Zack Cozart has been elected the starting shortstop for the National League in the MLB All-Star Game. It will be Zack’s first appearance in the game. He narrowly defeated Corey Seager of the Dodgers for the starting role. The All-Star Game will be played July 11 in Miami.

Cozart is enjoying a terrific year both at the plate and in the field, hitting .321/.404/.558 with a 149 wRC+ and ranking as the top-rated defensive shortstop in the NL.

Zack will soon be an owner of a donkey, courtesy of teammate Joey Votto.

“Now I’ve got to go search for some land,” said Zack on his ESPN TV interview. “This is happening, a legit real donkey.”

Joey Votto was also selected to the NL All Star team as a reserve.

Congrats to Zack and Joey from everyone at Redleg Nation!

12 Responses

  1. Marquis

    Error with his batting average. I don’t think it’s .232

  2. TR

    Well deserved recognition for Cozart and Votto. Reminds me of 60 years ago (1957) when fans voted in all eight positions to Reds players. But, I believe, the Commissioner at that time didn’t let it stand.

  3. nicolecushing

    Congrats to Cozart and Votto. Well-deserved for both.

    Some suggestions for the name of the donkey:

    1. Burro Arroyo

    2. Neftali Burro

    3. 5th Starter

    4. Mat

    5. Clint

  4. Joshg

    Are they using a DH even though in a national league park ?

  5. cfd3000

    Congrats to Zack Cozart. Well deserved and a great story. And congrats to Joey Votto who should be a perennial all star but continues to be under appreciated by the national baseball audience. Isn’t it time to make Joey Votto officially the captain of the Reds? If his play on the field isn’t enough, his enthusiasm for and promotion of Cozart’s all star chances shows he’s a leader off the field as well. It’s time.

  6. Scotly50

    Both deserved. i thought Duvall had a good enough start. But I guess three off a last place team, would be too much to ask.

  7. Streamer88

    This could not come at a better time for Cinci. Peraza is underperforming and Dilsons shoulder status is what exactly? Dick gets to field trumped up offers for Cozart and if he doesn’t like the market then perhaps look at an extension. Too bad his break out isn’t coinciding with our young pitching blossoming but such is life.

  8. sultanofswaff

    The media is reporting there is mutual interest in extending Cozy. I’ve been saying for a while the team should at least explore the parameters of an extension.

    Cozart’s body of work with the bat the last couple years convinced me he has turned the corner offensively. Heck, even bad Zack was more valuable than Peraza. I would have no problem giving him 2 years after this one with a team option for a third. The Reds could easily absorb that salary given that so much of the team is pre-arb.

    All that said, you need a manager that won’t run him into the ground in back to back years!

  9. redbonebuck

    The Donkey should be named MOUNTIE right….