So, I was ready to toss up a nod to Castillo along with Milton and call it a night. After all, the Reds were down 10-2 headed into the 9th. Well, they still lost, but it was 10-7 instead.

And then they made it interesting.

We’ll still keep it short tonight. Lorenzen cost the Reds this game, it turns out. Castillo was still good, and it was nice to see that the Reds will score some runs in the second half. Billy Hamilton, in particular had a good night. And, of course, Scooter had the big hit with his 16th homer. What a year he’s having.

More baseball happens tomorrow. Onward and upward. The Reds are probably going to win the rest of their games this year.

Sorry for the short recap, but at least we got an interesting ending tonight.