In the least surprising news you’ll read all day, the Reds have placed Zack Cozart on the 10-day DL and called up RHP Kevin Shackleford from AAA-Louisville.

It’s hard to trade a player on the disabled list. At this point, it’s time to hope Cozart can recover, get back on the field and put up a few healthy and productive weeks to restore his free agent value. Recovering from a quad injury can be a long process. Just ask Joey Votto.

Shackleford is about to take his turn soaking up middle-relief innings then cycling back to the minor leagues.

7 Responses

  1. Jack

    With Adleman pitching tonight there is a good possibility Shackleford gets into the game by at least the 5th. You know Adleman might be our best trade piece. Lol

  2. james garrett

    Won’t matter who pitches tonight because we are facing another lefty and we will probably have at least 4 or 5 guys in the lineup that can’t hit or can’t hit lefties or both.Nothing to see tonight because we all know what Aldeman can do but it may be interesting to see if Price tries to extend him a little to make sure the game gets put out of reach as soon as possible.I hope Cozy can in fact get back to playing this year and does perform well to help him get a big pay day but sadly it will have to be elsewhere.One of the last of the core guys that gave us some hope a few years ago.Go Cozy.

  3. Abdul

    No worries, the Red’s are doomed for failure for many years to come. The best thing that can happen is for the Red’s to start playing all farm team players. That way if one of them turns out to be good then the Red’s can trade them.

  4. Cincity80

    Wish they’d call up Blandino or Winker instead so I have something to look forward to. These games have been absolutely grueling to watch, I turn the tv off halfway in most of the time

    • TR

      With the Cincy/Lville shuttle operating for most of the young guys and the rebuild in stall mode, I no longer prioritize the Red’s game if something else is happening that seems more interesting. I’m not so sure how true it is, but MSN on the internet has the Reds as one of the ML teams that is losing fans. It seems to me the front office is going to have to be more open with the fans as regards the direction of the team whether that be continued rebuild mode or the dream of contending in 2018.

  5. Timmy RedLeg

    I thought about trying to push him through waivers also. But I think he is to good and to cheap for 29 teams to pass him up.

  6. Phil Gasson

    At least the offense and bullpen kept the Red’s competitive and interesting in the first half. Now they have NOTHING.