The Major League Baseball All-Star game took place last night in Miami. It was the first All-Star game that I was unable to watch since the 1980’s. I am currently in Pensacola watching the Double-A team and they had a game taking place at the same time. That did give me the idea, though, to create an All-Star team for the Cincinnati farm system to this point in the year.

Catcher | Tyler Stephenson

He’s hitting .270/.364/.407 for the Dayton Dragons this season with 41 walks and 57 strikeouts. He’s also hit 21 doubles and has 6 home runs in 77 games. Honorable Mention: Rob Brantly (released)

1st Base | Gavin LaValley

The 1st base position at the minor league level is an easy option to this point in the year. LaValley is hitting .285/.332/.532 between Daytona and Pensacola. He’s hit 19 doubles and 18 home runs this season in 78 games. Honorable Mention: Bruce Yari (Dayton)

2nd Base | Shed Long

In 78 games played this year, Long has hit .279/.355/.493 with 16 doubles, 3 triples and 14 home runs hit. The first half of the season was spent in Daytona, but the last two weeks have been with Pensacola. He’s also stolen 8 bases, 35 walks and 77 strikeouts in 338 plate appearances. Honorable Mention: Dilson Herrera (Louisville)

3rd Base | Nick Senzel

Fresh off of the Futures Game, Nick Senzel is hitting .305/.371/.470 in 78 games played. Spending the first half with Daytona and the last two weeks with Pensacola, he’s hit 28 doubles, 2 triples and 6 home runs. In 334 plate appearances he’s walked 29 times with 69 strikeouts and he’s also stolen 10 bases. Honorable Mention: Brandon Dixon (Louisville)

Shortstop | Zach Vincej

Starting most nights for Louisville at short, Zach Vincej has hit .283/.336/.350 for the Bats. In 245 plate appearances he has 17 walks and 26 strikeouts to go along with 8 doubles, 2 triples and a home run. Honorable Mention: Alfredo Rodriguez (Daytona)

Left Field | Taylor Trammell

Despite a slow start in April, Trammell is hitting .280/.356/.452 on the season with Dayton. He’s tied for the team and organizational lead with 24 steals, as well. He’s hit 17 doubles, 8 triples and 7 home runs in 360 plate appearances. Honorable Mention: Phillip Ervin (Louisville)

Center Field | Jose Siri

It’s been a big year for Siri, who is hitting .282/.332/.492 on the season with Dayton. He’s hit 12 doubles, 5 triples and 14 home runs. He’s also stolen 24 bases on the season in 79 games played. Honorable Mention: TJ Friedl (Daytona/Daytona)

Right Field | Jesse Winker

While he’s currently with the big league club, a majority of the year for Winker has taken place in Louisville. With the Bats he’s hit .305/.386/.391 in 73 games played. In 298 plate appearances he has 34 walks and 38 strikeouts with 16 doubles and 2 home runs. Honorable Mention: Aristides Aquino (Pensacola)

Starting Pitcher | Tyler Mahle

The right handed Mahle has posted a 2.08 ERA in 17 starts. That’s come with 103 strikeouts and 21 walks in 99.1 innings pitched. He’s given up just 76 hits and 6 home runs between Pensacola and Louisville.

Starting Pitcher | Deck McGuire

McGuire leads the system in innings pitched with 106.2 and that comes along with a 2.78 ERA for Pensacola. He’s given up just 80 hits and 7 home runs. The right hander has also racked up 105 strikeouts with 38 walks for the Blue Wahoos. Honorable Mentions: Austin Ross (Pensacola), Luis Castillo (Pensacola), Tony Santillan (Dayton)

Relief Pitcher | Jimmy Herget

After participating in the Futures Game, anyone who was watching now knows who Jimmy Herget is. For Pensacola and Louisville he’s saved 20 games with a 2.50 ERA. In 39.2 innings he’s allowed 27 hits and 14 walks to go with 55 strikeouts.

Relief Pitcher | Kevin Shackelford

He’s spent the minor league season with the Louisville Bats, though he did appear in one big league game. For the Bats he has a 1.85 ERA with 11 saves in 39.0 innings. He’s allwoed 28 hits and walked 16 batters with 49 strikeouts. Honorable Mentions:  Ryan Hendrix (Dayton/Daytona), Alejandro Chacin (Louisville)

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    • Doug Gray

      No, he’s not. He’s a former 1st round pick (2010 – Blue Jays), but he’s also 28.

  1. larry

    Doug, I love the way you put this ” all star” listing together. In future listings like this, could you give a stat line on the honorable mentions? I followed Trevor Hoffman’s brilliant career, since he was a reds farm system product, I know the reds converted him to a pitcher, that he was selected by the expansion Marlins, and subsequently traded to the Padres, where his career blossomed. Justin Turner is a former reds minor leaguer, and would be leading the n l in hitting had not a d l stint taken away some at bats. He too is a late bloomer. Can you give us an idea when he was drafted by the reds, and was he traded oe dfa’ed by the reds? Last question: how is Weiss doing? I know he was injured and on the d l last year. How is he doing this year – does he have a mlb future as a reliever? Thanks again Doug, your insite into minor league players is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Doug Gray

      Turner was traded as a minor leaguer as a part of the package that brought back Ramon Hernandez in 2008. He was seen as more of a quality utility player at the time. The Orioles waived him two years later. That’s when the Mets picked him up (2010).

      I’ll have a bunch of stuff on Weiss in the next week at I’m going to talk with him today for an interview. He’s having success this year, but he’s only been pitching again for about 5 weeks.

  2. WVRedlegs

    What is the scoop on Brantly’s release? That just seemed very odd. Cosack suggested the other day it might have had something to do with a July opt out clause he had. He was quickly picked up by the WhiteSox.
    Good job. You could have filled a real bullpen with the relievers that are deserving. Many good performances in the first half from several relievers.
    Scott Moss’s recent woes seem to have dropped him from even the honorable mention category, but I would still put him in.
    You should also put in a link up above to your new mid-season Top-25 prospects rankings. That was good work. I think many would be interested to check it out.

  3. Jim Walker

    Looking forward to AAA All Star game tonight. It is the one part of this week I actually enjoy. Maybe we will see some future Reds in action; and, not just Winker and Herget.

  4. RickDinSTL

    It does not speak well to the Reds OF depth if Aquino is an Honorable Mention on the corners. He has had an ugly season.

    • Doug Gray

      He’s had one TERRIBLE month. Outside of April, he’s been solid, but unspectacular with a .734 OPS. Pensacola’s home ballpark is very, very tough to hit in. The park plays incredibly large. There was a season a few years ago in which there were 9 total home runs hit to right field in 70 home games (counting home runs hit by both teams). It’s also 342 feet down the left field line.

      • RickDinSTL

        One terrible month still represents nearly a third of a season and I hate cherry picked stats. He’s had a very poor overall season no matter how you sugar coat it.

      • Doug Gray

        We’re also choosing between four guys, mostly. I didn’t go with three outfielders, I went with someone at each position.The right fielders to choose from were Winker, Aquino, Beltre and Medina, who only played 33 games in right.

      • Doug Gray

        And while one month represents about 33% of the year to date, I think it’s misleading to say h’es had an ugly season. He hasn’t He’s had three and a half weeks of very poor play in April, then been solid or better the rest of the year.

      • RickDinSTL

        Oh, I get it. I’m just not buying what you are saying when it comes to Aquino. 3XBH in June? That’s pretty pathetic for a guy with power. Even in his TERRIBLE month of April he had 5XBH. Or am I still cherry picking? His numbers against RHP this season are a horror show. He’s dropped off a cliff compared to 2016.

        I do hope he gets it together.

      • Michael Smith

        So 2/3rds of the season do not matter. I would say you are cherry picking Rick.

  5. Tom Diesman

    Great stuff Doug! I’d like to toss out Chad Tromp, .286/.331/.379/.710 at A+/AA, to maybe replace the departed Brantly for the C Honorable Mention. 2B Alex Blandino, .248/.366/.424/.791 at AA/AAA, as a possible Honorable Mention at 2B. RF Sebastian Elizalde, .296/.351/.384/.735 at AAA, for RF Honorable Mention maybe. OF Tyler Goeddel, .239/.337/.365/.702 at AA/AAA, possibly for LF Honorable Mention.

  6. Tservo

    Jose Siri is also riding a 19-game hitting streak for Dayton, FWIW.