Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (30-41) 3 5 0
Tampa Bay Rays (39-36) 8 14 1
W: Ramirez (4-2) L: Adleman (4-4) S: Whitley (2)
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The Good
–Scott Schebler hit his 20th home run of the season, a solo shot in the fifth inning. Schebler was 2-3 with a walk and 2 RBI.

–Classic Joey Votto day: 0-1, 3 walks.

–Another perfect inning of relief from Ariel Hernandez. He retired the Rays on four pitches in the eighth. This kid is unstoppable.

The Bad
–Rough day for nearly every pitcher that stepped on the mound wearing an ugly Reds road cap. Tim Adleman started, and struggled all day long. He ultimately allowed three runs on seven hits and four walks in five innings.

Next to the mound was Austin Brice, who surrendered 2 runs on 3 hits, and only collected one out. Wandy Peralta relieved Brice and posted the exact same line: 0.1 IP, 3 hits, 2 runs allowed. Then Drew Storen gave up a run in an inning and a third.

–In the sixth inning, with the good guys down 3-1, the Reds loaded the bases. They were able to scratch one run across, on an infield single by Schebler, but couldn’t score more. In the bottom half, Brice and Peralta vomited all over the mound and the Reds were down 7-2.

By the time the game entered the eighth inning, the Reds were down 8-3, but it looked like they were ready for one of their patented comebacks. Joey Votto walked and Adam Duvall doubled to lead off the inning. One out later, Schebler walked to load the bases.

And the Reds couldn’t score. The game was essentially over at that point.

–Billy Hamilton was 0-4, though he did draw a walk.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Another series loss. Eleven losses in twelve games. This is not a fun stretch of baseball for the ol’ Redlegs.

–Not much else to say. Reds will head to Washington next, where Luis Castillo will get the start for the Reds after being promoted from Double-A.

I’m hopeful that this is rock bottom, or at least the 2017 version of it. (Rock bottom for the rebuild occurred last May.) Homer Bailey should return this weekend. Castillo is going to get a chance. You have to think that Cody Reed — who is pitching well in Triple-A — is going to get another opportunity soon, and Brandon Finnegan should be healthy in the near future, too.

There’s reason for optimism — or, at least, this is what I’m telling myself — that the starting pitching will get much better very soon. And if the starting staff begins to get figured out, this team becomes a lot more interesting.

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25 Responses

  1. Gonzo Reds

    Hmmm… when I pointed out after the Cards sweep that 13/16 of the next games would be on the road and the 16 would include 9 with the Dodgers/Nats… and said we’d really see how bad our SP was / start the annual All-Star game sell-off of players… even I didn’t expect us to lose 11 of 12 and still have the 3 road at Nats + 1 road at Cards left…

  2. jazzmanbbfan

    Let’s see–LOB: Mesoraco, 6; Duval and Suarez 4 each; Winker 3. Yikes. Rough day for the hitters with runners on.

    • IndyRedMan

      Schebler/Suarez/Votto batting 1-2-3

      Schebler can run and Billy’s been terrible. Suarez isn’t hitting that well but he’s drawing walks and that increases their starters pitch count + having Votto behind him has to help! Common sense stuff….Joe Maddon isn’t afraid to change things up! The only time we score 5+ is when were down 8-1.

      • Redsfan48

        I don’t know about Schebler leading off, but perhaps when Cozart is back they should go to Cozart-Suárez-Votto as 1-2-3?

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I think the reason Hamilton continues to lead off (remember, he did bat ninth some last year) is the team is giving him every opportunity to prove what he can or cannot do as a leadoff batter. If he proves throughout this year he is not suited for leadoff, then his chances of a contract extension to buy up some arbitration and post-arbitration years go way down. The front office is not going to sign a guy who is a defense-first guy who can’t get on base to a lucrative extension.

      • kmartin

        Good point, today Hamilton got five ABs and Votto got four ABs.

        I understand Tom’s logic about wanting to get a definitive read on Hamilton’s ability to lead off. However, Hamilton has 1680 career ABs, I doubt if he is going to improve much over what the data suggest.

  3. TR

    Whether it’s a successful debut or not, a bit of light with Luis Castillo starting on Friday in D.C. in place of Arroyo.

    • Chad Dotson

      Completely agree. Same reason we should have more of the young pitchers on the big club.

  4. Redsfan48

    I actually prefer the road caps over the all-red ones.

  5. james garrett

    This is year 4 for Billy.He is an elite defender and base stealer and brings excitement when he does get on base.He doesn’t walk,strike outs are second on the team and has no power.No pitcher is even concerned other then they can’t walk him so he sees strike after strike after strike in every at bat.The infield plays in and so does the outfield so where can he hit it to get on or drive home runs.He is what he is and I am the one that said if he can his OBP up to 320 or 330 then sign him up to an extension.

  6. kmartin

    Our pitching staff is ranked 27 out 30 in terms of quality starts. It seems like one of our starters making it past five innings is a rare event.

    Scherzer pitched today so at least we miss him over the weekend.

  7. Sliotar

    I look forward to Chad’s upcoming article on Billy Hamilton and the below the line comments, because I am genuinely confused.

    I thought that if there is one thing already sorted this year, at least on RLN, it was that:
    -Billy Hamilton is a negative in regards to offensive production (especially vs. LHP)
    -And, he is unlikely to improve much offensively.

    (In fact, his K% continues to get worse, year over year).

    But, there is a thought now he might be offered an extension?

    Why would the Reds buy out his 2 remaining years of arbitration, when defense is improving, but never weighed the same as offense in the hearings?

  8. cfd3000

    Votto now leads the NL (and MLB) in walks. Third in OBP, fourth in slugging, third in OPS. Peraza by contrast is LAST in the NL in walks. He has 5. No other qualified hitter has less than 10. Just saying.

    • Scotly50

      Vito’s numbers, whenever walks are factored in, are always great.

      • Scotly50

        Votto gets a hit 25% of the time, tied with Duvall. Both are behind Cozart,(27%), and Gennett,(26%). Peraza is at 24% with Suarez. Votto’s strikeouts are well below his normal rate at 11%. He walks 16% of the time.

      • Scotly50

        You think OBP is better ?????

        It assumes all hits AND walks, including Hr’s, are equal. Such an inferior stat espoused by so many of the Saber followers.

    • kmartin

      Peraza is a player for whom his batting average, on base percentage, and slugging percentage are all approximately equal.

  9. Indy Red Man

    I wonder if someone could tell me how Schebler’s defensive metrics measure up this year? Has he played enough CF off-n-on in 1.5 seasons to have a rating? Bottom line imo….we have guys having monster years and they’re still only 6th in runs scored in the NL (10th overall though in mlb). They’re going to need to be top 2-3 NL and top 5-6 overall imo with our pitching and factoring in Gabp and the way the ball is flying this year! I don’t see how they can carry Billy & Peraza (SS?) fulltime next year without slipping offensively!

    • Scotly50

      Disagree. Peraza would be snatched up in a heart beat. He can hit. His average will climb when he learns he does not have to swing at every pitch. He will mature.

      Hamilton, I agree. But he sell tickets. Based on the Reds marketing of him.

  10. Chad Dotson

    I went there last year, too. I liked the ballpark (though not as much as GABP), but I get the sense that most people don’t care for it.

    Back when I lived in DC, we went to Camden Yards a bunch of times (this was pre-Nationals). Still the best park I’ve ever been to.

    • Still a Red

      I live in DC and go to about a half dozen games each year…people in DC (including me) seem to like it alot. I like GABP too, especially the Hall of Fame and the statues…and the river. DC working on its Anacostia river front.

  11. james garrett

    This is Peraza’s first full year and is 23.Billy is in year 4 and we know what we know about him.Unless he gets bigger or stronger or both he will never hit.Outfield is shallow and the infield is in.He just rarely hits the ball hard at all.If they give Winker a chance and I mean a legit chance he will force the issue because he has hit and got on base at all levels.Time will tell if it hasn’t already.Billy is a little dude that goes all out on defense and will get banged up which makes it even worse for him.Platoon him the rest of the year and get him healed up and please move him to ninth in the order.No more 0-5 while others get only 4 at bats.

  12. Still a Red

    Still yearning for a true lead off hitter. Billy, god bless him, just doesn’t seem to be the answer. Bad months April June. Good month May. When bad, bat him 8th or 9th.

    • Scotly50

      They have a would-be-great lead-off hitter. Votto