I took in the Louisville Bats game tonight and afterwards I talked to manager Delino DeShields. He had comments on several relevant topics.

Rookie Davis started for the first time since returning from his injury today. He struggled somewhat (3 homers and 5 runs in 5 innings). DeShields didn’t think it was rust, though. He said he’s seen Rookie pitch a lot and “I think, ultimately, he’s going to have to come up with an out pitch to put guys away.” The lack of which, he says, “costs [Davis] a lot of extra pitches.”

I asked him what he’s seen from Tyler Mahle since his AAA call-up. He said, “Mahle, I think, has the best command of all the guys here.” He said he didn’t think Mahle was ready for the big leagues yet, but “I like what I see. He puts his fastball where he wants.” Mahle, it should be noted, has 5 quality starts in 6 total starts for the bats. That’s second on the team to Jackson Stephens who has 6 quality starts for the Bats this year.

I also asked about Cody Reed and Amir Garrett, who have struggled mightily of late. DeShields’ quote on them was pointed: “I just hope these guys don’t let opportunity pass them by. This is an opportune time to be a Cincinnati Reds pitcher, especially in AAA.”

On Dilson Herrera, he said, “from what I’ve been told, he’s probably done for the season.”

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  1. TR

    I hope Amir Garrett can get it together. He seemed to be in the grove at the beginning of the season and then the Reds sent him down for a time issue and then an injury followed. A good pitching staff needs at least one left hander.

  2. brunsfam

    Those comments are direct & clear. I like it!

  3. Daytonian

    Platoon! There is nothing wrong with the word “platoon.” I can remember Casey Stengel with the Yanks and Earl Weaver with the O’s platooning theri LFers. I can love a platoon with Gennett starting against RHers and Blandino or another younger prospect starting against LHers–with Gennett as a great bat off the bench. I can love that for a long, long while.

  4. David

    I think Finnegan will have role in the bullpen next year. Beyond that, I think it is like Lorenzen in 2017. Prove you are strong and healthy, and then maybe back into the rotation in 2019. He is still VERY young.
    Rookie Davis’ future may be as a reliever, if he gets to the bigs.

    Amir Garrett is hurt, but they are covering it up, I think. I would rather he just rested, but maybe continuing to work, will work through his hip injury.

    Cody Reed’s problems are between his ears. I don’t have an answer, but this has defeated a lot of promising pitchers in the past. He has a great arm, but he can’t get over the mental aspects of pitching.

    I don’t know exactly where Jackson Stephens fits in, but I would like to see him get some more ML starts this year. He doesn’t have tremendous stuff, which is what is Reed’s attraction, but he seems to have a better mental approach to pitching.

    Tyler Mahle and Luis Castillo have top of the rotation stuff. Give them time and they will become good ML starters.

    I know it looks like a forest fire now, but I think come 2018, the Reds’ starting pitching will be much better than this year.

  5. Chuck Schick

    The Mets couldn’t give away Jay Bruce over the winter…..there was absolutely no market for him. It’s amazing that Bruce makes his statement in a contract year.

    • Jack

      The Mets fans were ready to crucify Bruce after his pathetic performance in the month of May . He has rebounded well but every Met fan will tell you to trade him now while his stock is high.

  6. Ed Koverman

    I agree scooter should be playing when a right handed pitcher oppose us. I think the down time for our right handed hitters should be split between Duvall peraza cosart and suarez. If peraza is not playing a little time in Louisville to work on his pitch selection is not the worse thing that could happen

  7. DavidTurner49

    How did Herrera’s shoulder problem factor into the trade? Were the Mets honest about it or did they say he was ok?

  8. Streamer88

    You’re the man Cossack, but I disagree. I don’t look at any trade in isolation. Here’s how I think: WJ traded Bruce, Leake, Frazier and Cueto for Dilson, Duvall, Peraza, Finnegan and Reed (and others).

    You put assets in, you get them back. It’s not one hand or how much you’re up one night in Vegas but what you come home with that counts. Know what I mean?