Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (29-36) 2 6 1
San Diego Padres (27-40) 4 8 0
W: Chacin (6-5) L: Lorenzen (3-2) S: Maurer (12)
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Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati’s performance today.

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  1. G L

    Milton (and 3 starting pitchers) is just what we need to break us out of this slump. A few home games (and away from the dreaded west coast) will help too.

  2. sandman

    What CAN be said? Awful series, awful road trip. Nuff said.

  3. Vicferrari

    It was good that he finally had a decent start after 4 awful ones, I believe he only had 1 clean inning. What is impressive is that he has 6 starts of at least 6 innings and 2 or less runs allowed. Feldman has as many in 3 more starts and he pitched much worse against the Padres- doubt if rest of staff has that many combined.. Judging from what Bronson was able to do with them, I would not disparage this start due to the competition although the defense bailed him out several times.

    • dholstein (@DaleinLA)

      The bad thing is . . . now the bullpen is sunk because they have had to carry the whole load to this point. We can’t rely on Lorenzen or Iglesias to come out and finish off. Barring some monumental surprise, we are destined for another 90-loss season. 🙁

  4. sultanofswaff

    Eugenio made 2 very nice plays with the glove. Loving the consistency he’s showing with the bat and the glove. All signs point to an extension IMO.

    Duvall and Schebler maintaining their OPS’s on this trip was nice to see. We’re really onto something with these guys. I’d still bring up Winker, play Schebs in CF 3 days a week, and use Billy as a pinch runner/defensive replacement to maximize his skillset in high leverage situations. Schebler is a better defender than Choo…….we can make this work.

    The sweep of the Cardinals gave me hope that the Reds could flirt with .500 until reinforcements arrive and we make a run at the playoffs. It’s sad because the NL Central is ripe for the taking. With an above average offense/defense/bullpen, the exact qualities you want in a playoff scenario, the front office should’ve been more aggressive in moving players on/off the roster and exploring trades for SP. Alas……..

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I agree that Suarez looks like the most deserving of an extension. If he continues to hit near .280 with 25 to 30 homer power and the dazzling defense, he is a definite cornerstone for the next good Reds team.

  5. Still a Red

    Amir certainly no longer his dominant self. 103 pitches, lots of strikes…haven’t checked to verify, but it seems like he has trouble putting people away (6 strikeouts notwithstanding). Certainly his last start went downhill after throwing something like a 10 pitch at bat. As season goes on, and his arm tires, I think we can’t expect much more.

    • bpbailey

      I attended yesterday’s game and had an opportunity to speak with Amir’s cousin and other family members who were sitting near me. I told them that it ticked me off that the Reds played “business” with Amir’s career when they sent him back to Louisville earlier this season. I also told them that I thought that I believe that action got into his head a little bit and was responsible for at least part of his problems when he returned to the majors. They all sort of looked at each other and were careful not to trash the Reds, but did not disagree with me.

  6. EcReds99

    Reds and Cubs 0-12 in Southern Cal this year.

  7. CaliforniaRed

    THE MISTAKE was that Bryan Price left Garrett in to pitch to Renfroe. That was clearly the time to go to the bullpen. I was there and it was so disappointing.