff to get a complete picture of his value. Putting some one at leadoff with no speed does not make much sense either. Without Hamilton the Reds have very little speed.

    • TR

      I’d prefer an OBP guy like Winker leading off followed by Votto, of course that won’t happen if Price is still the manager. If Hamilton is still around in 2018 his speed will work just as well lower in the batting order.

      • Derek B.

        Winker has shown nothing to warrant being placed at lead off. I do not see the optimism about him. Winker and Lorenzen are spares.

      • Indy Red Man

        We get it….Votto is a spare in your world so of course a guy like Winker (led AAA in obp) is a scrub too. Try to find someone on the team that you can tolerate. I can be negative too but cmon?

  10. Jim Walker

    Good to see the Reds maintain their cool in the midst of a tension packed game where the opponent had everything to play for and the Reds nada. Hopefully some learning going on for the players as well as the org.

    • brunsfam

      There you go! Good post. Playing for some pride in a game that has some intensity. Guys came through and some clutch hitting. Can’t say enough about Homer as a battler.

      We’ll need to score 10 every night to keep up with the Brew crew – they can hit top to bottom.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        It took him 102 pitches to get through 5 innings but I agree that Homer battled and looked much better the last couple of innings he was out there. Good for him. Recently the Brewers have been unable to score runs (32 in the 14 games prior to last night) so apparently they haven’t been hitting. Nothing like a little Reds’ pitching to cure that though.

  11. Indy Red Man

    They’re back up to 11th in total runs in mlb. They were 19th before the last homestand. Its the pitching as usual…..dead last all year long. I think they need to make up something and put Lorenzen on the DL for 10 days atleast. He’s not right and his velocity is way down. Bring up Mahle or Reed and give them a shot!

  12. Tom

    Price was a great pitching coach. The Reds now have a mediocre manager and lost Price as a great pitching coach. The Reds need to spend the cash to get the best pitching coaches from Rookie Ball through the minors and up the the MLB club. The failure to develop pitching is atrocious. I don’t blame Price (totally) for this. It’s an organizational issue.

  13. james garrett

    I am for bringing up any pitcher and giving them a shot.Makes better since then starting Feldman today in my opinion because we learn nothing about him that we don’t already know after what 12 years in the big leagues.Another game closer to the end of a season where we have found out little about our young pitchers.