For a while, Reds pitchers were on track to give up 14 runs. It’s a safe bet (see what I did there) that Pete Rose would have preferred a different tribute.

The Reds (29-38) have lost 8 games in a row. They have one more game with the Dodgers tomorrow and then play three in Tampa Bay. After that, the Reds schedule for the next month is brutal, full of first place teams, the 42-29 Arizona Diamondbacks and the Chicago Cubs.

Contending in the NL Central was always an unrealistic dream. Now the notion is just a smudge in the rearview mirror. Time to get the club, its roster and its fans back focused on rebuilding and sorting. We’ve been saying for months that judging this team by wins and losses is misplaced and will prove frustrating. There’s plenty to be excited about watching players develop over the next three and a half months.

Cincinnati Reds 2 • Los Angeles Dodgers 10 || MLB || FG || Statcast

The Arizona Diamondbacks cut Asher Wojciechowski at the end of spring training. The 28-year-old packed up, went home and for three weeks sat and contemplated his future – or lack of it – in baseball. With its AAA-Louisville affiliate desperate for pitching, the Reds front office called Wojciechowski, who said yes.

The organization then decided to give Wojciechowski four valuable major league starts instead of to any of a stable full of young pitchers who could be part of the Reds future. Wojciechowski’s ERA is 6.75, FIP 5.96. With the imminent return of Homer Bailey and Brandon Finnegan, Wojciechowski’s days in the rotation, and probably the major league roster, are coming to an end.

Billy Hamilton had a couple hits – a single to lead off the game and a triple – after being hit on the hand with a pitch yesterday. Hamilton had a couple good swings in one of his other at bats. Zack Cozart had two hits and drove in Hamilton in the first inning with a double down the LF line.

Joey Votto had two doubles and a single. He’s hitting .310/.420/.616, one of the top offensive performances in baseball.

Devin Mesoraco, who is still batting 8th, had a walk and triple.

317 players have at least 100 PA this season. Jose Peraza ranks #316 in walks, with a 1.9% walk rate. The only player below him is Ben Revere who would be playing CF for the Reds now if Walt Jocketty had his way. Peraza was 1-4 today and his OBP is .286.