Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (41-63) 3 6 0
Miami Marlins (49-53) 7 9 0
W: Adam Conley (4-3)  L: Tim Adleman (5-9)
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Once again, a Reds starting pitcher couldn’t even make it through the fifth inning. Once again, the Reds offense couldn’t get anything going. Once again, the Reds lost. Rinse, repeat.

The team has now lost six games in a row and is 2-14 since the all-star break. Here’s how tonight’s contest went down:

The Hitters

Not much to see here. Joey Votto gave the Reds an early lead with a solo home run in the first inning, his 27th of the season. It marked his first extra-base hit since the all-star break. Per Cincinnati Enquirer beat reporter Zach Buchanan, it was Votto’s 10th long ball on the first pitch of an at-bat, a season-high for the first baseman. Adam Duvall added a solo shot in the fourth, his 23rd.

Those were the only runs the Reds could muster on the night against Marlins starter Adam Conley. The lefty shut them down otherwise, allowing only five hits and striking out seven in 7.2 innings.

Patrick Kivlehan supplied the only other extra-base hit of the night with a double in the top of the ninth inning. He scored after back-to-back ground-outs.

Also of note: Jose Peraza drew a walk (!) in the ninth inning, his eighth of the season. He’s drawn three free passes since the break.

The Hurlers

Tim Adleman had yet another poor outing, allowing six runs on six hits and four walks in only 4.1 innings. He has a 7.36 ERA over his last eight starts. At this point in the season, it’s probably well past time to stop running him out there every five days and let a young pitcher gain more major-league experience.

The home run ball was once again a problem for the right-hander. He got through the first two frames without issue but surrendered an opposite-field, three-run bomb to Christian Yelich in the third. What made the homer hurt even worse was that it came in an 0-2 count with two outs.

The Marlins struck for two more in the fifth when Adleman led the inning off by walking the opposing pitcher. Following a Dee Gordon single, Giancarlo Stanton cleared the bases with a two-run double. Stanton came around to score two hitters later on a double by Marcell Ozuna, making it a 6-2 game and ending Adleman’s night.

Asher Wojciechowski once again did a nice job in mop-up duty. He pounded the strike zone on 19 of his 27 pitches, punching out two batters and allowing only one hit in 1.2 innings.

Kevin Shackelford was recalled from Triple-A earlier in the day and made his second big-league appearance in the seventh inning. He retired his first two batters but gave up a double and a single to let the Marlins score another run. He threw a scoreless eighth, striking out two.

Not-So-Random Thoughts

— Devin Mesoraco was replaced behind the plate by Stuart Turner in the sixth inning. Mesoraco took a foul ball off his catcher’s mask the previous inning. There hasn’t been an update on whether he was removed for injury reasons, however.


— The Reds picked up another outfield assist tonight when right fielder Kivlehan threw out Marlins leadoff hitter Gordon trying to stretch a single into a double. It was the team’s 25th outfield assist of the season, tying them for the most in baseball with the White Sox and Indians. Billy Hamilton is tied with White Sox outfielder Melky Cabrera for the MLB lead with nine assists, while Duvall is second with eight.

— Reds outfield prospect Jose Siri extended his hitting streak to 34 games for the Low-A Dayton Dragons tonight. The Midwest League record is 35 games.

— Anthony DeSclafani had an outstanding rehab appearance with Dayton tonight: four innings, no runs, one hit, six strikeouts. The Dragons announced Disco is expected to make another rehab start with them.

— Adleman has now given up a homer in 12 straight starts. Yikes.

— Reds starters have only combined for 12.1 innings in this series. Double yikes.

Up Next

The Reds will look to salvage one game of the series on Sunday afternoon at 1:10 p.m. In a matchup of pitchers who were traded for each other in January, Luis Castillo (4.05 ERA, 3.70 xFIP) is scheduled to take on Dan Straily (3.84 ERA, 4.65 xFIP). That’s subject to change, however, as SB Nation’s Chris Cotillo is reporting the Marlins and Brewers are talking about a trade involving Straily.

33 Responses

  1. james garrett

    Good news on Disco and Wojo continues to show he wants to be around next year

    • Geoff

      This team will be way different next season if Disco, Homer, Finnegan, Castillo and Romano or Mahle is the rotation

  2. james garrett

    Joey is a true pro that must be dieing on the inside as he witnesses this circus.

  3. Jim Walker

    @zachenq has tweeted that Mesoraco per Reds “tweaked” a knee but it is not believed to be serious. (Pregnant pause followed by drum rimshot)

    • Chuck Schick

      ” Though it required amputation, it is not believed to be serious”

      • Chuck Schick

        Yet after Kremcheck performed a 6 hour operation to repair the dislocated patella, Mesoraco was seen leaving the hospital with his arm in a sling.

  4. TR

    Why does Price still occupy the manager’s office?

    • Chuck Schick

      I wonder if Hatcher would Interim Manage wearing his third base coach helmet?

      Would too many employment laws be violated if the Reds forced Riggleman and Hatcher to duel for the coveted interim manager slot?

    • Drew Nelson

      What could another manager do differently?

  5. Jim Walker

    They’ve reached that point where if it were possible to do so, they could bring up the 12 highest rated prospects from the minors and probably win at a better rate than they are now, even though many of those guys are still south of AA.

  6. TR

    We need a win tomorrow on get-away day to the fourth city on this road trip.

  7. Matt Wilkes

    Just from a quick search, it looks like Marquez Smith was the last Reds minor leaguer to do it in 2014. Aristides Aquino came close last year (23).


    It is impossible for any team to win with this pitching staff. It is the worst in baseball.

  9. Hanawi

    I’m assuming Adleman is only pitching until Disco is ready to rejoin the rotation. Not sure who else they would call up. Reed and Garrett have not been very good at AAA. Doubt they want to start the clock on Mahle. Maybe Stephens would be pick.

  10. Drew Nelson

    I was at tonight’s Dragon game. Disco looked good for the four innings only surrendering the lone hit but the bullpen gave up 3 over the other five for the loss. Siri crushed one late to make it 3-2 but that is how it ended in Fort Wayne.

  11. GreatRedLegsFan

    Soon the Reds will fall in the category of the “forgotten teams”: Those small market teams that played so bad baseball and didn’t reach post-season for a long time. As far as I can remember like the Pirates, Padres and Royals. This is the time when an investment group can make a low-ball offer to take over.

    • Chuck Schick

      The Reds aren’t losing money….or cash….and non of the primary owners are experiencing known financial pressures…why would they even entertain a low ball offer? Would you?

      The Business of Baseball 101: A baseball’s team value is almost entirely tied to market size, stadium terms and local media deals…..consistent on field performance is much less of a factor as better results generally equate to expenses rising at a faster rate than revenue. The Royals,over the past 4 years, are a good example.

      The only way for an investment group to extract huge amounts of additional value is if the team is poorly run and owns a lot of ancillary assets…like the Cardinals in 1995. DeWitt made a killing on parking garages owned by the Cardinals…….and was able to parlay that into privately financing the stadium, Ballpark Village and outright ownership of some of their minor league affiliates. The Cardinals are a great business success story.

      The Reds own nothing but office equipment and baseball gear. The Reds have no additional assets to derive profits and/or depreciation expenses to enhance cash flow.

      So in a nutshell, there isn’t much additional value a new ownership group could extract.

    • TR

      The investment group would have to be local in nature since that’s always been the key to keeping the Reds franchise in Cincinnati certainly since the 1930’s with Powell Crosley, and especially since the 1950’s when franchises left Boston, Philadelphia and St. Louis. I doubt the current ownership group would bail out since there’s no evidence that they’re losing money.

  12. Mike Adams

    A guy like Adleman should not pitch like a rookie.
    I pointed out in the game thread that he threw fastballs to get Yelich down 0-2. Instead of a breaking pitch on or off the corner of the plate, he throws a fastball right where hitters like them. As James Garrett said, thanks for the cookie, Adleman.
    Later he could not throw four seam fastball strikes with pitcher Conley up to bat. You would expect this from our young guys (and they have done it) but these veterans know better.
    I would rather see rookies and young pitchers learn from these mistakes and not veterans who should know how to pitch with better control.

  13. james garrett

    Not much to say but it serves no purpose to have Aldeman go out there and pitch.We are just playing out the season.May see some other guys when the roster expands but other then that well its almost over for this year.

  14. Aaron Bradley

    Votto and Iglesias should be sent packing, they serve no purpose here and would be in demand, although Vottos salary certainly limits the number of suitors, but the Red Sox need offense, and Mitch Moreland at 1B is not really cutting it.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Votto’s no trade clause nixes any deals that might be made, although I’m not in favor of trading him anyway. People here and on other boards keep talking nonsense about trading him like that’s some realistic possibility. It isn’t.

      • TR

        It is a possibility if Votto approves the trade.

      • Chuck Schick

        Yes, He would have to approve the trade…….and the Reds would need to find a team that could/would trade high end prospects, be able to add 20 million per year in payroll and somehow keep the entire thing a secret until all parties agree….I guess that’s possible….in the same way that unicorns are possible

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Votto has given no indication he would approve a trade. If he did, who needs a first baseman carrying that kind of salary? The Reds would likely have to pick up a portion of it if they were able to trade him. So at this point a trade seems unlikely due to a) no-trade clause, b) lack of market, c) who wants to commit to his salary for the next several years.

  15. TR

    A day to go on the trade deadline and the Reds are absent in the rumor department although this is not unusual during the past few years.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      At this point who are they able to trade? Cozart? DL. Feldman? DL. Schebler? He’s been pretty awful the past few weeks. Mesoraco? Nope. Storen? Not likely. Adleman? HA. Gennett? Not after other GM’s remember to look at the back of his baseball card.

      • TR

        And I forgot Duvall, Suarez and Hamilton.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        OK: see further up about Votto. He’s very unlikely to go anywhere for multiple reasons. Iglesias: what’s the asking price? Do other teams find it too high? I’m guessing yes but if they were able to trade him for the “right” package, whatever that is, fine. Duvall: he’s maybe a possibility but what level prospects would they get for him? Suarez: probably a better return than Duvall if someone needs a 3B. I haven’t heard that anyone does but I could be wrong. Hamilton–very limited value due to the fact that after this long, he’s pretty much shown he can’t hit consistently.


    I saw Adleman get lit up in Phoenix right before the ASB. I come back from Punta Mita, Mexico and see he’s still getting lit up. Reds are right on track with this rebuilding. Doh.

  17. Indy RedMan

    I studied my crystal ball last night. Reds headlines for Labor Day:

    Eleven is the unlucky number tonite as Tim Adleman takes the mound in an effort to break the Reds 11 game losing streak and his own personal 11 game losing streak. In other news, catcher Devin Mesoraco was due to come off the DL, but suffered another setback when he fractured 4 fingers in a freak Yahtzee accident with his family. The Reds think he’ll be ready to go next spring!