Yankees 9
Reds 5
Box Score

Phew, kids. I don’t even know what to say. The Reds just don’t go at all right now.

Encouraging Things

Homer was pretty solid, though he ran out of steam, at the end. It was nice to see pitch efficiency.

Joey Votto got on base 4 times, which is good. He did not make any outs, which is also good.

Suarez continues to bust out of his slump.

Adam Duvall hit a homer.

Discouraging Things

The Reds did not win at baseball. There were some errors. The Reds keep not winning and it is discouraging. I wish they would stop not winning and start winning.

Not So Random Thoughts

I was openly optimistic when this season started. It’s pretty impossible to be optimistic now. The question I’m asking myself is what does this team need in order to be good? Despite recent struggles, this is a solid team positionally. They just need pitching. I know “just” is a big thing, but lord, imagine if they were getting quality starts with ANY kind of consistency.  The Reds probably need to sign a starter this offseason. And the more money they can spend on that, the better off they’ll be.