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I’ve been watching too much soccer lately, partly because the Reds are awful and partly because it’s a nice way to kill time, but mostly because the U.S. men’s team is one of the most unintentionally exciting teams to watch. To be clear, the men’s team isn’t good. They aren’t bad either, they’re just sloppy. Watching them play is like watching a new born deer try to get to its feet — you know it’ll get itself upright eventually, but it’s a struggle the whole way there.

I mention this because the U.S. men’s national team resembles the current Reds, if not a couple steps ahead. Too much youth, too much potential, and just enough veteran leadership to brace it all together. Just as 2017 is a test run for the Reds young guys, 2017 is a test run for the men’s team before World Cup qualifiers. Is either team any good? Can either team actually compete with the big guns? Just wait until 2018.

While it’s easy to get upset about the negative results of a test run, keep in mind it doesn’t matter. In fact, as long as the Reds are positioning the young guys to be confident and stable by next April (and healthy if I can ask for that), then this season will have gone perfectly regardless of the final record. The question then remaining is how many of the old guys to keep around?

On its 40-man roster, the Reds have, by my count, seven old guys — Joey Votto, Zack Cozart, Homer Bailey, Scott Feldman, Billy Hamilton, Devin Mesoraco, and Drew Storen. In this situation, an old guy is any productive player who’s been around awhile. Bronson Arroyo doesn’t count because he’s not productive. Tony Cingrani, Adam Duvall, Eugenio Suarez and Raisel Iglesias don’t count because they haven’t been around long enough (note: long enough is entirely subjective).

Joey Votto and Billy Hamilton are going nowhere fast (figuratively speaking, though also literally for Joey), but all of the other five could conceivably be on the move. I’m not going to try and answer which of the five will still be around; instead, I’m going to play fortune teller and inform you how many of the five you still want around. That’s right, this week’s segment is a Choose Your Own Adventure with a flair of clairvoyance.


Normally I advocate for breaking the rules, but there’s only three so breaking them seems a bit excessive:

  • Five questions
  • Each answer worth a set number of points
  • Results based on point totals at the very bottom of the article.

Oh also, no biting. Never bite. That’s silly.

Question 1: How many U.S. men’s soccer players can you name?

  1. Is Landon Donovan still around? (1 point)
  2. Well there’s Jozy Altidore and… (2 points)
  3. At least three and one of those isn’t a striker (3 points)
  4. Hedges and Morrow played like trash last night, Arena should really use Morris more and perhaps Miazga who played well in the group stage (4 points)

Question 2: The Reds were outscored 20-61 by the Dbacks. Your reaction?

  1. Hey we scored 20 runs! (1 point)
  2. If Feldman hadn’t gotten hurt, they wouldn’t have scored more than 50 (2 points)
  3. Who cares? Luis Castillo is our savior (3 points)
  4. Trade everybody for Mike Trout because TOS* (4 points)

*This Offense Stinks

Question 3: Is Mike Zunino good?

  1. No (1 point)
  2. Yes (2 points)
  3. I know you have him on your fantasy team so I’ll say yes to humor you (3 points)
  4. Mike Zunin-who? (4 points)

Question 4: Todd Frazier was traded to the Yankees — how does this make you feel?

  1. The Reds would be first in the Central if we still had Frazier (1 point)
  2. I can’t cheer for him anymore because it’s the Yankees (2 points)
  3. I guess the Sinatra walk up music fits a bit better now (3 points)
  4. Why didn’t we get a top-100 prospect for Todd? Wait, Jose Peraza was a top-100? I don’t trust the rankings anyway (4 points)

Question 5: Which Christopher Nolan movie is the best?

  1. The Prestige (1 point)
  2. The Dark Knight (2 points)
  3. Inception (3 points)
  4. Momento (4 points)


Can I fine the All Star Break? I’m going to say yes. The Reds have lost 6 of 7 since their four days off, Aaron Judge is broken, and Zack Cozart’s donkey still doesn’t have a name. As much as I love the All Star festivities, this break has caused nothing but trouble.

Fine: The All Star Break should be shortened to three days, with baseball coming back on Thursday. Four days is much too long, as evidenced by:

The nerve of some people, trying to have fun.


Fantasy Baseball: Nothing to see here, my team is bad and things are not looking up.

Authorial View: I’ll probably end the season just a touch over 50,000 and that’s perfectly okay with me.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 5.36.24 PM.png

Choose Your Own Adventure answers:

4-7 points: Don’t trade anyone. This is the Reds’ core and breaking it up only hurts the future. Ever since Donovan retired, the men’s national team has been terrible.

8-11 points: Only trade Cozart. Everyone else still has value. The men’s team still keeps Altidore, Michael Bradley, and Clint Dempsey around after all.

12-15 points: Keep Cozart but trade everyone else. Unload Homer Bailey for a bag of baseballs. If they haven’t shown they can play at an All Star level, the Reds don’t need them.

16-20 points: Did someone say fire sale? Trade all five of the olds. This is a young man’s game and Joey Votto provides all the veteran presence you could ever need.

9 Responses

  1. sandman

    I’ve never understood what these articles/segments are about so I’ve never bothered to leave any comments for these articles. But just for the heck of it I decided to “play along” this time. But I first want to say this…No matter how bad the Reds are, I will never watch soccer! But that’s bcuz I strongly dislike the sport. Soccer is like Hockey for me (which I equally dislike)… a whole lotta action with very little scoring. I mean…look, everybody has their likes and dislikes and those 2 particular sports are just boring to me, almost as boring as golf. So my answer for the first Question was gonna be, “I hate soccer and don’t follow it”. You know what….I’m just gonna cut to the chase. I wound up in the 12-15 point range which is NOT how I feel at all. Bcuz that would include trading Votto and I’ll NEVER want him to be traded. So, bcuz I would absolutely hate to see another rebuild started when this current one isn’t quite finished, I’d say I’m more in the category of keeping almost everyone. Bcuz, even though I was against this rebuild from the beginning, I do think we have a group that will eventually produce a wining team (and hopefully a championship or two or three). Yes, some of these kids I don’t believe in (Hamilton, Peraza & Herrera to name a few) but even I have to admit that the rest look like they could be good. So, since we’re on this path that I didn’t want to go down in the first place, the point is that we are on it regardless and I think we should stay on it bcuz I believe it will lead to winning baseball and also bcuz I despise rebuilds and would be even more ticked off than I was when this current rebuild started if we abandon ship and start a new one.

    • Wesley Jenkins

      Long time reader, first time commenter, nice! I understand your soccer sentiments, but respectfully disagree. As for Votto, he and Billy were excluded from that result; it’s just the other five! I don’t know if that changes your opinion or not but figured I’d clarify

      • sandman

        Wesley, Ok. That does clear it up. Thanx.

    • Mike V

      My opinion of soccer is right there with the sandman .. I see your point on US football which I don’t like either . But of course there are field goals and the exciting safety in US football to supplement the scoring . I find both games to be a bore .. which of course has become the byword way to describe Baseball over the last now 40 plus years. To be fair if I took the time to study Soccer perhapsII may grow to appreciate it .. But I would not take the time to try and understand it. My choice of course . I do understand US football . I just have not figured out why its considered “exciting”. There is not constant action and more on the field meetings than in baseball even with trips to the mound and the new ” to long to review the play ” exercise we go through in MLB today . .

    • sandman

      Jim, I’m not gonna get into a debate over a sport I care nothing for. People have their likes and dislikes. Nothing can be done about that. It’s neither good nor bad. It just is what it is. I wasn’t trying to insult a sport that you care about I was simply trying to say that it doesn’t appeal to me.

  2. dayboy23

    14 points…I’m okay with that outcome. With Miami in town I am back to my daydream of G. Stanton in a Reds uniform. So with 14 points in mind, keeping at least Cozart, what would it take to get him? Our current outfield and a couple of minor leaguers? A starting outfield of Winker in LF, (Insert someone in CF, Gennet/Kivelhan/Ervin platoon?), and Stanton in RF? How about a 1-2-3-4 of Winker, Cozart, Votto, Stanton…I could live with that. Then go with a 5-6-7-8 of Gennet/Kivlehan/Ervin, Suarez, Barnhart/Stuart/Mez, Peraza. This could set the rebuild back a year (and is also highly highly improbable). But man would it be fun.

  3. Sliotar


    Same here.

    Rabid watcher of the English Premier League and of Liga MX (Mexcian League), whose fall competition starts tonight (!!!).

    You can be as patriotic as a modern day John Adams, and not care that much for the USMNT and MLS. And, that’s where I am at.

    Both the USMNT and MLS are overhyped for what they produce, grossly mismanaged and both seem far more interested in $ than fostering any grass roots development.

    Chicharito is still cool to watch. Hope he scores buckets of goals at West Ham.

  4. Wesley Jenkins

    Oh man, if you can name any midfielder or defender on a non top four (six now?) BPL team, then you’ve definitely a 4 point person

    • Sliotar

      Oh, c’mon, Wesley. All EPL watchers know Gylfi Sigurdsson’s midfield play almost single-handedly kept Swansea from being relegated last season. (LOL).