In a blatant attempt to divert your attention away from the 2017 Reds and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Losing Streak, we’re going to fall back on the old Cincinnati standby: talk about the Big Red Machine instead.

Over the weekend, as you probably know, the Reds unveiled the latest statue on Crosley Terrace, outside Great American Ball Park. The subject of the statue is a local baseball player of some renown, Peter Edward Rose. Before you continue, you may want to read Steve’s outstanding recent retrospective on the playing career of Pete Rose.

Below, you’ll find video of the statue’s unveiling, as well as Pete’s speech commemorating the occasion.

Not only does this serve to distract you from the current Reds, but a vocal minority — including some of the writers here at Redleg Nation — of you really, really can’t stand Pete Rose. So this is actually a controversial post! Hey, we want all types of Reds fans here.

If you really don’t like Rose, then please enjoy these speeches by Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, and Johnny Bench, upon the unveiling of their statues in years past.

If none of that floats your boat, I hereby present to you: Highlights of the 2016 Cincinnati Reds. Enjoy!

11 Responses

  1. Phil Gasson

    Pete’s cannonizing of the owner made me wretch. How many owners would put out this putrid excuse for a rotation?

    • Keith

      Shame on the owner for not predicting that the entire starting rotation would end up on the DL? A starting 5 of Bailey, Disco, Feldman, Finnegan and Adleman would probably have this team in first place.

      Also, when does Joey get his statue?

      • Chuck Schick

        Yeah, Jocketty was a clown.

        In 21 years as a GM, his teams averaged 84 wins and went to the playoffs 10 times.

        The Cardinals went to the playoffs 7 of 12 years….in the previous 15 they had gone 3 times. The Reds went 3 of 9 years. In the previous 15 they had gone once.

        What a loser.

      • Phil Gasson

        The Astros have just as many starters on the shelf as the Reds. Fortunately for them they have a front office to ably
        fill the rotation with capable arms.

      • Chuck Schick

        The same Houston Astros that lost at least 106 games per year from 2011-2013 while they were rebuilding? The same Houston Astros that completely tanked in order to build an enormous amount of organizational depth? So you expect the Reds to be like the Astros, but when the Reds take similar steps that the Astros took that makes the Reds incompetent.

  2. Brock

    Concepcion statue ~2020, Larkin statue ~2024, Votto 2030?

    • brmreturns

      ” Votto 2030? ”

      Try 2060…… Votto aka ‘The Human Hitting Robot’, will still be suiting up into his 60’s, serving as the teams’ DH (NL to adopt the change in 2025) over the final 16 years of his MLB record 38 years.

      • Brock

        That would give me more joy than basically anything else in the world. My Votto man crush is already at a dangerous level.

  3. Bill Lack

    IMO, anyone that doesn’t respect what Pete accomplished on the field never watched him play. Perfect? No, but awfully darn good.

    • TR

      The sheer intensity with which Pete played the game is/was enough to set him apart.

  4. Mike

    Thank goodness MLB didn’t force the Reds to wear those ugly blue Father’s Day uniforms and caps on this day.