It’s been a rough couple of weeks in Redleg Nation. After losing nine straight, the Reds finally snapped their losing streak tonight against the Tampa Bay Rays. Hope seems to be just over the horizon – young players are finally getting their shot, and old players might be ready to hang them up. Players we haven’t seen for a while seem to be on the fast track back onto the mounds and our television screens. With some newfound optimism, let’s look at who’s up and who’s down.

Three Up

Amir Garrett

Last Appearance

6 IP, 2ER, 8Ks, 2BBs

Besides perhaps Robert Stephenson and Cody Reed, no young Reds starter needed a good outing for the big league club more than Amir Garrett. After showing a ton of promise, and at times dominance, early in the season, Garrett seemed to lose his way after the first few weeks. Some of that was likely injury-related, and it was clear at times that something just wasn’t right with the tall lefty. But during his last outing against the Padres, things looked to be right again. He’ll look to continue his good fortune against the Rays tonight in Tampa.

Blake Wood

Last 7 Days
0.00 ERA  |  5.0 IP, 4 G  |  8Ks, 3BB

The Reds gave up a ton of runs during their nine game losing streak, but none of them were credited to Blake Wood. After drawing the ire of fans earlier in the year and seemingly being done for, Wood has found some success as of late. After being used quite a bit in non-pressure situations, he’s proven he might not be done for after all. While I still don’t condone sending Wood out to the mound with the game on the line, I think he’s probably regained a little bit of trust from the Reds management, and more importantly, trade value in 2017.

Billy Hamilton

Last 7 Days
.318/.348/.500  |  118 wRC+

This might be a pity addition to the Three Up list this week, considering Billy has been on the opposite list for most of the season. But, believe it or not, Billy Hamilton led the team in WAR over the last seven days. Nothing about his numbers jump out on the page – probably one of the larger testaments to the teams struggles over the past week – but any time Hamilton is getting on base at an above average clip, he’ll earn a spot here.

Honorable mentions: Devin Mesoraco, Joey Votto, Raisel Iglesias, Jesse Winker

Three Down

Bronson Arroyo

Last 7 days
2 G, 7.1 IP, 20 H, 3 HR, 16.43 ERA 

A great Reds career is most likely over. And if it isn’t, it definitely should be. Bronson Arroyo has been a great player for the Cincinnati Reds, but he’s just not getting the job done anymore. With Homer Bailey and Brandon Finnegan figuring to be in the near-future plans, and the news that he’s recently been added to the 10-day DL, it’s very unlikely we’ll ever see the golden locks and the leg kick on the mound in the big leagues ever again. If that ends up to be true, thank you Bronson. You’re a hell of a guy, and one of the most fun Reds to watch in my lifetime.

Adam Duvall

Last 7 days
.250/.280/.458  |  4.0% BB%, 32.0% K%  |  1HR, 1RBI

Adam Duvall owns perhaps the worst slump for the position players during the Reds losing streak. The All-Star hopeful has been anything but All-Star level over the past seven days, managing only 4 hits in 25 plate appearances, and only driving in one run. While I’m not expecting recently-recalled Jesse Winker to be taking any playing time from Duvall, his presence on the 25 man roster has to have the Reds Left Fielder looking over his shoulder a little bit. He’ll look to bounce back this week and rise up the All-Star voting standings.

Zack Cozart

Last 7 days
.167/.167/.250  |  0% BB%, 25% K%  |  -1 wRC+

Despite pulling ahead in the NL All-Star vote at shortstop, Zack Cozart just hasn’t been the same hitter over the last two weeks than he was the entire season before that point. His recent assignment to the 10-day DL is very telling. Hopefully a little time off will get Cozart back to where he was before things started to go downhill. Followers of Donkeygate are watching intently.

Who were your three up, three down this week? Let us know in the comments!

10 Responses

  1. james garrett

    Winker should be platooned with our starters and lets see what he has got.Scott can play some in center while Billy sets 2 or 3 games a week.Winker won’t replace Duvall or Schebler but the odd man out may end up being Billy.Winker can hit and gets on base.Very refreshing to see a hitter just put it play with the base loaded.He didn’t over swing and singled to knock in 2 big runs late in the game.

  2. David

    Bronson Arroyo, great guy, been a great pitcher for the Reds. His career is over.

    The Reds should offer him a coaching position in the organization (roving coach for pitchers this year?) upon his retirement, if he so chooses to stay in baseball.

    He should come off the DL, and the Reds should have a Bronson Arroyo night, and a big blow-out for him. And then he retires.

  3. IndyRedMan

    I agree on Billy….1 steal and a .258 obp in June? I’m also slightly down on Suarez. He’s only hitting .226 in June w/5 xtra basehits (1 hr). He does have a .388 obp due to 11 walks! I’d love to see Schebler, Suarez, Votto 1-2-3 in the lineup and see what happens?

    Thumbs up to Duvall and Feldman….they’re not perfect but they’ve been pretty consistent and doing what was expected of them. Schebler as well….guy is a good athlete and can play more CF!!

  4. GreatRedLegsFan

    There’s no way Scooter can be left sitting in the bench while Hamilton and Peraza are struggling with the bat on a daily basis. He should continue being part of the regular line-up once Cozart is back from DL, either playing 2B, LF or RF. Peraza should continue playing regularly as he’s still a work in progress, but I think Hamilton’s window is closing more each day.

  5. james garrett

    Wood’s stuff is nasty but he just struggles in high leverage situations.Good guy when your up 3 or down 3(watch closely when your up 3) but he just seems to lose focus in tie or close games.I would platoon Billy some but I still believe in Peraza primarily because he is 23 and he showed some pop last year.Guess I think he has more upside then Billy who is in his 4th year and offensively he is still the same player.Presently its really hard to hide them in the line up and they should never hit back to back.

  6. jaY jOHNSON

    Billy cant hi t wit h men in scoring position.
    Can anyone tell me his ba with risp and 2 outs.

  7. james garrett

    Billy and Peraza are the key to this offense being really really good and add Tucker when he plays to the list.Its hard to hide Billy and Peraza in the lineup and last night’s lineup showed it.Tucker ,Peraza and Billy hitting back to back to back didn’t get a hit in 13 at bats although Billy walked and Peraza got hit by a pitch.I don’t know where you hit them but I know where you don’t and with men on base having them back to back is well not smart.I am sure these are the players that the Old Cossack is referring too.Yet we put up 7 runs last night on the back of the other 6 guys only.