Your Cincinnati Reds are fresh off of taking the most exciting, and possibly the most talented, player in the 2017 amateur draft in Hunter Greene. It’s an exciting day to be a Reds fan, as all of us scramble to read all we can about the 17-year-old baseball phenom. There’s a lot to be read about Greene, as he’s the most hyped prospect to come out of the draft since Bryce Harper. Reds fans are hoping he’ll live up to what Harper has become in the big leagues, but time will tell.

For now, let’s focus on the major league club. The team continues to be completely bereft of starting pitching talent. But, as we’ll see in a bit, help is just around the corner.

Three Up

Scooter Gennett

Last 7 Days
.500/.500/1.200  |  4 HRs, 13 RBI |  343 wRC+

Before we get to the pitching situation, let’s talk about Scooter Gennett. A lot has been said about the Reds backup second baseman’s four home run game almost a week ago, and for good reason. Scooter is probably the starting second baseman on this team if the front office is in contention mode. The fact that he was picked up for almost nothing from the division rival Brewers is still fascinating to me to this day. He’s still young-ish, has shown the affability that Cincinnatians tend to love, and is also the strongest man in the world, apparently. He should fit in on this Reds club as at least a utility player for a few solid years.

Joey Votto

Last 7 Days
.407/.448/.852  |  4HR  |  232 wRC+

The real Hottest Red award this week goes to Joey Votto. Although he didn’t hit them all in one game, Votto added four home runs to his total this week, tying Scott Schebler for the National League lead. He’s hitting seemingly everything, without striking out (3.4% K% this week) and, at least over the last seven days, hasn’t walked at a Vottonian level (only 6.9% of the time). This is surely the Joey Votto the Reds radio broadcasters have been in search of for such a long time. At this time, it looks like Votto will be snubbed for the All-Star game, so get out there and vote!

Homer Bailey

Last outing (AA Pensacola)
5IP, 0ER, 3H, 1BB, 5K

Man, this was good to see. Along with battery mate Devin Mesoraco (who made a very strong claim for this spot, might I add), Homer has been injured for the majority of the last two seasons. However, the Reds highest paid pitcher looks to finally be on track to get back to the big league club. Homer pitched well in Pensacola, and delivered a fantastic quote that is so totally Homer Bailey. Let’s hope the confidence he was exuding after his start, and most importantly the health that came with it, carries over throughout the rest of his minor league rehab stint.

Honorable mentions: Devin Mesoraco, Adam Duvall, Scott Schebler, Eugenio Suarez, Scott Feldman, Michael Lorenzen

Three Down

Billy Hamilton

Last 7 days
.160/.222/.160  |  22% K%  | 3 wRC+

Saying that Billy Hamilton had a better week than last week isn’t saying much. Hamilton seems to be completely lost at the plate, and at least according to Fangraphs, his slump looks to be carrying over into other parts of his game. While Billy has still been plus defensively, he’s crept into a negative value on the basepaths over the last seven days.

It won’t happen, but perhaps its time for Jesse Winker to get called up to give Billy a rest and help him get back on track. Winker himself can’t play Center Field, but Scott Schebler has shown that he isn’t awful there. Winker could replace Schebler in Right with Duvall in Left. One can dream, I guess. The bottom line is that something needs to happen with Billy Hamilton, because this version of him isn’t cutting it.

Zack Cozart

Last 7 days
.222/.300/.296  |  0HR, 0RBI  |  23.3% K%

The Reds best player so far this season has had a bit of a down week in comparison to the blistering start he’s been having. Cozart has been the biggest surprise for the Reds this year, and has started to sway All-Star game voters in his favor. It was announced this week that Cozart overtook fan favorite Corey Seager for the National League lead in votes at shortstop. How much of this is related to Joey Votto’s donkey promise isn’t clear, but I’m sure its substantial. Let’s hope voters don’t pay attention to this week’s statline from the Reds shortstop. Let’s also hope Zack can turn it around soon.

The Bench, non-Scooter division

Last 7 days
.105/.188/.176  |  -.2WAR

Perhaps its something in the pine at Great American Ballpark. For whatever reason, the Reds seem destined to have a bad group of bench players every year. While this year’s bench hasn’t been as terrible as some in recent years, the likes of Arismendy Alcantara, Patrick Kivelehan, and I’m assuming the still present third catcher Stuart Turner haven’t exactly been replacement level. Individually, at times, each of them have had their moments. Collectively, however, they stink.

Adding Tucker Barnhart to this list improves the statline a bit, but not much. Tucker himself has had a bad week as well, only adding to the incompetence of the bench over the last seven days.

Who were your three up, three down this week? Let us know in the comments!

5 Responses

  1. Keith

    Suarez is hitting .235 over the last 6 days, with a SLG percentage of…. .235.

  2. cfd3000

    Suarez doesn’t look as lost to me as the numbers might suggest, but that rolling chart that Patrick Jeter included in the recap doesn’t look good. Here’s hoping he gets more selective as he tries to adjust instead of less. Also, is Stuart Turner still in the dugout? I was wondering last night when Price gave Cozart a rest. Why not give Tucker and Devin both a break and throw Turner a few innings? It’s been so long since he played I honestly am not sure if he’s still on the team!

    • jtburns11

      Stuart Turner has been on the DL. He’s been in the minors doing a rehab stint so he should be back soon.

  3. james garrett

    Winker won’t get called up regardless of his performance just as Billy will continue to play and bat 1st regardless of his performance.We are rebuiliding and after 4 years we need to see if Billy has got it or ever will get it.He is second on the team in strikeouts and last in OBP and third in runs scored batting lead off.He needs to hit 9th period but let him play.


      I agree. Batting 9th is the right spot for Hamilton. Batting leadoff gives him more AB’s than any player which he clearly does not merit. Hamilton must improve as a hitter or he will be relegated to back up duty, pinch running, and defensive replacement. He is totally ineffective wit runners on base. He neither moves them along or bats them in. He needs to play every day for the rest of this season to confirm what he is as a player. Assuming he does not improve the Reds can plan what they want to do with center field over the long term.