It has been a rough stretch for the Reds. When they score runs, their pitching can’t hold up their end of the deal. When they get good pitching, like tonight, they can’t score runs.

The Reds faced Alex Wood for the second time in a week, and he cruised through the first seven innings tonight. Wood did allow a solo home run to Devin Mesoraco in the 8th inning, but that would be the extent of the Reds offense on this evening.

Tim Adleman did hold up his end of the bargain. He held the Dodgers to just two runs over six innings. It was Adleman’s fifth straight start of allowing less than three earned runs. It still wouldn’t be enough though, as the Reds lost their seventh consecutive game 3-1.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (29-37) 1 5 0
Los Angeles Dodgers (42-26) 3 7 0
W: Wood (7-0) L: Adleman (4-3) S: Jansen (14)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the most important play of the game was Devin Mesoraco grounding into an ending inning double play the 5th inning (two runners were on base). That play decreased the Reds chances of winning by 12.5% (from 34.6% to 22.1%).


Devin Mesoraco hit his 6th home run of the season.

Tim Adleman pitched fairly well once again: 6.0 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 4 BB, 4 K. The 4 walks were pretty surprising, as Adleman doesn’t typically struggle with command.

Billy Hamilton hit a ball over the fence against the immortal Kenley Jensen. It was a ground-rule double, but still….

Eugenio Suarez made a couple nice defensive plays. It was good timing too, as our own Ashley Davis wrote about Suarez’ improved defense earlier today.


The Reds had a rough 2nd inning on the basepaths. Eugenio Suarez was thrown out at home on a “contact play.” A few seconds later, Jose Peraza got in a run down by taking off first base early.

The Reds offense is having a rough stretch. They have scored just 8 runs over the last 4 games.

Not so random thoughts………..

Thom Brennaman talking about Moneyball was quite comical.

Scotter Gennett got honored before the game for his historic 4 HR performance. Scooter was given a scooter that was rode in by the only Red ever to throw a perfect game, Tom Browning. Pretty fitting.

Up Next:

Dodgers at Reds
Saturday, 4:10 PM
TV: FOX Sports Ohio
Asher Wojciechowski (5.21 ERA) vs Hyun-Jin Ryu (4.42 ERA)


All photos are used courtesy of Sam Greene and the Cincinnati Enquirer, and are used by permission. All statistics are used courtesy of Fangraphs, ESPN Stats & Info, and Baseball-Reference.

22 Responses

  1. 666wolverine

    Thom does himself no favors when he rants!! Getting real tired of them. Bring Brantley back please!!!

    • TR

      Jim’s good humor was needed last week on the left coast.

  2. TR

    Didn’t catch the game but nice to see a good crowd of 35,000 plus showed up.

  3. Indy Red Man

    The bats are presently cold but I don’t accept the narrative that LA is far better across the board. The Reds offense of April/May would do more damage then 2 runs in 6 ip against a journeyman like Tim Adleman…..atleast in gabp. Adrian Gonz has 1 hr and Puig is as big of an underachiever as anyone in the last 5 years when it comes to transferring talent to results on the field. At the same time….I really doubt we have enough offense as currently constructed (even w/Cozart) to really win in the playoffs. Billy has to be moved to 9th…period. He’s never going to hit so why nibble and walk him? Alot of questions and they need to try to atleast answer some of them this season! Billy isn’t as bad as he looks now but they know what they have with him overall….good and bad. They know nothing about what Winker can do with the Reds and they need to know! Call him up and start moving guys around a little more. Try to play Winker and Peraza as much as they can.

  4. Chad Dotson

    I wondered the same question. That should have been reviewed.

    Of course, even though Billy was pulling the bunt back, that pitch looked like it was in the strike zone anyway. Not sure the call would have changed.

    Surprised Price didn’t challenge.

  5. Jim Walker

    I was trying to decide if it was indifference or classic holding his hole card for the play that never came. Then BHam got the double and I realized it was precognition.

  6. Jim Walker

    The last two games, the Reds have gotten the starting pitching to position them to break the losing streak; but, a combination of poor offense and untimely relief slip ups have done them in. Throw in the blown save in LA; and this streak may be taking on the symptoms of becoming a season defining run that could go on a while.

  7. Geoff

    This is hard to watch. The Reds are now 10-22 their last 32 games.


      I agree. Dare I say: boring! Wood is very good pitcher but this team seems to lack a spark right now. Sweeping the Cards seems like a month ago.

  8. GreatRedLegsFan

    All teams are just taking the right positions, as meant to be.

  9. jdwestrick

    Weak, inadequate and incompetent are skill sets every MLB teams looks fro in a manager!

  10. james garrett

    Well said GREATRED this is in fact what is happening.Now can we get Reed and Robert and BIG Sal up here and work out plan to get these guys some starts.While we are at how about Winker too and platoon him with the other three guys and let the best win.Playoffs come on.Lets kick this rebuild back in gear and quit being foolish.

    • Scotly50

      Reed and Stephenson are where they belong. Stephenson can’t locate his fastball except down the middle of the plate and Reed, they believe, is tipping his pitches.

  11. james garrett

    Finnegan went 4 innings last night and gave up 1 hit and had 4 K’s and no walks.

  12. Streamer88

    Regression slightly past the true mean. Not all 162 are played on the West Coast thank heavens.

  13. dholstein (@DaleinLA)

    Just a thought: if the @Reds had one good consistent (good) pitcher from April, they would be in first place now. Trading Straily was so lame.

    • bouwills

      Dan Straily is having another very good year. He is missed. But Luis Castillo will have a better ML career ( in my opinion). The nature of a rebuild is to jeopardize the present in order to improve chances of success in the future. Plus Austin Price is nice.

      • dholstein (@DaleinLA)

        Good points. I like them both, too. But if we had had 15 starts by one good pitcher at this point, we would have been in first place (prior to the 8-game skid).


    Watching Billy Hamiton bat is painful. No replacement in the minors. It would not be fair to put Schebler in CF but the Reds may have no choice. I would try batting Hamilton 9th first. It will not improve his hitting but he will get less AB’s. Next move make him a pinch runner or late inning defensive replacement. Don’t let him bat.


      I would still move Hamilton down to 8th or 9th and let it play out from there. I would move Peraza to lead off and as part of the rebuilding project work on him becoming more selective at the plate. If he hopes to remain an everyday player he must become selective and improve his OBP. The Reds have an abundance of middle infielders in the organization so I have no doubt they will find their future SS/2B combo by 2019/20.

  15. james garrett

    Hamilton won’t be traded or moved down in the order,This should be his last year to prove he can or can’t get on base.His career OBP of .299 says he still can’t but others argue the number doesn’t tell it all as it does with every other player.The Reds believe that as well so we will see what happens.My gut tells me if Winker comes up they forget about Billy as the every day centerfielder really quickly.