Final R H E
Miami Marlins (43-51) 3 10 0
Cincinnati Reds (40-56) 1 4 1
W: Urena (8-4) L: Bailey (2-4)
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The Good
–Homer Bailey wasn’t great out of the gate, surrendering two runs in the first inning, but he settled down nicely. When the smoke cleared, Bailey had pitched a solid six innings, allowing just those two runs on eight hits.

–Eugenio Suarez had two hits, precisely half of the Reds’ total output. Scott Schebler reached base three times, on a walk and two HBPs.

–Billy Hamilton gunned down a runner at home with a strong throw in the sixth inning.

–Drew Storen pitched a perfect eighth inning, and looked dominant in the process. Blake Wood pitched a perfect ninth.

The Bad
–New starting second baseman Scooter Gennett committed a throwing error in the seventh that led to an unearned run.

–With the Reds down 3-1 in the bottom of the seventh inning, Suarez led off with a single and Schebler walked. Manager Bryan Price asked Tucker Barnhart to lay down a sacrifice bunt.

That’s an objectively dumb decision by Price. The Reds only had nine more outs available in the game at that point. Why give away one for free? And, of course, the Reds did not score a single run.

–Joey Votto was 0-4 with two strikeouts. He’s really scuffling since the All-Star break. I will not, however, waste one moment worrying about Votto. He’ll get it figured out, and soon.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–The game started with a nearly-two-hour rain delay, though there was almost no rain at the ballpark. Way to read the radar, guys.

–It’s generally not a good thing when Blake Wood is pitching in the ninth inning.

–I don’t know what to tell you. The Reds are struggling. Again. Maybe they’ll win tomorrow, when Robert Stephenson makes his return to Cincinnati.

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30 Responses

  1. Geoff

    Losing is accepted now. This team has quit. They aren’t mentally in the game at all. Everyone except Suarez and Barnhart look lost at the plate. Our ten year rebuilding plan for fourth place is right on schedule.

    • Drew Nelson

      Exactly how do you know this team has quit?

      • jazzmanbbfan

        I don’t think they’ve quit. My eyes aren’t telling me that anyway. And I just had cataract surgery so my eyes are better than they’ve been in years 😉

  2. J

    Aside from the fact that bunting in those generic situations is statistically likely to produce fewer runs, and aside from the fact that you’ve got a pinch-hitter who’s recently been on the DL and your weakest hitter due up next, how has Price STILL not managed to notice how infrequently this strategy works with his team? How stubborn (or dumb) does a person have to be to not pick up on such an obvious trend?

  3. Ron

    Price just doesn’t have it. From Day One, remembering his record of one run losses in 2014, he has never figured out what it takes to win a game. Whether leaving fragile pitchers in too long or just stupid lineups time after time, he is clueless. Fire him now, but I have a feeling that good old Cincinnati will welcome him back. The only place in America where anyone can fail so much and still have a job.

    • Geoff

      So true. How did Baker get fired but Price doesn’t?!

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      Have said so all year long, just fire him, name Hatcher interim manager until end of season and start hunting for a new manager right away. Who’s available out there?


    Price is bunt happy. Drives me nuts. Waste of an out. Of course, DW will tell you everything is fine. Clubhouse has good mojo. Reds are morphing into the Bengals. Mediocrity is accepted.

    • Geoff

      They are worst than the Bengals. The Bengals aren’t mediocre… six playoff berths in eight years is not mediocre. The Reds are a joke… three straight last place seasons.

  5. Chuck Schick

    Record through first 581 games as a manage:

    Joe Torre: 237-344

    Terry Francona: 263-318

    Bryan Price: 248-333

    • Chuck Schick

      A reasonable, unbiased person would conclude that even ” great” managers don’t win with inferior talent so it would be rather difficult to fairly and objectively evaluate Price’s performance.

      You seem to be violating your own terms of service with the insults and personal attacks.

      • Chuck Schick

        #2. Price is irrelevant. He’ll likely be fired at the end of the year and whomever replaces him will also have little to do with wins and losses.

    • RedAlert

      Thank you Steve ! This is par for the course for him.

    • RedAlert

      Thank you Steve ! This is par for the course or him.

  6. james garrett

    Chuck is saying it doesn’t matter about the manager and he has to have talent to win especially over a 162 games it always wins.He is right but what about this offense who at one time was 6th in runs scored and the defense and the pen which are pretty good.The biggest problem has been of course the starters which have proven to be historically worst in baseball.Bunting rarely is a good thing and last night you ask a guy who had a hit and had lined out to do it and bring up a guy just off the DL with Billy on deck.I could have forgiven the bunt if he had pinch hit for Billy.I would love to know what Price actually and truly though Billy was going to do.Lets see he did hit a sac fly earlier and I am sure everybody was amazed but the infield is always in and the outfield is always in so what is a guy with no power and strikes out a lot going to do.I gave him a thumbs up for pushing all of the right buttons with his pen the other night in the only win on this home stand now I am giving him a what are you thinking or are you thinking for the bunt and subsequent managing after the bunt.Sometimes you just have to let a man go and now is the time to let Price go.Would Joe Torre or Francona do any better?Probably not but I would enjoy discussing their in game managing and maybe just maybe they wouldn’t continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.Tired of it just tired of it.

    • Jack

      I thought the same thing and then I came back to reality. ( not putting you down here ) I thought about who was on the bench and who is better than Hamilton at that point? Billy had been swinging a hot bat since the all star break. Alcantara, turner, Peraza? I’ll take my chances with Billy. Kivelhan? It’s not like he is any better and hasn’t really played alot. Billy is warm and in the game. The bench is weak right now. Winker would hsve been a good alternative right there. Like I said before when you need a big hit and opportunity presents itself , the weak link always shows up.

  7. Scotly50

    The Reds are disappointing since the break. The Reds games are difficult to watch in their entirety. I am not even sure they have a core of players to build around that can contend.

  8. james garrett

    I respect your opinion but all of the guys you named have more power and the infield and outfield will not be playing at little league depth.The bench is weak especially if you carry a third catcher and Alcantara but that’s on DW or Price or both.I would have chose Kivelhan in a heart beat and never blinked.As you stated the weak link always shows up and you knew it was going to happen and it did.I am not sure they even pitched to Devin but only pretended too.Didn’t watch the game but I think they knew who was up next so pitching carefully to Devin would be the normal thing to do.I mean they know Billy can’t hit and has no power just like we do.

    • okla red

      Just a question what is order of most hits since all star break. Think Billy has been one of hotter hitters. Price really has few options at this point. Tucker hit ball hard though earlier probably should hit away, Point is Price is least of problem. Cold hitting poor pitching makes losing streak angry fans.

  9. james garrett

    Billy’s RBI was his second one in the last 10 games and it was on a sac fly which was his second one this year.Regardless of what he is doing now or in the future he is the last guy on the team I would want batting with the bases loaded late with the game on the line.Price maybe the least of the problems but he does the same things over and over and expects different results.Billy has 24 rbi for the season and it maybe because he has nobody on base when he comes up.I would have to go back and look at the stats but more then likely he doesn’t drive in runs is because he has no power.His singles don’t even go far enough to get a guy home from second.The bench is weak but anybody and I mean anybody they had left was a better option.I am a big Billy fan and am on record of saying if he can get his OBP up to 320 or better he is a keeper.Even if he does it will cost I am being told 6 million next year and even if he is here next year and the same situation comes up he needs to be pinch hit for.

    • Jack

      Disagree on better option. Alcantara stinks period. Peraza can’t hit and putting him in thst situation is rediculous as letting billy hit. Turner hadn’t played in forever. It amazes me when he gets to pinch hit because the chance he hits is 0%. Kivelhan I would put up there but he hasn’t played in awhile and wirh Billy being in the game and warm I think would have given us the best chance. The biggest answer would be let tucker swing away!!!! He lines out to right his last at bat. Your 15 games under 500 Bryan. Swing away for crying out loud.

  10. james garrett

    Jim I agree but why don’t the Reds and Price see this?Billy is limited as a hitter so why ask him to be something he isn’t time after time after time especially in year 4.Just recognize the situation and adjust accordingly.Tonight I believe we face a lefty so go with what you know and give him a night off.There is enough data to tell you what a guy does on a Tuesday after he had steak vs if he had fish.Use it and put your players in situations they are comfortable with and have had success in.To your point on offense Billy has one and only one skill and it is spectacular

    • okla red

      Hits triples pretty well and steals bases I would say that is two at least

  11. james garrett

    I like his drive as well and if we could bottle it and sell it well you know.He knows what he can and can’t do and he does go all out it appears.I have said along with others he could benefit and so could the Reds if he was in a platoon system that would match him up against certain pitchers and allow him to get more rest.He is a little guy that does play injured at times which I am not sure helps in the long run

  12. james garrett

    Jim,Suarez is also a guy like the one you described.We have guys on this team that need to hit at the top of this lineup.Old Cossack brought it up a while back.Move Billy out of the lead off spot and in to the nine hole.Cozy could lead off and Suarez bats second or if Billy isn’t playing and Winker gets a shot then he can lead off.Billy’s value as a speed guy will play as well in the nine hole and not giving the most at bats to your worst hitter is a good thing.

  13. Timmy RedLeg

    I’ll bet that if BP was honest about why he continues to bat Billy lead off, he would say that it is because he doesn’t want too hurt Billy’s Confidence. I don’t know if you guys remember last season when they batted Billy 9th or not.??? But I recall Billy stating publicly that it was embarrassing. If I’m right then the Manager is putting 1 players feelings ahead of the good of an organization. I may be wrong. I hope I’m wrong. Just my opinion.

    • Chuck Schick

      Assuming that Price decides who leads off, how does consistent failure help Hamilton’s
      confidence? If Hamilton’s confidence were the primary objective, then wouldn’t they put him in a position to better succeed?

      • Da bear

        The failure when BH fails is of his own doing, and thus the results dictate when he is struggling to give him fewer at bats, when BH shows signs of streaking good to give him more at bats. All the players should be put in positions to succeed, not just a select few. Maximize the overall offense, don’t coddle the few at the expense of the team.

  14. james garrett

    It is embarrassing to hit 9th but its more embarrassing to hit lead off and get the most at bats on the team with a career OBP of under .300 and have no power.The player should be embarrassed,the manager should be embarrassed,the owner and the mascot should be embarassedHeck I am embarrassed for them.

    • okla red

      tend to agree now he is trolling or ignoring rather obvious facts. Don’t have to be numbers guy to realize Billy is hitting right now! when he cools or others heat up bat him lower but deal with recent reality that he is hitting well. This can’t usually be said I will agree. Don’t really think he is lead off and Suarez might be answer but he was brutal cold until about 2 weeks ago.