A silver lining of a nuclear war with North Korea would be not having to write recaps for Reds games like this.

Cincinnati Reds 3 • San Diego Padres 7 || Box || Play Log || Statcast

Sal Romano started and was hit hard. He gave up five runs in five innings on nine hits and two walks. He struck out two. It was Romano’s 8th start. He’s yet to go more than 6 innings. Romano’s ERA is 5.35 and xFIP is 5.20. But he’s getting valuable experience facing major league hitters.

Drew Storen gave up a 2-run homer in his inning of work. Storen has been right at replacement level this year, no better. Austin Brice, making his first appearance since July 5, pitched a clean 8th inning with a strikeout. Brice (25) was the second player the Reds received in the Dan Straily deal with the Marlins. He also pitched the 9th, giving up only a walk.

Tucker Barnhart hit a 3-run homer in the 7th inning.

Joey Votto drew his 85th walk in the first inning. He leads the major leagues in that category, as well as walk-rate at 17.5%. He’s also in the top ten in MLB in isolated power. Votto also singled. Jesse Winker had two hits and a walk. Jose Peraza had two hits and two (!) walks.

Billy Hamilton had a Billy Hamilton night. He struck out, softly grounded into a double play with bases loaded, made a great catch climbing the CF wall, poked a single to right, got thrown out stealing, made another catch diving into the right-center gap, popped out to first base and flew out to right.

Scooter Gennett entered the game hitting .244/.286/.384 (72 wRC+) since the All-Star break. That’s below the career average that got him cut by the Brewers. Gennett’s handedness split is astronomical. His wRC+ against RHP is 149 and against LHP is just 34. With his negative defense, there’s no way he should start against LHP. Gennett had a hit (against a LHP!) in four at bats tonight.

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  1. mrho

    Steve you are smarter than Price. Would a platoon of Peraza/ Gennett work or since Peraza is showing signs of being able to get a walk, should he get his 2B job back since he’s got more upside (not to mention going to be cheaper going forward)? Neither one is anything to write home about as a defender but Peraza is more likely to improve defensively than Gennett considering their ages.

    • Jeff Morris

      You always do a great job on the Reds Recaps here. You are a very smart man, Steve. I think the Reds not only need to thing about their Pitching for next year, on which of these youngsters can pitch at this level, and which cannot pitch at this level, but they got to start thinking about their hitting as well. I need to look at the stats, but since the all star break, it seems they are not hitting as well. I just don’t think Billy Hamilton is ever going to hit very well. He is a great asset out in center field, but a big liability at the plate. Jury is out on Peraza…Also, it remains to be seen on Schebler vs Winker in RF. Also…will Reds resign Cozart in the off season. Who will be full time catcher next year…Barnhart or Mesaraco? How will Suarez do next year? Just like the Pitching questions? Also…the Reds have regular players questions as well? They may not have a set lineup for a couple years? Pitchers and regular players are having tryouts to see who can hold down a position, and make things more stable for the Reds.

    • IndyRedMan

      Scooter needs a platoon or maybe just resign Cozart and make him a Ben Zobrist type floater when Senzel arrives. Barnhart needs a platoon as well….maybe find a LH hitting catcher for Lville when Meso is on the DL. Winker sees his first lefty tonite. He’s been ok vs lefties in the minors but zero power. A lot of decisions to be made but you’re right about the Reds braintrust. They’re always a tad slow to extremely slow to acknowledge the obvious!

  2. Scotly50

    It is my belief that Peraza is our 2B/SS of the future not Gennett.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Gennett is not the future starter at second. A commenter earlier today suggested a Ben Zobrist-type role for him — fill-in at numerous positions as Gennett was doing earlier this year. I think that’s an ideal role. His infield defense is below-par for an everyday starter, and he can’t hit lefthanders.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Peraza has come on strong since his “benching.” As others have pointed out, his plate discipline has improved noticeably.

    • TR

      A much too serious situation for me to laugh at.

    • big5ed

      That triple he hit over the center fielder’s head last night was an optical illusion.

    • Aaron Bradley

      I like good hitting pitchers and if he can develop that way, go for it. Pitching is an art but there is a lot of resting of the arm and the young man wants to play ball not sit around 4 days a week waiting. I don’t see the harm if that’s what he wants to do.

    • big5ed

      Lotta hate here for a guy who turned 18 just 3 days ago.

      1.Don’t be fooled by batting average. The LA Mission League is almost certainly the best high school league in the country.

      2. What is the downside of letting him get as many ABs as possible, even if he is a pitcher at the MLB level? Would you prefer he hit like Sal Romano, or Madison Bumgarner? The more ABs he gets through the minors, the better hitter he will be at the MLB level.

      3. What has he been doing? Greene’s high school season had ended some time ago, and he signed on the last day, so he couldn’t very well pick up his gear and start playing the next day. He went to Arizona, worked out and got ready, and then went up to Billings.

      4.I hope that we aren’t lumping every black SoCal kid in with LeVar Ball.

  3. Chuck Schick

    If a nuclear war occurs, the larger markets are likely to be taken out first. Bud Selig couldn’t get a salary cap, but Kim Jung Un could give us payroll parity

    • big5ed

      But San Francisco is Kim’s first target, and the Giants are worse than the Reds.

    • IndyRedMan

      That would give a whole new meaning to this annual headline

      “Reds struggle in West coast meltdown”

  4. Geoff

    Let’s face it other than Castillo none of these young pitchers are good. Mahle is the only one that might pan out. This is a lost franchise guys… this rebuild is a joke. The Reds can’t develop starting pitching at all.

    • spaulson50@gmail.com

      I would agree. Maybe Garrett but Castillo is the only one so far. They should have make a play for Sonny Gray.

    • Chuck Schick

      Your view of things varies dramatically from game to game.

      • David

        There is talent among the young guys. The question is who will actually learn from their major league experience and grow into being a solid starting pitcher. Lorenzen struggled two years ago, then had elbow problems. Last year he was very good. This year he has taken it upon himself to do something funky with his delivery, and now the coaching staff is trying to work him out of it.
        Will Romano, Reed, Stephenson, etc. learn more about pitching and develop, or be stubborn and obstinate (for example, Tony Cingrani)? This so-called sorting process is all about that. You can’t teach a player to throw a 95 mph fast ball, he almost has to be born with that. But you can start from there, and teach them to change speeds with a slider, curve, splitter, sinker, change-up, something. Don Gullet started with just his fastball. He had very thick wrists, and could not throw a slider that was differentiated from his fastball very well. He eventually learned a knuckle curve as a change of speed pitch.
        It will take a while.

  5. kphilippe

    Very few pitchers achieve success right out of the gates. This guy would have probably been tossed aside. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/s/scherma01.shtml

    And yeah, there are some with similar numbers that don’t make it, but being a pitcher is a bit of a meat grinder. Some will make it, most won’t. But a few games, or even a full year, isn’t enough to determine who will figure it out.

    • big5ed

      There are tons and tons of examples. Corey Kluber was a rookie at age 26.

      Of course, there are also tons of examples of guys like Sal Romano who were working for their father-in-law at age 31, as well. But you are correct that time will tell.

    • james garrett

      Your last sentence says it all.Fans like us tend to anoint them or throw them under the bus which of course is foolish on our part.Problem is the Reds are doing the same thing partly because they realize they have wasted an entire year.Some of these guys should have already started 15 -20 times and last I looked Garrett(remember him) was the leader with 12.Can’t fix what already happened so move on and let the young guys pitch.

  6. Derek B.

    Hunter Greene should not be traded at old. Reds should not have traded for Sonny Gray, they would have had to give up too much. Why is everyone complaining about the rebuild. This will take time several years to do it right.

    • Derek B.

      I meant Greene should not be traded at all.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I agree. Trading Greene would be as counter to the rebuild plan as any move they could make. The only benefit of all this losing is to get great young talent through the draft. You don’t draft a so-called generational player and then trade him.

      • Jack

        That’s today’s thinking Tom. They don’t want to wait for tomorrow. They want everything now. No one has patience anymore. You don’t want to draft good players and then deplete your farm system for a chance at the playoffs. This team will get better and the bandwagon will be full.

    • big5ed

      I don’t think they are allowed to trade a new signee until at least one year after the signing. Nor should they.

  7. Darrin

    I’m so tired of the word rebuild……can we use cheesesteak instead from now on? That would sound way more delicious.

    • IndyRedMan

      The Reds are always cheesesteaking so we could call them the Cheesesteak Factory!

    • Geoff

      It’s not a rebuild…. it’s just being a last place team

  8. Tom Mitsoff

    I understand that there are some effects of losing that can be advantageous, like high draft picks. But I have never in my lifetime of being a Reds (and Bengals) fan ever rooted or hoped for my team to lose any game ever. Silver linings playbook is a good way to characterize your point. If Senzel and Greene become world-beaters, and the Reds got them at number two due to being terrible, that’s the silver lining to more than 90 spoonfuls of castor oil each summer.

  9. IndyRedMan

    The Reds would have to go 27-22 to avoid their 3rd straight 90 loss season. Price was 76-86 in 2013. I don’t see how they reach .500 next year either with the pitching being so unsettled? 2019 or 2020? I think they get Mesoraco off the books for 2019 and can buyout HOmer in 2020. By then, hopefully the young guys will be producing and they can afford to bring in some key guys from somewhere?

    • Tom Mitsoff

      The Cubs, Astros and Royals all brought in veteran talent once they built their core of young mainstays during their rebuilds. Those three teams have demonstrated that as a key component of the process.