The Reds have recalled RHP Jackson Stephens to make today’s start. They’ve sent Ariel Hernandez back to AAA-Louisville to make room for Stephens. The Reds haven’t committed to any starts beyond today for the 23-year-old Stephens.

(I keep typing “Stephenson” every time I mean to type “Stephens” for some reason.)

Stephenson has an ERA of 4.97 in 15 games (14 starts) for the Bats. In 76 IP, he’s struck out 60 and walked 33 (3.9 BB/9). He’s given up 86 hits. Against AAA hitters.

In 9 innings of work for the Reds, Ariel Hernandez gave up 2 earned runs, walked 3 and struck out 12.

ICYMI, Cody Reed pitched six innings for Louisville last night with 7 strikeouts and 1 walk. Last three starts: 19 Ks, 6 BBs (3.9 BB/9) in 14 IP.

10 Responses

  1. james garrett

    Not sure why he was brought up but I never knew why some of the others were brought up either.The front office has a plan which has been somewhat of a mystery but the Cubs are playing the B team since they have so many injuries and that can only help.Go Stephens.

  2. mariners77

    Looking forward to seeing Stephens’ debut this afternoon at Wrigley, er… I mean GABP (there’s a lot of blue downtown this morning!)

    Granted his season numbers are mediocre at best, but much of that is attributable to a couple of lousy outings to start the season (including six runs in just 2/3 in his second start – ouch.)

    He’s shown some nice improvement lately, though, so here’s hoping he can keep that trend going with the big club!

  3. GreatRedLegsFan

    Looks like the AAA+ rotation is finding their streak, finally. Hopefully at least three of them will pair with Feldman and Castillo to build-up a better 2nd half. Go Reds!

  4. David

    Kinda tells me he is not as good a trade piece as some might think. Zach’s a great guy, but he is not likely to be traded while at less than 100%

    • CP

      Everyone is less than 100% at this time of year. The question is where he’ at on the spectrum..60%? 80%? If the guy can stay on the field and continue hitting, he’ll probably be traded if there is any kind of market for a SS.

  5. CP

    So basically Zack should ignore the market and be a nice guy and let the Reds fleece him?

    • RedInIND

      Per Zach Buchanan in today’s Enquirer: The Reds might be looking at an extension for a hometown discount. If he’s not traded at the deadline nor extended past this year, the Reds won’t give him a QO around $19 million for 2018.

    • Chuck Schick

      If Cozart is talking to the Reds at this point then his agent is concerned that the market may be rather ” limited.”

      The Reds sign him for something like 3/30….Cozart plays up the
      ” I love Cincinnati and was willing to take less” BS narrative and the Reds show the fans they have “the desire and ability to re-sign guys and are committed ” BS narrative.

      ….when in all actuality Cozart is concerned there is no market for him and the Reds are concerned that they don’t have any better options……both sides are settling for one another

      • David

        I’m sure that there are several teams that would want Cozart at the “right price”. But the Reds shouldn’t take a mid-level A-ball prospect for him. It the Reds don’t get what they think is value, they can always sign him, and trade him after he signs a contract. Or keep him.
        The Reds have a lot of pieces in the middle infield in the minors, but few appear that they are stepping up.
        And why they signed that guy from Cuba for 6 mil is still mind numbing.

  6. Steve Hanshaw

    Not too difficult honestly to get Mahle on the 40 man. Route of least resistance would be to transfer Finnigan to the 60 day, which seems likely. If the Reds believe he’ll be back earlier than that, (1) they are probably smoking something picked up during their trip to Colorado; and (2) they can designate Jackson Stephens assuming he struggles in the bigs which seems likely given his year in AAA. I can’t believe that would cause too much consternation – guys like Stephens hit waivers all of the time…..