In today’s game recap, I wrote the following:


Oh, Scott Feldman. Feldman allowed five runs on five hits and a walk in just one inning of work. After he put the Reds at a 5-0 deficit — thanks mostly to home runs by Washington All-Stars Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman — in the top of the first, the result of this contest was a foregone conclusion.

Even worse, it appears that Feldman is injured:

No word just yet on the nature of the injury, but we’d already noticed that Feldman’s velocity had been dipping lately. In the first inning today, he was throwing cutters that clocked in at 81 mph.


After the beat writers were able to get in to see Reds manager Bryan Price, we learned the following:

Another pitcher injury for the Redlegs? I’m shocked.

I’m not sure that knee stiffness explains the dropping velocity, but what do I know? Feldman says that the stiffness is to blame.

If Feldman does in fact go on the disabled list, it’s likely that tomorrow’s starter, Sal Romano, will take Feldman’s roster spot in the near term. When Feldman’s turn in the rotation comes around again, it’ll be interesting to see what the Reds do.

Doug Gray suggests Robert Stephenson or Asher Wojciechowski, who pitched so well in relief of Feldman today.

I mean no disrespect to Asher Wojciechowski or his fans, but I really hope Stephenson or Cody Reed or Amir Garrett gets that start. There are two-plus months left in this season, and it’s time for us to learn more about these kids. As far as I’m concerned, now is a perfect opportunity to see if the young guys have learned anything in Triple-A.

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  1. Gonzo Reds

    This probably kills any trade value Feldman had before the trade deadline.

    I agree on getting Bob Steve in there. Keep Wojo in long relief, he’s not part of our future SP core, waste of a start opp putting him in. And can we go ahead and cut the cord on Price?

  2. Jack

    So it’s his knee? Which means it’s his shoulder. You have to think like the Reds medical staff. And Wojo? No thank you. They need to let a kid pitch. I wouldn’t mind keeping Wojo as long relief though. He has the stuff to get people out through a couple of innings.

  3. IndyRedMan

    This is the Reds….if they did a 21 gun salute then someone would actually get shot

  4. RickDinSTL

    I’m going in August 1st for a left knee torn meniscus. Like you said I can’t even imagine trying to pitch with the tear. He probably has been dealing with some degree of tendonitis. It would be painful, but bearable to pitch through it on most days.

  5. Bruce Johnson

    Dr. Kremquack is really knocking it out of the park.

  6. Michael E

    Yet another reminder of the downside of WAITING till the day of 31 July to make a trade.

    White Sox got smart and traded Quintana before he got a scorching case of turf toe, pulled an oblique or punched an inanimate object.

    The Reds have Feldman who might be able to make one start before the deadline and a previously hurt Cozart and others…and waiting just opens the door for an ill-time “strain” that pretty much kills a chance at a prospect.

    I sure hope they don’t pull the ole “hoping to get a bidding war started by waiting” game. It backfires just as often as it is successful and honestly no bidding war would ever develop for Feldman or Cozart. Only one or two teams would be interested…make a deal and move on.

    • Chuck Schick

      The Reds do a lot of dumb things, but I’m reasonably sure that they understand that Cozart has a history of getting hurt and Feldman has a history of being bad…unfortunately other teams have internet access as well and posses the same information. The market for rentals with well known flaws may not be as liquid as you seem to believe. The Reds can’t unilaterally trade people.

    • eric3287

      The other reason not to wait is that the Reds proved last year incapable of handling more than one trade at a time.

  7. james garrett

    Maybe the baseball gods are Reds fans who would like to see some of the young guys pitch.Hammered is hammered go ask Buck about the Orioles starters.Young guy learning or old guy already been there its all the same.

  8. james garrett

    Cozy nor Feldman will bring much at all regardless if there hurt or not.Cozy would get a better deal to remain in Cincy and Feldman well is a #5 starter at best because of his age and the back of his card.We probably need then more then anybody else does and that says a lot as to where we are at.

  9. DavidTurner49

    It’s hard to understand why “sorting” means Peraza is permitted to flail away every day with no change in approach while Winker and Stephenson hardly get a shot at all. If Stephenson doesn’t get a chance to pitch the rest of the season with the Reds now that Feldman is hurt I give up.

    • Chad Dotson

      I agree about Winker and Stephenson.

      But I don’t mind Peraza playing. No harm in giving a 23 year old time to sink or swim. Just wish they’d do the same with all the other young guys.

      • David

        I’m amused that Price can find all kinds of ways and places to get Gennett in the line up (when he isn’t play 2nd base), but can’t seem to get Winker in the line up for two days in a row.

        Winker is NOT going to lead the Reds to the pennant some year soon. That’s all about starting pitching. But play the kid and figure out if he is going to be a good Major Leaguer. This season is LOST already.

        From what I have read, Peraza is confused because he has ALWAYS hit above 0.300, and doesn’t understand what is happening. What is happening is that ML pitchers have a good scouting report on how to pitch to him, and he won’t take pitches outside of the zone. He is not selective. A path to being a lifetime 0.240 hitter. When he is 28 and been with two more teams after the Reds get tired of him, he still will not have figured it out.

      • DavidTurner49

        Agreed but over more than half a season he seems to make no adjustments. are the Reds’ brass ok with that? Must be, he keeps playing. Hard to understand.

  10. Tom

    I do organizational change work for a living. Most of the time, this means setting a clear vision, getting the right folks in the right seats on the bus, and driving alignment. In every org change, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) betray the organization. Things go south before getting on track. Most of the time, an organization can get people on board without removing a whole bunch of good folks – it just takes strong leadership to do this. That said, there is one type of person who almost always needs to be fired – the smart, talented cynic. Cynics do not belong in org changes. Reading Paul Daughtry’s piece today convinces he’d be the first guy I’d fire.

  11. Jim Walker

    Here is what I come up with. RS had 36 service days at the start of the season (Arpril 3). He was sent down on May 30. For our unofficial purposes, let’s say he picked up an additional 57 days this season to put him at ~93 total days of MLB service right now.

    The magic number they would presumably want to keep him under at season’s end is 172 which leaves 78 days to work with. The season ends Oct 1; so there are 76 days left in the season. It is close; but if he were to be called up in 5 days to take the next turn of Feldman’s spot, he should come in under 172 at season’s end unless I’ve made a late night/ early morning error in logic or math.

    Alternately, even if he went long this year, they could hold him back at AAA next season just long enough to keep him from having 2 full years at the end of 2018 and essentially get back the “extra year”. That would only take two or three turns of the rotation; and, they often don’t really need all 5 starters till about then anyway.

  12. big5ed

    The Reds would be nuts to start Feldman again, because he gets a $100,000 bonus for every game he starts. Put him in the bullpen, and use that money to invest in better coaching and technical support for developing pitching.

    I’d use Castillo, Homer, Romano, Stephenson and two other guys in a 6-man rotation through the end of the year. Wojo touched 94 yesterday and shows some command; give him some starts. Why does it matter with pitchers that they are 28 years old instead of 24?

    As has been observed, there is no market for Cozart, because no buyer needs a shortstop. And for the same reason, there won’t be any big bidders for Cozart in the off-season. I wouldn’t be opposed to the Reds signing him for another year, if the price is reasonable. They don’t really have another shortstop who is ready. The Peraza sorting is over. He is utterly awful; they should send him back to High A to start over. Alfredo Rodriguez, per Doug Gray, has a magic glove, but he is at least a year away, so Cozart might work for another year. Plus, they could at least try Cozart in the Ben Zobrist role of playing all over; he would seem to be a much better fit for it than Scooter, who is a bad fielder at multiple positions.

    Well, they just DL’ed Feldman, optioned Winker, and recalled Lisalverto Bonilla and Romano.

  13. james garrett

    Pick 4 or even 5 young guys and put them in the rotation with Homer and lets go.Even at that they will only 10-12 starts a piece which will tell us very little but its better then what has been done.