After Homer Bailey’s start on Saturday, Jim Day asked Bryan Price if Homer made it through the game healthy. It was asked in a positive, silver-lining sort of way. Seemed like a reasonable question/comment to me. Price blasted Day — Jim Day — for asking. Of course Homer was healthy! Don’t you know they don’t bring pitchers up unless they’ve finished their rehab and are healthy! Price went on and on, gracelessly.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to use this word at Redleg Nation, but I’m going to for now. Price came across to me as a complete ass, given the context. Really rubbed me the wrong way. Not for the first time.

Anyhow, Jim Day must be feeling vindicated today. Not that it would be anything he or anyone else would have hoped for.

If Bryan Price gets fired at the end of this year, I can’t say I’ll miss him.

Yes, the good guys got obliterated today. But they’re still 7-3 against St. Louis this year and 14 of the last 23. So there.

From the better news department: Zack Cozart is holding on to a lead in All-Star Game voting to start at the shortstop position. There are four days left to vote. Vote for Zack here. If Cozart ends up the starting SS for the NL, you have to wonder if the Reds will hold off trading him until after the game. All-Star Game is July 11. Trading deadline July 31. #VoteZack

Cincinnati Reds 2 • St. Louis Cardinals 8 || Box || Play Log || Statcast

Brandon Finnegan gave up three runs in the first inning on two walks and a homer. He walked two more in the 2nd and 3rd inning. He was making his first start after missing two months because of shoulder problems. Finnegan left the game in the third inning, clearly wincing after delivering his third pitch of the 4th inning. Seemed like he was favoring his left shoulder. Devin Mesoraco noticed it and called for Price and the trainer. Finnegan didn’t push back on being taken out.

Shoulder injuries are a lot dicier than elbow problems. Surgery is much less straight forward and successful. The Reds have been through this with Raisel Iglesias. Brandon Finnegan is only 24. There’s plenty of time for surgery and restore a successful career. The Reds might have to consider using him in the bullpen after this, like Iglesias. I’m not sure that isn’t the best role for him regardless of shoulder issues.

The Reds announced toward the end of the game that Finnegan has a strained left tricep muscle. The tricep is the muscle that connects the back of the shoulder to the back of the elbow. The word “strain” means a tear. The muscle tear can be either partial or complete. Grades 1-3.  It’s a relatively rare injury. “He’s got a sore shoulder,” said Chris Welsh. Recovery times are long for strained triceps. Even minor cases can take weeks. With a full tear, surgery would result in 6 months or more recovery time.

The Reds have plenty, plenty of candidates at AAA to take Finnegan’s place in the rotation. Tyler Mahle starts today for the Louisville Bats, so he’s the SP on turn. But Mahle isn’t on the 40-man roster. Cody Reed pitched yesterday for the Bats. There’s always #FreeLorenzen

Austin Brice took over for Finnegan and pitched two innings. He gave up 5 runs on 9 hits. Brice did strike out three. Everything (.727 BABIP) was falling in for the Cardinals against Brice.

Wandy Peralta came in with bases loaded and no outs. He induced a double play and another ground ball to get out of the inning with no further damage. Peralta then pitched a clean 7th inning.

Michael Lorenzen pitched the 8th inning, gave up a hit, struck out one, no runs.

More on the bullpen tomorrow at noon.

Jose Peraza, who was leading off presumably because he won a sprint contest before the game, softly singled in the first inning. He was thrown out by Yadi Molina trying to steal 2B. Peraza had another hit later in the game.

Scott Schebler had two hits. Joey Votto had a single, double and a walk. Adam Duvall had a hit and two sacrifice flies, driving in the Reds only runs.